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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the MNO blog for the latest news from the HYIP industry. I can’t really say that things are looking any better right now than any other point since the start of the year. There hasn’t been a great deal of positive news in recent times, with bad stories tending to outnumber the good. There is a deep crisis in the industry which everyone can clearly feel and everyone seems to be talking about. With only one program currently listed on Premium status – AK47Capital – it’s clear that it might be time for some changes in order to accommodate more HYIP admins who seem to be struggling with getting enough money together to list their programs on MNO. With that in mind and following the positive feedback received on the latest TalkBack poll (more on that in a moment) MNO has launched a new StartUp Listing to be held independently from the main monitor and intended exclusively for “sleepers” and low-budget programs. While there will be another question put to you today asking if you think it necessary to reduce the listing prices on the main MNO monitor to allow more programs to list there. If we consider the disastrous state of things in the HYIP industry now it seems like a logical thing to do, or not? Anyway, read more on all of that below and join the discussion that will determine the future of MNO and possibly its new approach from the first of May.


First of all for today I want to start with the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. Thanks to everyone who voted because I think this might be of some particular personal interest to a lot of you, given that it influences a specific change in direction for the MNO monitor. Basically I had the idea (or to be honest the idea was suggested to me) to add a new section to my monitor, specifically a new category of listing. This wasn’t something that interested me much in the past, but the question just seemed to never quite go away, and was brought up again and again on an occasional though regular basis. HYIP admins and regular investors alike have asked why the MNO monitor doesn’t have a page specifically dedicated to the subject of so-called “sleeper” programs. After all, I’ve reviewed and monitored a huge number of them over the years after they’ve “woken up”, so why not while still on the shelf in development mode?

Just in case anyone is wondering about the background to all of this – experienced readers will know this already – a sleeper program is where the admin is not quite ready to start a proper advertising campaign just yet. I’ve been approached by a lot of such admins over the years, looking to just get their programs online but without any serious intention of doing anything with them at the moment, establish a traceable history, and then returning when they believe market conditions are suitable to start getting serious with it. Some of these things can just sit there doing nothing, making token low interest payments to the tiny number of investors that might take the chance and join for a year or more, before the admin changes the plans and introduces his now “established” program to a wider international audience.

So, the question I asked readers then in the last poll was: Should MNO have a new start-up listing category for sleeper and low-budget HYIPs?

The choice was a simple yes/no decision, anyone holding the opinion I don’t know or I don’t care wasn’t really invited to vote in this one. Well, the “yes” vote came out strongest with 65% of readers in favour of the new section, while 35% of you were opposed.

I can see both sides to this argument. On one hand I understand some folks will think covering sleeper and low budget start-ups is a bit pointless, given that there is very little money to be gained and even then it’s going to be over a very long period of time, if at all. A wasted effort then if what you are looking for is a significant return on your investments. But then on the other hand a lot of experienced HYIP players like to play a longer term strategy. It doesn’t hurt, nor should it necessarily even cost you anything, just to have a heads-up on what might be around the next corner in the industry. Maybe it’s a bit like keeping track of what might potentially be “the next big thing” before anyone else is really aware of it. Either way, as it’s almost a 60/40 split in favour of creating a new monitoring category given over entirely to sleepers and low-budget programs I’ve decided to press ahead with the idea. I don’t expect anyone, investors, admins, and least of all myself to make a great deal of money from the exercise, just look on it as an easy way to keep yourself informed about what might potentially happen next in the industry. It won’t be an “overnight success”, that’s not exactly the point of the whole thing anyway, but I hope over time we will eventually see some experienced admins parking their projects there until they are ready to start running them properly. You can now visit the new MNO StartUp section on my monitor here. It’s a modest beginning but I hope it will grow in time.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the rules of the new StartUp section on the MNO monitor you can read the FAQ here. In a nutshell though, this is how it works. An admin can add his own program himself, unlike the regular MNO monitor where there is no such a function and everyone must apply in advance before being included. That doesn’t mean though that every program is going to be approved and added automatically, but rather I will examine if it meets the specific rules for inclusion in the StartUp List. If approved, the admin credits my account with a $200 deposit bonus (there are no listing fees for this type) and his program is then added. Over the duration of the “sleeper” period the program stays in that monitoring section, however, it can be removed when the admin starts proper promotion. In that case there will be another alternative for such an admin – to upgrade to the regular monitor on MNO (Basic, Standard, or Premium with a discount) or otherwise be removed from the MNO monitor altogether. So, all the HYIP admins looking to have their programs listed among the StartUps please read the rules carefully to avoid any confusion or disappointment.

Thanks again to everyone who made a contribution by voting, it has as you can see had an influence on how you can use the MNO monitor so I’m grateful to anyone interested enough to express an opinion. It’s more or less with that same goal in mind that I would again invite interested readers to vote in the next opinion poll that will affect the future direction of MNO. Let me get straight to the point and say what experienced investors already know – the HYIP industry is at its lowest point in almost exactly five years, when the LibertyReserve payment processor was shut down by US federal authorities. That wasn’t a fatal blow to the industry, just a setback, because demand always means supply recovers eventually. Events that led us to this current crisis are a bit more complex. On one hand you have yet another crooked payment processor finding themselves in trouble with the law, this time it was Payza, but then you also the implosion of the vastly inflated BitCoin bubble, and the timing of both events when the HYIP industry was at a naturally low point anyway has basically left it crippled. Recovery was always on the horizon the last time this happened in 2013, this time it’s a bit less obvious.

It does occur to me however that the admins and their programs are still out there, as are the investors. The people once involved with the HYIP industry haven’t gone away, they’re just not participating or spending in the same numbers as this time twelve months ago. The money simply isn’t there, no other way to say it. That’s not to say you can’t make smaller profits from smaller investments, it just might be some time before we see the virtual “money factories” that some of the biggest HYIPs in recent years turned into emerge again. So while this happens I want to ask readers if they would like to see more programs listed on MNO if the fees were not so high. The question for the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll therefore is this:

Due to the deepening crisis in the HYIP industry do you think MNO should temporarily reduce listing prices?

Possible answers include:

1) Yes, a significant reduction will be better as more admins could afford to list their programs then
2) Yes, perhaps slightly less expensive prices would be OK to maintain the elite status on the monitor
3) No, I’m totally fine with the current amount of programs on MNO and don’t want any changes

For the sake of any HYIP admins reading this and currently thinking about listing their programs on MNO but unsure about what might happen the price, let me explain. First of all there is no guarantee the listing fees will be reduced, I would like to have my readers input on that before making a final decision. The other thing is that if you pay the current price now only to see the fees get reduced next week then don’t worry, you will be compensated for that. Most likely with free advertising banners to the equivalent value.

This time I have an exact fixed date for a final decision, so the poll will remain open until the first day of May which is less than a week from now. If you have an opinion on the matter and think any of these options can benefit you personally or help expand your choice of potential investments, then please vote before then here. Thanks as always in advance to everyone who participates, as I’ve said before the people who primarily gain from the information contained on the MNO blog and monitor are the ones who read it and know how to use it. That means you guys! So if you have any thoughts then please share them and we can see what changes, if any, can be implemented by the beginning of May.


On Monday some members of AK47Capital were concerned as a few payouts were delayed and the site itself went offline for a couple of hours. However there was absolutely no need to worry as the program administration explained some time was needed to fix a couple of technical issues which AK47Capital encountered at the time. The professionalism of the team was clearly visible as everyone looking for updates could do so on their official Telegram channel, and the small amount of payouts that were delayed were then processed in no time as soon as the website came back online. From my detailed review of AK47Capital posted here you might remember that the site is running off a totally unique script only used previously last year by another hugely popular programs and therefore it does need some tweaks from time to time to maintain stability. With AK47Capital investors do not need to sign in to their account to request their payouts. Not at all! In fact, you can simply visit the website and make a deposit in one of the available investment plans – 4% to 6% for 50 business days (recommended plan) or 1,842% after 50 business days (a much riskier option) – and receive payments to the same e-currency account you joined with. No other participation is necessary and 50+ days online hundreds of satisfied AK47Capital‘s investors can vouch for their automated payments. The profit point has therefore already been reached by many MNO readers as AK47Capital has been listed since day one and many are on the way to double or even triple their original investments. AK47Capital is surely a ray of light in the currently cloudy HYIP environment.

From other news in AK47Capital is the expansion on the accepted payment methods with Dash becoming another cryptocurrency to be included. Now the full list which you can join AK47Capital with includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash. The minimum to invest starts from only $5, so there is no excuse for not participating in the hottest investment opportunity in the HYIP world now. Below you will find the two new updates posted on AK47Capital‘s Telegram channel recently:

AK47Capital News
Dear friends,
we experiencing an unexpected tech issue. Payouts can be delayed and site can be unavailable for a short time. Please, do not worry, it will be fixed soon! Thank you for understanding.

AK47Capital News
Good news – we added a DASH cryptocurrency as a deposit method, first hundred deposits get a 25% bonus for each deposit. Welcome to the world of profit, fun and games with AK47Capital!


While the price of OctoinCoin (OCC) is currently floating around $2.30 on CoinMarketCap that is still ridiculously low in comparison to the officially announced ICO by Octoin when the price was set at $100 per unit. According to the Octoin administration things can improve if who still have faith in OCC and keep holding out to sell at a higher price later. The crucial thing to ensure the price will go up though will be the inclusion of the OCC currency on the largest cryptocurrency exchanger in Indonesia called Indodax. However it’s not that simple to be included there and members should make their voices heard by voting in the upcoming poll running over the next calendar week which is supposed to determine whether there is enough interest from investors or not. In fact Octoin (reviewed here) believe the vote will be very important for the possible rise of OCC and therefore encourages everyone to participate. For that reason specific instructions on how to do so is the main subject of the latest update from Octoin which you can read below:

Vote for OctoinCoin on Indodax!
In less than a week, voting will begin at one of the largest stock exchanges in Indonesia. This vote will determine which cryptocurrencies will go to the exchange and will be introduced there. This will greatly affect the course of these crypto-currencies and significantly raise their price, and therefore enrich those who own them. It is you who can push the development and growth of OctoinCoin on exchanges. From the results of this voting depends not only the success of our project, but also your personal well-being. Therefore, rather familiarize yourself with the rules of participation and vote for OctoinCoin – a pledge of your prosperity and success!
Dear leaders! We ask you not to stand aside and actively participate in this event. Remember: You are the most important part of our community, without which the life of the OctoinCoin is impossible. Today, it’s you, as an experienced helmsman, leading our common ship to our goal. Be sure to notify your team about voting and tell people how important this is for all of us. The future of OctoinCoin is in your hands!
Voting : 30 April 2018 at 10.00 WIB – 7 May 2018 10.00 WIB.
1) Register on the Indodax exchange (https://indodax.com) English and Indonesian are available.
2) Go to your profile and find the Account Verification tab (https://indodax.com/verify) Verification is available for participants from any country.
3) Follow the instructions (enter personal information, after which you will be asked to confirm them by sending a photo of your passport and your photo).
4) Buy TEN cryptocurrency (a minimum of 1.1 TEN) and participate in the voting, which will begin very soon!
– Each member may participate in voting process and it will cost 0.1 TEN per vote.
– Transfer fee – 1 TEN
– TEN is the token of Indodax trading platform
– Price for 1 TEN at the moment – 0,3$
Come on Indodax and vote for OctoinCoin! We will develop and go to the future together!


The beginning of the business week was simply disastrous for many HYIP investors as three programs have gone south – ETHMine, IntelligentInvestment, and BitcolexLimited. That just proves how fragile the HYIP industry is at the moment and to what extent it has shrunk over the last few months. I have already discussed a bit on the reasons for that earlier in today’s article so I won’t repeat myself again. Let’s just conclude that all of the three have stopped paying now and investment in either of ETHMine, IntelligentInvestment, or BitcolexLimited are not recommended. I have to discuss now how the things were unfolded for each of them and what results they have all shown.

ETHMine has definitely been the best of the three with a superb performance of nearly two months which looks especially stunning considering you could request your principal back at any time and get paid instantly only after 24 hours. Of course, an exit fee of 5% might discourage you from doing so too early which was set up deliberately to protect from hit-n-runners. With 2.6% to 3% daily return on your investment you could possibly be in profit in as little as two days, and could have almost doubled your initial investment if you were smart enough and stayed with ETHMine until the end. After listing on MNO since day one it was very easy to spot this potentially successful program and make good money from it, again provided you have applied the right investment strategy. With ETHMine it was a very easy thing to do because investors were given an enormous level of flexibility in their accounts and up until the end the admin honoured all commitments. Sadly, the end for ETHMine came suddenly and the last instant withdrawals were processed Monday morning. To the admin’s credit he has not denied the obvious and told me ETHMine had run its course, yet some small payments have continued until now. I’m not sure whether any of them are still getting paid but at least it’s commendable that smaller investors had some opportunity to withdraw extra funds even after the program officially stopped payments to everyone else. Note that ETHMine is still accepting new deposits, so please refrain from investing even if you were lucky enough to be paid up until now. Overall a simply fantastic job from the admin who managed to deliver a great performance in an industry almost of its lowest point ever. Kudos to him and hope to see his next programs on MNO as well!

I cannot say the same for IntelligentInvestment which has been listed on MNO as Paying for only about fifteen days. The program therefore was a waste of time and money for most. Recently I noticed complaints on some forums that quite a few payouts from IntelligentInvestment were delayed which I reported in my previous blog post when I expressed my fear that it might be the end of the road for them. I hate to say that I was right and IntelligentInvestment stopped paying to everyone shortly after that. The current status on MNO therefore is Scam so stay away.

The same negative results were detected in BitcolexLimited whose admin disappointed with the program’s 18 days lifetime. Surely that was enough for the first investors to finish its two shorter-term plans, but as most of investors were limited in funds they went for the longer 5% daily plan and so failed to make it to the profit zone. In this case BitcolexLimited seems to have punished the smaller investors while benefiting those with bigger deposits who went for the shorter term plans. That will be no consolation for readers unable to finish any of the cycles, as BitcolexLimited was listed on MNO only after a week online, so their overall situation may be even worse than that. Unfortunately with BitcolexLimited I think we have seen a serial scammer as if we believe in some rumours circulating online his previous projects were not good either. So the overall result might be predictable, but still overall disappointing. The program is now officially a scam with instant withdrawals disabled. Avoid!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital.
From MNO Standard list:
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, Snowbit.

That’s it for today, guys. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s just the way it is in the HYIP industry sometimes. As the May Day holidays are coming I don’t believe the disastrous state of things will radically change in the next couple of weeks, so do not expect huge developments overall. Most likely I’ll be back on Monday with all the latest news from the HYIP industry plus the results of the MNO TalkBack poll which you’re all invited to vote in to determine whether listing prices on MNO are going to change. It’s up to you guys, and I’ll do my part as well by taking your thoughts very seriously, so do vote here. If you have any questions or suggestions for me please do not hesitate to write via this contact form or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. By the way, you can follow MNO for all the latest news and updates on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter and subscribe for regular updates to be delivered to your email address here. Talk to you again soon and enjoy the rest of your week. Whatever you do though remember to stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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