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Hello everyone and welcome again to the MNO blog, still the only online resource on high-yield investment activities where deliberate fast scams have a hard time getting listed. So if you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter or subscribe to the regular news updates from here you not only have a better opportunity to find the best built programs with higher advertising budgets, you also find the real leaders of the HYIP industry in their very first stages. That happened several times already with the likes of Carbon7 or LaserOnline who launched their advertising campaigns initially on my site only. That brought some great results to all involved, so I fully expect that once the industry gets back on its feet (widely expected to happen in the autumn months) we will see these emerging leaders once again on MNO.

I must say that lately I’ve been receiving quite a few messages from readers asking when experienced admins are going to start some new successful ventures in order to benefit from joining first to reap the rewards. I give them all the same blunt but honest answer – although I got some signals from HYIP admins about programs in the preparation stages, there is still no word on an exact timeframe for launch. The recent downward trend in BitCoin prices and AdvCash leaving the HYIP world certainly didn’t help their enthusiasm and it looks like the industry revival might only be expected in autumn. MNO will still do everything possible to be ready for the new season and will return listing prices to the same levels as last year following the worst crisis in the HYIP industry since the closure of LibertyReserve back in 2013. Although things are doing quite bad for people following other less selective blogs and monitors, MNO has avoided becoming a burial ground for the fast scams so welcomed on other websites. People are losing money when being impatient and not able to wait for the next big programs but I feel little sympathy for them. By jumping into fast scams and blowing their money now they deprive themselves of the new opportunities we will almost certainly see in the autumn.

Anyway, I do not really advise people what to do with their own money, that’s entirely your own business, but if you prefer earning money to losing it then you’re on the right website. The last week was quiet in the industry overall, but in the current slowdown that’s more of a positive than a negative thing. In fact, all the programs listed on the MNO monitor are still paying fine and we are all looking forward to the arrival of new industry giants as soon as their admins are ready. There is no rush however, as quality is much better than quantity.

In today’s news article I’ll be looking at the results of the last poll posted on the MNO TalkBack as well as presenting a new question to consider voting in. I’ll start however with the latest updates from the Premium List program InstantBitex.


If you’ve been wondering what InstantBitex is all about and are a bit confused by all the exchange jargon posted on the website I would suggest reading the detailed review here to clarify things. In a nutshell though you can join InstantBitex with anything starting from the $25 equivalent in your preferred cryptocurrency (more than a dozen options currently accepted) and get paid a fixed return of 0.5% to 1% (depending on the size of your principal) per business day for an unlimited term. Note that you’re allowed to withdraw your principal at any time for a reasonable 10% fee, so this level of flexibility will make InstantBitex more popular among online investors over time while the program establishes a solid reputation. I have to note though that despite its name withdrawals from InstantBitex are processed in manual mode, but are usually done pretty fast so you won’t wait too long before getting paid. Just do not forget to confirm every withdrawal request you place by clicking on the link sent to your email address (another security feature). Anyway, even at this early stage in the InstantBitex lifecycle when the first investors can profit if they release their principals the admin claims on their official Facebook page to have over twenty thousand registrations. That might be true as InstantBitex positions itself not only as a HYIP but also as a legitimate business venture running its own internal exchanger and with other income streams you can check on their website. For an exchanger and future cryptocurrency (members get 1,000 InstantBitex tokens on registration for free) it’s essential to be listed on popular online platforms and be seen around the world. That’s why the admin works extra hard on providing investors with links to such websites where the InstantBitex exchanger and potential cryptocurrency can be advertised. According to the admin’s latest posts on Facebook, InstantBitex has been listed on such websites like CoinGecko, CoinCodex, and CoinPaprika with a pending addition to the most popular CoinMarketCap. We’ll see how it’s all going to work with time, but meanwhile check out the links to these websites if you are interested as well as looking through the message from the admin on the growing membership:

InstantBitex – Intelligent Cryptocurrency Exchange
We have completed 20k registrations. Thank you so much

InstantBitex – Intelligent Cryptocurrency Exchange
we have been listed in and
coinmarketcap – Coming soon
Add Coin/Token…/viewform

InstantBitex – Intelligent Cryptocurrency Exchange Check our rank and volumes at:


Just to wrap things up for today, I guess we should get back to the subject of LuxEarn and the wider topic of so-called “sleeper” programs in general. Just to recap, if you didn’t see the full review of LuxEarn first published here, the website has existed since 2015. As a functioning HYIP however it really hasn’t been doing any business much longer than a couple of weeks ago. The question I was asking MNO readers however was what do you generally think about such projects? In many cases, well, almost always I suppose, the “sleepers” are run by longer term HYIP industry professionals. In other words guys not just out for the proverbial “quick buck” as they say, but rather by people with a genuine wish to help as many other people as possible make as much money as is reasonable while in the course of making a good personal profit for themselves. That may or may not necessarily be how the theory works out in practice, but that would be the intention. I’m just curious about if readers come away from these sleepers with the same first impressions that the admins hope they will, so in the last opinion poll I asked: How do you feel about the concept of “sleeper” programs?

As it turns out, and not all that surprisingly since most readers here have some experience and know their way around the HYIP industry, most of you happen to be in favour of them. Not quite a straight majority, but 45% of you voted “Positive, it shows a professional admin with long term ambitions”. Less, but still a very substantial minority of readers of 33% could go either way and prefer just to assess things on a program by program basis. They voted to say they are “Neutral, it has absolutely no influence on my decision to join or not”. The remaining readers are against the concept of sleepers, saying they fell “Negative, I prefer brand new programs as most sleepers are already too old”. Again, it’s a minority but not an insignificant one to be ignored, it’s a feeling shared by a full 22% of readers, but at the end of the day not enough to discourage long term HYIP admins from continuing the practice.

So, how about the new question? It’s no secret that the HYIP industry is in a slump now, we all know that, but are things more or less where you expected them to be around now? I mean, if you had asked me in January would 2018 be as bad as this I would probably have said no, but then on the other hand had you asked me would just the month of August be bad I think undoubtedly I would have said yes, I expect so, immediately. Therefore my question for MNO readers relates more to whether you agree if the industry is performing along the same levels as you thought it might at this time of year, not so much as to whether you think things are just good, bad, or indifferent. The exact question will be: How do you think the HYIP industry is performing at the moment?

Possible answers can be selected from the following three options, which I think is enough to cover all bases and opinions.

– Fine, there are plenty of decent programs and lots of choice
– Not as good as it should be, but it’s just a seasonal factor
– Poor, I’ve been waiting for a new leader for some time

As is always the case with MNO TalkBack polls all votes are both anonymous and untraceable, though to be honest there aren’t any right or wrong answers as such anyway, it’s all just a matter of personal opinion. The proper poll with the voting options can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here and will remain open for perhaps another week to ten days at most, long enough for anyone who wants to participate to have ample time to do so anyway.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 192 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantMiningLimited, LuxEarn.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ArbingSportBet.

That’s all the news for today, guys. Thanks a lot for staying with MNO and hopefully things in the HYIP industry are going to improve significantly over the next few weeks. As usual you can always contact me with your questions or suggestions via Telegram @mnoblog, write directly to my email address, or submit your query using this contact form. I’ll talk to you again on MNO in a few days time as I’m starting my summer vacation today flying to the old Czech town of Brno followed by a road trip across the south of Poland to Krakow during the coming weeks. I might be less active during that time so excuse me for that, but I will certainly keep a close eye on what’s happening in the HYIP industry and will still answer your emails as soon as possible. That’s all for today, enjoy your summer and I hope to see you again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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