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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog – the only online resource dedicated entirely to elite investment opportunities from the leading HYIPs. They pay high-end listing prices to be presented to my readers, thus eliminating obvious fast scams and inexperienced admins who might not know how to run a successful business venture. We have another brand new name in the industry to present to you in the news section so keep looking for further details there.

Before we get started today I’d just like to send my own best wishes to all my Asian readers celebrating Chinese New Year or Tet as they call it here in Vietnam. The year of the Pig for anyone who didn’t know, so let’s hope it’s a lucky one for HYIP investors as it looks like a piggybank. I witnessed some huge street celebrations here in Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon) last night followed by a spectacular fireworks display lighting up the night skies visible from the rooftop of my hotel. As my vacation here comes to an end and most likely the next post will be written on the plane home to London later this week I’d like to wish all the MNO readers health happiness and of course wealth by careful selection from the list of the best HYIPs on the MNO monitor. It’s also advisable to keep following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter where all the latest additions and status changes are highlighted first and subscribe for regular updates delivered from the MNO blog straight to your mailbox you can submit and confirm from this page. If you want to stay in touch with me, or have any questions regarding the monitored programs or advertising requests I’ll be pleased to answer them. Your queries can be submitted by either contacting me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, entering your details and question via this form, or simply by chatting with me via Telegram @mnoblog.

I guess today’s news article should start with the introduction of the newest addition to the MNO monitor‘s Standard List – a brand new program called Hooplex. And as all the programs from my monitor are paying fine at the time of writing and there wasn’t much else to report aside from the almost customary frenzy of activity from Weenzee I’ll be focusing on that once I’m done with Hooplex. I’ll also have the final results of the poll that has been featured on the MNO TalkBack over the last seven days and new question regarding your positive experience with one of the monitored by MNO programs will be asked as well. Let’s start today’s news then with the first look Hooplex which I expect to be fully reviewed on the MNO blog by the end of the week.


By the structure of investment plans and the overall website design Hooplex strongly reminded me of Weenzee, but with a much less complicated interface and investment plans though still with various investment terms to choose from. In order to join Hooplex it’s compulsory to add funds to your Lexera internal wallet abbreviated to LXR at the current exchange rate of 1 LXR=1 USD. You can only use PerfectMoney in order to add funds via USD or go with one of the multiple cryptocurrency platforms accepted by Hooplex, like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Tether, Dash, Zcoin, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin, Waves, and DogeCoin. After funding your account you may invest in any of the plans each starting from a $10 minimum. For that after you see a number of LXR credited to your balance go to the Portfolio section of your Hooplex account, enter the desired amount you wish to invest and use your cursor to move the blue spot on the required investment term. You can choose among the following plans – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, or 1.1% for 180 days. All interest is credited on calendar days and your principal is released to you on expiry of the chosen term. You must exchange your LXR balance to USD or any chosen cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw to (you may invest via one currency and withdraw to another one). The minimum to withdraw is $10 at the moment and you pay 1% to 1.5% commission on every withdrawal request depending on the currency you’re using to withdraw to. I am not sure about the withdrawal processing times yet, but I’m confident I will get all the answers I need by the time the full review of Hooplex is going to be posted on the MNO blog on Friday.

The Hooplex website looks to be exceptionally well made powered by the custom-made script with the domain name registered for five years in advance, hosting on a dedicated server provided and SSL-secured by CloudFlare. The whole website has been translated already into four other languages which can be easily switched between from the default English version – Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish and Portuguese. More languages might be added over time and MNO will be the first to report on it. The site has a professionally created video presentation which can be viewed on the main page of the Hooplex website and has been embedded already on the MNO monitor for your convenience. There are some multi-level referral rewards available for the more active promoters of Hooplex which will surely be enough to keep interest high and the by now almost traditional certificate of incorporation from the UK. The business activities behind Hooplex‘s earning potential for investors include multi-currency core LexeraWay and electronic currency LexeraLXR which I believe will go into full circulation after some time. As Hooplex is a brand new program I hope we will be hearing about further exciting developments from it in the near future. Meanwhile you can check it out, see if you like it to make an investment, and read the first welcome messages from the admin issued earlier today on the site’s official launch (more on Hooplex will be covered in the upcoming review on the MNO blog in a couple of days):

Hooplex Official Launch
We are pleased to announce that the official launch of the international project Hooplex. We have been long preparing for this event. Our team of developers, marketers, enthusiasts tried to make this project become a part of every person, help to develop himself/herself and simplify most of the tasks from transferring finances to earning money.
The project introduces an innovative multicurrency technology called Lexera that allows you to make the instant conversion and transfer of currencies with the help of the multicurrency core LexeraWay. Due to numerous tests, we are proud to say that our technology works and reveals its possibilities for everyone.
Our task is to create the world’s largest community of financially independent people united by a common goal to make this world a better place. With the development of our community, we will refine and popularize the Lexera technology.
The project has an investment platform LEXERA DEPOSIT PROGRAM which will allow each person to increase assets via various investment plans in a short period of time. We have implemented a profitable affiliate program that opens up unlimited financial opportunities.
You will be able to enjoy all the aspects of working with the system via your personal account. We have combined maximum convenience and security for your data and assets. Our best specialists worked on security.
We are happy to introduce the world with the new Lexera technology and the Hooplex community. Feel free to become its part right now

Integration of Crypto Currencies into the Lexera Multicurrency System
Lexera is a completely new type of multicurrency system that operates on the basis of LexeraWay with its own electronic currency called Lexera LXR. This is a new type of algorithm that allows you to make instant conversion and transfers of major currencies via the multicurrency core on the settlement coin LXR.
What is this technology developed for? Today, there are a great number of currencies and payment systems but the conversion and transfers usually require a certain commission, and the speed of transfers is not always fast. And if we want to exchange crypto currency then we have a number of difficulties that not everyone can solve.
We have developed a platform that can solve the issue of currency conversion and instant transfers. Today, the platform can assist you in exchanging popular crypto currencies the list of which will be constantly updated.
The main advantages are as follows:
– Instant transactions
– Complete anonymity of transactions
– High level of security
When developing a multicurrency system we pursued three goals:
1. To combine all financial and crypto communities into a single multicurrency network.
2. To simplify the work of multicurrency transfers to instant ones in 3 clicks.
3. To stabilize the crypto currency market.
Rate the usability of the multicurrency core LexeraWay on our platform!


Weenzee being one the investment programs with the highest level of participation among Asian markets which it has been mostly targeting over the last couple of months has expectedly been the first to issue a newsletter with the best wishes for the Chinese New Year 2019 last night. Weenzee has not only been the most successful program for the majority of my readers being online for two and a half months, but it’s also the most advertised program on the MNO portal with the admin recently opting to keep his top banner spot on the MNO monitor for two more months. That will definitely inspire the confidence of many current and future investors who believe in the long-term plans and commitments from Weenzee that having been on its third month online already managed to complete first 30- and 60-day investment cycles and returned principals on expiry of them to first investors. Many of them actually now opted to reinvest into the longer-term plans running for 90, 180, or 360 calendar days, as the investor is the one who decides just for how long he wants to commit to. To join you need only a $30 minimum deposited via PerfectMoney in USD, or many other cryptocurrencies accepted by Weenzee (the list is quite extensive but includes BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Eos, Zcash, and Ripple). Investors will get a variable daily interest payment (usually around 1%) and can request it to be paid to their e-currency within a 72 hour maximum, although usually it will be done much faster. If you decide to invest via the internal currency WNZ (not a compulsory feature!) you will enjoy 15% higher daily returns and have the option to request your principal to be paid to you before the investment term expires for a certain fee. If that process sounds a bit too complicated to you then you can ask more from the Weenzee Live support that can guide you through the investment process or simply read the MNO review of the program posted here where I tried my best to explain all the main features in an easy to read guide.

Apart from the Chinese New Year wishes from Weenzee you can read below, the program also gives us a glimpse on their recent conference held in the Turkish city of Antalya as well as featuring a slew of events scheduled to be held in various Indonesian cities and provinces in February. Please refer to all the latest updates posted on Weenzee‘s News page over the last few days to find out more and attend the events if you happen to be in one of the cities at the time:

The international team of WEENZEE wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year! We wish that the “Yellow Pig” brings joy to your home! Also, we wish that profit and good luck accompany your business throughout 2019!
May the upcoming holidays be filled with fun, laughter, smiles and a lot of “red envelopes”. We appreciate your work and wish you all the best in the New Year!
Best wishes, WEENZEE Team

A huge number of people from all over the world want to understand the blockchain technology and start earning using advanced development Weenzee.
On January 13, 2019 the best specialists met in Antalya to discuss Weenzee‘s robotic trading technology and the cryptographic management strategy.
The event was attended not only by the partners and leaders of the project, but also by ordinary people who were not familiar with this topic and left with the firm intention to continue working with Weenzee.
The zeal and enthusiasm of our colleagues from Turkey, which they show from a variety of photos of this event instantly scattered across the Internet, made a vivid impression on the leaders from other countries.
Without a doubt, this event will give a powerful impact and allow us to continue the active expansion into the blockchain sphere! The Weenzee community is growing, becoming multinational and large-scale.
Weenzee unites the whole world!

WEENZEE works not only to obtain financial benefits for all its participants, but a more important result for the whole community is literacy, this is relevance and the constant increase in the level of knowledge of all participants. To this end, the leaders of WEENZEE conduct free educational activities for people striving for success and independence.
In 6 different cities for you will be held 12 events from January 26 to February 27. Be on one of them and take the first step towards your well-being!
Date: 26/01 – 29/01, Time: 4pm – 9pm, Venue: Novotel Hotel Tengerang
Date: 30/01/2019, Time: 2pm – 5pm, Venue: Ballroom Novotel Hotel Tengerang
Date: 31/01 – 04/02, Time: 4pm – 9pm, Venue: Swiss Berlin Karawang
Date: 05/02/2019, Time: 2pm – 5pm, Venue: Swiss Berlin Karawang
Date: 06/02 – 10/02, Time: 4pm – 9pm, Venue: Favehotel Bandung
Date: 11/02/2019, Time: 2pm – 5pm, Venue: Ballroom Aston Hotel Bandung
Date: 12/02 – 16/02, Time: 4pm – 9pm, Venue: Tunjungan Hotel, Surabaya
Date: 17/02/2019, Time: 2pm – 5pm, Venue: Ballroom Tunjungan Hotel , Surabaya
Date: 18/02 – 21/02, Time: 4pm – 9pm, Venue: Ibis Style Denpasar
Date: 22/02/2019, Time: 2pm – 5pm, Venue: Ballroom Ibis Style Denpasar
Date: 23/02 – 26/02, Time: 4pm – 9pm, Venue: Aston Hotel Mataram
Date: 27/02/2019, Time: 2pm – 5pm, Venue: Ballroom Aston Hotel Mataram, Presenters: Mr. Ali Maskur +6281902378222, Mr. Harly Panglima +62 81270293769

In February, WEENZEE users in different countries of the world are waiting for an intensive event schedule. Offline meetings and conferences are scheduled in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Chinese colleagues, continue to actively conduct online lectures and meetings for their teams even on the eve of the National Holiday.
Share your experience at your maximum with all users! This is the main slogan of the WEENZEE Team.
In the modern world, cooperation and teamwork are the main components of success, especially in tandem with robotic technologies. WEENZEE teams have the opportunity to earn real money. Create your team, join WEENZEE and increase your income!
Event schedule for February
The number of sits is limited, contact the organizer in advance of the meeting.
Blockchain technology with Weenzee is easy and profitable!

For all participants from Indonesia, we prepared a series of events to be held in February 2019. The Indonesian team of WEENZEE in January held many meetings and conferences and continues to develop our community every day!
Below you can see a list of conferences to be held in Indonesia in February 2019:
Date: 02 February 2019, City: Depok, Time: 02.00pm – 09.00pm, Place: Resto Batu alam depok, Speaker: Mr Prabu (+6281324567077)
Date: 03 February 2019, City: Jakarta, Place: Wax Presso Central Park, Time: 18.30 – 23.00pm, Speaker: Imran Julianto (082199809998)
Date: 04 February 2019, City: Jakarta, Place: Wax Presso Central Park, Time: 14.00 – 18.00 pm, Speaker: Imran Julianto (082199809998)
Date: 04-08 February 2019, City: Purwokerto, Time: 19:00 wib, Place: CAFE SOCIETY COFFEE, Speaker: Mrs Siti Munto Fiah (+6282243796774)
Date: February 03,06,07,08,10, City: Surabaya, Place: Sutos Cafe wdnsdy, Time: 06.00pm-10.00pm, Speaker: Mr Rio (081252991112)
Date: 11-15 February 2019, City: Purbalingga, Time: 19:00 wib, Place: Cafe Kopitiam, Speakers: Mr Liokta (+6281226496475), Mrs Siti Munto Fiah (+6282243796774)


Finally for today, seeing as how the subject matter up for discussion is well and truly behind us by now, I think it’s time we looked back at the results of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll also be replacing this one with another new question, but more on that in a moment. So, for the final poll in the month of January I wanted to know how good or bad a start you had gotten to in the HYIP industry for 2019. Results overall were mixed as despite having a couple of really good performers that continue to deliver good results, the profits earned by investors elsewhere were eaten into when a couple of fast scams that people expected more from reared their ugly heads. So basically it looks as if a lot of people did in fact earn some good money, they just lost it again by deciding to gamble it on other less reliable programs rather than keeping it.

The exact question put to readers then was as follows: How was your experience in the HYIP industry this January? Unfortunately the number one reply to this question turned out to be “Not good, I’ve lost more money than I’ve earned” which commanded some 64% of the vote. I suppose this really does underline the importance of when you are ahead of the game how difficult it can be to keep it that way. Diversifying your portfolio is still important and can act as a sort of safety net if one or two programs fail to perform as you were hoping, that’s what happened a lot of people in January, it’s just not always that easy to pick the right alternatives to spread your investments between. At the other end of the scale but still a distant second spot with 24% of the vote were the investors were either smarter this time out or just plain luckier. Either way congratulations to them, they’ll accept the result either way as they voted “Very good, I have earned more than expected”. Perhaps they knew better and avoided the scams, perhaps they simply weren’t active at the time and just had their money tied up in older longer term programs until the springtime, whatever the reasons I’m glad that at least a significant number managed a good result. As for the remaining 12% of voters, it really seems to been a case of “business as usual” for them this January as they opted to vote for the answer “About average, nothing happened to surprise me” as the best reflection of their experience.

Time now to move on to something a little different but in no small way inspired by people’s experience in January. It occurs to me that the good profits being earned by investors in the industry today are mostly originating from a select group of longer term programs launched at the end of 2018. Conversely it seems the losses were suffered by overspending on short life scams the began and ended with the same brief period of January 2019. For the next question then on the MNO TalkBack page it’s going to be a very simple choice for you.

I want to know:
What program on the MNO monitor has been the most profitable for you personally?

Possible answers will be:
– Another program

I can’t really expand on that any further, all the programs have their unique selling points and all have their loyal followers, except that the reason I picked those particular three is that they are all on the MNO Premium List and are currently the three most popular with readers. While there’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to what your favourite program is, this is a much more specific question that asks which is the more profitable and is therefore not to be dismissed as a simple outright “popularity contest”. As usual then the poll will stay open for approximately another week or so, maybe ten days but at least as long as it takes to allow everyone who’s interested in participating to have ample time to do so. Votes can be cast on the MNO TalkBack page located here, and remember that all submissions are totally anonymous and untraceable and literally only a second to cast. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part, I hope the results paint an interesting picture of where we are in the industry right now.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BitAeonBitBoots, Weenzee, InstantMiningLimitedCoinIcor.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: TophatsFarmsNeuronic.

That’s all I have to report on this Chinese New Year’s Day, guys. I hope you will have a successful and profitable week ahead of you and I will talk to you again over the weekend when I’ll have all the news from the HYIP industry and its best programs featured on the MNO monitor and of course will tell you more about the promising newcomer Hooplex which can be already checked out here. Please do not forget to vote in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack and pick your favourite when it comes to profits and you’re also welcome to share your opinions on the MNO ShoutBox as well. I will be back with the Hooplex review and other news from the HYIP industry in a few days, only on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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