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Beware! EternityAssets has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well this weekend, it’s a really stormy night here in London so nothing to do but put up my feet by the fireplace and get down to work. There’s a few news stories to catch up with as the business week gets under way soon, and I’m pleased to say it’s getting better with the addition of another brand new and hugely promising program to the MNO monitor that I think some of you might enjoy. It’s called EternityAssets. So let’s take a look at what exactly they are bringing to the online investments industry and if you think you have room for them in your HYIP portfolios.

When it comes to describing the investment plans in EternityAssets it gets a bit tricky. Not so much because there’s anything too complicated there, actually it’s all very simple, it’s just that there are a number of plans not open to members yet. In other words the admin has announced plans that will be launched at some point in the future when the program grows to sufficient level where the cash flow can sustain them (or the extra cash is needed to support the program as it stands), but for now you are just being made aware of what direction EternityAssets hope to move towards in the future. I’ll describe all the plans for you here, though for the sake of relevancy to the “here and now” I’ll just concentrate on what’s currently active and only give you a very brief description of what may be launched at an unknown future date. In any case I can’t say I’d recommend all of them myself personally, but the final choice will always be yours to decide.
Of the seven plans currently open to investors, I would say the majority of experienced players will only take two of them seriously and leave the rest for the newbies. Harsh but true, that’s just the way it goes. The first of these is called The Standard Plan and can be joined for a $10 minimum. It runs for 21 calendar days, during which EternityAssets will pay you back 7% interest per day. This adds up to 147% in total which includes your principal, so basically you get your own money back plus 47% interest on top.

So to take a simple example of how that might look in monetary terms, let’s say you want to start in EternityAssets with a $100 deposit. That would see them pay you back at a rate of $7 per day until you finish up with $147 on the final day of the 21 day term. You would reach the break even point, that is to say the point at which you earn back an amount equal to your initial principal and see your first profit, thus making it impossible for you to lose anything, 15 days into the term. Maximum spending limit is capped at $10,000.

The other option that some of the more experienced investors might like is called The Termless Plan, though personally while I think it’s achievable I also see one major disadvantage which I’ll explain in a moment. First of all of as the name suggests it’s an open ended perpetual style plan with no expiry date. So in other words once you join it you don’t leave and EternityAssets will continue to pay you for as long as the program survives. The minimum requirement to join is $10 and the maximum rises to $50,000. EternityAssets then offer you a daily payment of 3%. The only important statistic here is that without the option to withdraw your principal you will need 34 days to break even and see your first profit. What you could potentially earn in total is anyone’s guess.

So far so good, no expiry plans are kind of the flavour of the month in the HYIP industry these days, and I do think this admin is genuinely out to make this program a real industry leader, so 34 days is achievable. So where do I see the disadvantage? Well, why commit your money indefinitely for just 3% when you can get 7% for the very same length of time by simply re-joining The Standard Plan over and over again until the program collapses? Because when that happens I can assure you both plans will go at the very same time. I mean the only real advantage in The Termless Plan is that you don’t have to bother re-investing over and over again all the time, but for a 4% increase in profits? It’s a penance most experienced players will happily endure!

The remaining plans I’m afraid to say are here to make up the numbers. They will turn the heads of people with more money than brains, that’s for sure, and help bankroll the payments going to more level headed and realistic players. I’m not expecting anyone else to see a great deal of money from them however, they are simply not obtainable. Maybe smaller amounts will be OK if you’re in the mood for a gamble just for the fun of it, no problem with that, I just wouldn’t be going much faster than the more than the minimum $10 amounts required.

EternityAssets continue then with a plan called Tariff 5 (Tariffs 1, 2, 3, and 4 are shorter term plans that haven’t been launched yet). It can be joined for $10 and runs for 20 calendar days. This time however you will only get paid once on expiry, profit and principal combined. The exact amount will depend on the size of your principal, and starts at 330% for amounts between $10 (possible) and $1,000 (less possible!). The maximum deposit is $100,000 and if interested you can see your EternityAssets members area for the rest of the figures being offered with up to 2,000% available for the biggest investments.

Tariff 6 is next on the list, with EternityAssets again taking anything from a $10 opening deposit to an upper limit of $100,000. If you are prepared to risk anything up to $1,000 the offer this time is 500% paid once on expiry of a term lasting 30 calendar days. Again as I wouldn’t suggest much more than the minimum deposit at most, you should see the EternityAssets members area for remaining figures which can reach up to 3,000% in cases of extra large deposits.

Next is The VIP Plan. In this one EternityAssets just make the one blanket offer to all investors, big and small. If you join with any amount from a $10 minimum to a $10,000 maximum the rate is 4,000% with your principal included. How long do you have to wait for this bounty? Payment is offered once on expiry of a term running 40 calendar days.

A step up from that is The VIP+ Plan where EternityAssets are offering a 4,500% payment on expiry of a 60 calendar day term. Spending limits remain in the bracket of $10 to $10,000.

This is followed by The VIP Pro Plan, completing the list of what at the time of writing are the only options currently open to EternityAssets investors. Much the same as its predecessor, the difference this time is the offer rises to 5,000% paid once on expiry while the term stretches to 90 calendar days. The spending limits remain unchanged at $10 up to a $10,000 limit.

There are four other plans in the pipeline, shorter term options which the admin will roll out in his own time as the program stabilises and grows. I have no information on when this will happen, or indeed even if the admin himself has a concrete idea of any dates in mind. But just for your information the terms will be for 1, 5, 10, and 15 calendar days, all with payments of various interest rates made once on expiry.

At this point now that you know what the plans are, I think I should just share a few words on the actual investment process because it’s a little different than what you might be used to. It’s not difficult or anything, just different. So from inside your EternityAssets members area the first thing you will need to do is click the tab marked “Refill”. This is how you fund your account with the program. Once you have successfully moved the amount of money you are looking to play with, you then need to click the “Invest” tab in order to move your money from your wallet to an active plan of your choice. The quicker you do this the better, because otherwise your money is just sitting there on your account balance not earning you any interest. I know it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at the number of people who either forget or delay in doing this with other HYIPs that were similarly organised.

So, what about your payment options? Pretty good I would say, more than some, less than others, but all the ones that are popular with HYIP investors are accepted by EternityAssets which is all that really matters. As of now you can use PerfectMoney and Payeer if you prefer the old school dollar based payment handlers, or BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Ripple for those who would rather use cryptocurrencies. Payments are made manually and need to be requested from inside your EternityAssets account area. You should then allow up to 24 hours for the transaction to be completed, though personally I’ve so far been impressed at the speed with which my own withdrawals have been dealt with. Smaller investors please take note that EternityAssets have a minimum withdrawal limit of $1, so make sure you have at least that amount in your account before submitting any requests. That applies only to the USD-based currencies, by the way, as if you use cryptocurrencies you must reach a higher 0.0014 BTC minimum before being able to request a withdrawal (equivalent of about $5 at the time of writing).

It isn’t just the investment plans that are rolling out on a gradual basis, the EternityAssets admin is quite active when it comes to nurturing and growing his program fairly regularly. In fact on top of the EternityAssets home page you’ll see a tab marked RoadMap which will show you exactly what’s coming next and when. At the moment it goes about three weeks or so into the future (who wants to look further than that in the HYIP industry?) and the admin seems to have stuck quite rigorously to his own plans. So for example, you can click on the RoadMap to see things like when a Russian language version of the EternityAssets website is going to be launched, or when the regional representative scheme is going to start up. Takes the element of surprise out of it a bit but by mapping out his plans in front of his investors with such transparency and sticking to the schedule the admin displays a genuine long term vision to make this program succeed.

Two things that might also prove beneficial to EternityAssets in financial terms is their intention to start their own currency exchange service soon which could help longer term survival by providing an extra income stream via commission charges, and their intention to break-in to the cryptocurrency market by launching their own coin and payment system.

As for some of the more technical details about EternityAssets your inner nerd might like to know about such as design and site security, the only word that comes to mind here is this – outstanding. The admin really has left nothing to chance and clearly this is something he treats very seriously. The site itself is already multilingual as I said and can be viewed in either English, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish with more to follow soon. Like the majority of good online investment projects the script is unique and has been custom made especially for the program. It’s quite easy to navigate though, with EternityAssets being user friendly throughout. And for a little extra peace of mind SSL encryption is also in place, with a superior Extended Validation certificate by GeoTrust. The hosting is also impressive and is on a dedicated OVH server.

Any questions for the admin that you don’t find in the FAQ section can be sent in a variety of ways. There’s the usual support ticket submission system as well as a direct e-mail address you can write to. There’s a Live Chat feature too and while there’s no exact schedule as to when it works I’ve never seen it left unattended. There’s a postal address based in of all places the United States and certificates of incorporation in the state of Missouri for you to check out (a long way from the UK where most HYIPs can very easily obtain company registration certs online) and a telephone number if you’d like to speak with someone in person. Again no schedule is published for when this operates, one assumes it would most likely be business hours in that particular time zone if not a 24 hour service. Fans of social media will be spoilt for choice with EternityAssets having profiles on the main platforms. There’s two alone on Telegram (one official channel, the other for chat and therefore presumably support purposes), plus Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All in all it looks a highly professional set-up. Very slick and well set up, but better than just that. I think it’s also been better planned, better organized, and better executed than the average online HYIP. Of course whether or not the wider investing public take to the program is a whole other matter. Most likely initial growth will be slow given that the industry as a whole is a little slower at the moment compared to this time in other years. But that’s not all that bad when it comes to programs like EternityAssets. In fact in this case it can be a distinct advantage. Building a reputation (and being prepared to work on it) over the coming weeks and months will do EternityAssets the world of good and by starting on it now they should really be in prime position once the admin starts rolling out the planned improvements as mentioned already on the site’s RoadMap. There’s no doubt that the industry is growing, albeit slowly, and EternityAssets looks a likely candidate to be one of the leaders.

One thing that I would still be skeptical about however is their business model. And no, I don’t mean this as a criticism because I say the very same thing about every other program listed here and will continue to do so. For the record the line of business EternityAssets claim to be involved with is described as “trading in securities and other stock assets”. And like I say about every other program, even if this were true it doesn’t necessarily have to be profitable all the time. Ultimately when you join any online investment program you do surrender control of your money so they’re all something of a shot in the dark to a greater or lesser extent. But if you still like the industry and still enjoy participating then EternityAssets has as good a chance as any new program I’ve seen recently to make some real waves in this business.

So what do you guys think? If you’ve already come to a decision about whether EternityAssets is suitable for you or not then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing with the other readers and answering the following poll. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and will eventually tell us how many people were right to go with their first impressions of the program either for better or worse. It can also indicate what standards people expect from a HYI website before they are prepared to part with their money.

Will you make an active deposit in EternityAssets?

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Staying on the subject of the above reviewed EternityAssets, you’ll have read about the admin’s Roadmap which highlights the main improvements the site is going to undergo in order to constantly develop for the betterment of all investors. So, over the last three days EternityAssets has been translated into the Spanish language (which becomes the third new version after the default English one and joins Vietnamese and Chinese which were made available earlier), an extended referral stats with every click counted is now featured in your account (mostly for the sake of promoters) and you can now transfer any funds inside of your EternityAssets account to a different member of the program if you wish so. With the admin diligently following the extensively written RoadMap we should hope that with time EternityAssets will definitely transform into something big and members will also take advantage of more investment offers while profiting from the currently available offers properly described in my review. Surely more developments will follow which MNO will report in any follow-up updates on the blog, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements from EternityAssets while digesting the latest news reposted below:

Extended referral statistics
Dear partners,
Any great success starts from easy steps and right target management. Due to the Roadmap, EternityAssets team upgrade the statistic for our active clients, who help us in advertising. The most detailed information about your referrals will help you improve your strategy. So, what’s new?
+ Now you can check: Clicks (on your referral link) Today / Yesterday / Total;
+ You can check the contacts and nickname of your referral to communication;
+ You may check the detailed clicks statistic: from which IP and country it was made, which time it was made, the data about your partner.
Check it right now – it looks Fantastic:
Sure you will love that update. Check the Roadmap – really great updates are coming!
Spanish version, Money transfer between the clients, Bounty program on our way. Feel the American sight on business. Invest and enjoy.
Charles Jon, CEO Eternity Assets LLC

Spanish site version
Dear clients,
EternityAssets LLC is growing into something bigger than just trading company. Tomorrow we will add an opportunity to tranfer money from client to client. No fees, no verification and no any regulations. You can send your money from balance anywhere worldwide – that’s the real financial freedom.
Following the Roadmap, we added Spanish on our site. Hola damas y caballeros! More comfort, more partners and more income here.
Join our Telegram:
Official channel:
Eternity chat:
Charles Jon, CEO Eternity Assets LLC

Funds transfer
Dear partners,
EternityAssets LLC made a first important step for the making international payment system EternityAssets Coin (EAC). Fantastic news!
Today we give an opportunity to transfer funds from your account balance to any other customer of EternityAssets. So, you can send money without any commissions anywhere worldwide.
+ 100% free transfer – no taxes, no fees.
+ 100% privacy. We don’t ask for any verification from our customers.
+ 100% fast. Usually the transfers are immediately completed.
+ 100% comfortable. You can send any amount on any payment system we work with.
+ 100% secure. EternityAssets LLC has the highest level of online security, including EV SSL and DDoS protection. We guarantee that your money would be safe.
EternityAssets Coin (EAC) – the new international payment system is coming. So what are you waiting for?
Try the money transfer option right now, send some money to your parents or friends. Ask them about great opportunities they may get with EternityAssets platform.
Feel the American sight on business. Transfer money, invest and enjoy.
Charles Jon, CEO Eternity Assets LLC


Those already investing in Weenzee should agree that the program has been a consistently stable performer when it comes to delivering profits to investors most of whom have either already completed an investment cycle or reached the break-even point on their investments starting from $30 minimum. Weenzee takes deposits via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, Eos, Dash, Ripple, Zcash, and (most recently) with Tether cryptocurrency too. The investment term is fixed and pays a variable daily return (usually hovering around the 1% mark) over a duration of 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 calendar days. The term can be chosen by the investor who can get higher daily interest if they pick the longer term or convert their earnings into the internal currency called WNZ (in which case you get an extra 15% on top of the current rate and has an opportunity to leave even before the expiry date by paying an early release fee setup by the program). As Weenzee might be considered as quite a complicated program with lots of features unavailable in many rival programs it’s better for you to get familiar with it by reading my detailed review posted here, especially if you intend to maximize your potential profits from there which can be done in quite a variety of ways.

Weenzee has been spreading word extensively across Asian countries in the form of various offline events where all current and potential members can attend in person before making a commitment to invest. Such conferences proved to be very popular events and a fruitful platform for the promotional teams in their attempts to recruit new members. Just recently it was announced about more events in Indonesia and the Philippines where all interested parties can attend today and over the next few days as well. The news about the conferences including addresses, event organizers, and their points of contact as well can be found below for your reference:

WEENZEE covers the whole of Indonesia! Many crypto enthusiasts are interested in the WEENZEE robotic system and its investment program.
Community leaders continue to visit new cities, acquaint participants with the features of teamwork, financial enrichment tactics, and personally share their experience of reaching the “NETWORK PARTNER” level.
On March 3rd, 2019 from 02:30pm to 05:00 pm at the Swiss-Belinn Hotel Mr. Prabu Daryanto will talk in detail about the development of WEENZEE, new features and updates.
The insider information, exclusive knowledge, opportunities to achieve success and new heights are spread at such conferences and events of the WEENZEE community!
Conference participants are provided with drinks, snacks and souvenirs. Hurry up, the number of places is limited.
Basic information:
Date: March 3rd, 2019, Time: 2:30pm to 5:00pm WITA, Address: Swiss-Belinn Hotel (Street Boulevard No.55 Pandang, Panakkukang), Speakers: Mr. Prabu Daryanto, Contacts: +6281324567077
Wealth is in the knowledge and in WEENZEE!

A team of partners WEENZEE planned an event for all members of a large community in the city of Garut. A new meeting will be held on March 3 in the large hall of Fave Hotel Garut. Guru of blockchain technology Imran Julianto and Mr. Joyo will tell you about various digital assets that have firmly entered the life of progressive humanity. They will tell you what cryptocurrencies are and what role is defined for them in the world of modern money, and they will also shine you into the world of blockchain technologies.
The leaders of the WEENZEE team will tell you how to make money in this area, and also share their predictions for the financial future.
We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, as well as ways to make money in this area. Even if you have not heard anything about blockchain and cryptocurrency – come and ask questions – we will open for you a curtain in the World of Freedom and Big Money.
Basic information:
Date: March 3, Location: Fave Hotel Garut, Time: 15:00 pm, Speakers: Mr. Imran Julianto, Mr. Joyo, Contacts: (08112204899), (082199809998)
Looking forward to you!

March promises to be very rich in various events from WEENZEE. More and more people are ready to develop and receive a stable income with the help of our project. The partners of the system are ready to help them with this and continue to visit various countries with educational seminars and conferences.
Several such events will be held in the Philippines at once! Each participant will receive the important knowledge and skills necessary to use the business platform WEENZEE to improve their well-being and achieve financial independence. Come and become a successful cryptoprofessional!
Date: March 2, City: Benguet, Location: MCDO Restaurant, Time: 2 PM to 7 PM, Organizers: Mark Anthony Navarro (+639956180284), Sebb Fernandez (+639123804562)
Date: March 4, City: Urdaneta City, Location: Shakeys Restaurant, Time: 2 PM TO 7PM, Organizers: Mark Anthony Navarro (+639956180284), Terence Tauli (+639298985907)
Date: March 6, City: Daet, Bicol, Location: K’Sarap Restaurant, Time: 1PM to 7 PM, Organizers: Mark Anthony Navarro (+639956180284), Artur Mella, Sebb Fernandez (+639123804562)
Date: March 9, City: Davao City, Location: Outback Grill and Restaurant, Time: 1PM to 7 PM, Organizers: Mark Anthony Navarro (+639956180284), Mar lallaban, Sebb Fernandez (+639123804562)

MEGA WEENZEE Marathon! More than 12 cities will experience a lot of emotions and receive an incredible amount of knowledge that WEENZEE representatives carry to the masses.
This is great news for those who are willing to learn new things and become financially independent. At these events, participants will be able to learn about unique trading strategies, with the help of which you can repeatedly increase your personal capital using the latest WEENZEE technologies.
Do not miss the chance to become successful and rich with WEENZEE!
Date: March 2, City: JAKARTA, Location: HOTEL GRAND ALIA CIKINI, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.HOKKY, Contacts: 62818175784
Date: March 6, City: PONTIANAK, Location: ORCHARDZ HOTEL, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.IQBAL, Contacts: 62 81313427848
Date: March 9, City: PURWAKARTA, Location: HOTEL INTAN, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR IVAN, Contacts: 62818175784
Date: March 9, City: JAKARTA, Location: HOTEL NEO MANGGA DUA, Organizers: MR.HOKKY & MS.YANTI
Date: March 12, City: KUBU RAYA, Location: FAMILY HOTEL, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.IQBAL, Contacts: 62 81313427848
Date: March 17, City: DEPOK, Location: HOTEL FAVE, Organizers: MR.IVAN & MR.BUDI, Contacts: 62 818 175 784
Date: March 17, City: MADURA, Location: HOTEL ODAITA, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.SYAIFUL, Contacts: 62 818 175 784
Date: March 17, City: PONTIANAK, Location: 95 HOTEL, Organizers: MR.IQBAL & MR.NOVI, Contacts: 62 81313427848
Date: March 20, City: SINTANG, Location: MY HOME HOTEL, Organizers: MR.IQBAL & MR.NOVI, Contacts: 62 81313427848
Date: March 23, City: BEKASI, Location: HOTEL ASTON, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.IVAN, Contacts: 62 818 175 784
Date: March 23, City: JAKARTA, Location: SWISS BELL KALIBATA, Organizers: MR.HOKKY & MS.YANTI, Contacts: 62818175784
Date: March 24, City: PONTIANAK, Location: G HOTEL, Organizers: MR.IQBAL & MR.NOVI, Contacts: 62 81313427848
Date: March 28, City: PINYUH, Location: STAR RESTORANT, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.IQBAL, Contacts: 62 81313427848
Date: March 31, City: CENTRAL PARK, Location: ORCHARDZ HOTEL, Organizers: DATO DIN & MR.IQBAL, Contacts: 62 81313427848


Please note that any further investments in BitWave at the time of writing this post are not advised as the admin seems to have forgotten to fund his BitCoin and Ethereum wallets due to which payments have not being processed for over 48 hours already. As can be seen from the Payment Proofs stats on the website at least some payments to PerfectMoney, LiteCoin and DogeCoin are still being done. That doesn’t excuse the silence of the admin who failed to respond to my email for over 24 hours and didn’t bother just processing pending withdrawal requests either. The same thing though happened last Sunday, so all hope is not gone and I wouldn’t be surprised if the payments resume by tomorrow. However, at the moment I would recommend withdrawing your principals from BitWave and trying to get it out in small portions if possible. It might be already too late for some payment processors, but for others you stand a better chance to profit, if you haven’t done so yet after nine days the program has been online. As there are still some doubts and not much clarity as to why BitWave is paying selectively, by tomorrow everything will be clear and I will either return it to Paying Status if the pending withdrawals are processed or (which is much more likely) will move it from the current Problem Status on the MNO monitor to Scam. Do not invest in BitWave until further notice, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeBitAeon, BitBoots, CoinIcor, InstantMiningLimited.
From MNO Standard list: EternityAssetsHooplex.
From MNO Basic list: TophatsFarms.

That’s all the news I have for today, guys. If you have any questions, suggestions or simply wish to list your program on MNO please do not hesitate to contact me directly at, chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog or submit your query via this contact form. Make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe for regular updates to be delivered to your confirmed email address to be the first to know all the important updates and notified of the latest additions on the MNO monitor where you can also use to vote for your current favourites. Please be more active on the MNO ShoutBox and make sure to vote in the TalkBack poll about the influence instant payouts have on your decision to join an investment project. The final results of the poll will be drawn and analysed in a couple of days when I’ll be back with more news from the ever-changing HYIP industry. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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