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Hello all, and welcome again to another news update from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. It looks like the May Day holidays that are now mostly behind us might have affected some programs badly with WaveRider becoming a major disappointment for many, only managing to last one full cycle and collapsing after just five weeks. Other programs might have escaped the Labour Day curse and are still performing superbly, including the two industry giants Weenzee and Hooplex whose latest updates are the main focus of today’s blog post. Also keep reading if you wish to learn the final results of the MNO TalkBack opinion poll from last week, as well as in the new poll open for votes until at least the end of this week.

I must add that I’m writing this evening from the plane that has just left London for Israel where I plan to spend the next three weeks while enjoying beach weather which will be a welcome escape from an unseasonably cold London. Don’t worry though as I still intend to use this free time for myself while also being constantly connected with my readers and keeping my finger on the pulse of all the latest events in the HYIP industry. There might be only a few programs left on the MNO monitor but be sure that once the next potential leader enters the field to fill the lucrative gap I’ll be there to tell you all about it. In order not to miss anything therefore it’s of utmost importance to follow MNO via popular social networks like Telegram, Facebook or Twitter where the latest notifications of the newly listed programs or scam warnings get posted first. Also if you are not a subscriber to the MNO blog‘s newsfeed then why not join the 3,100 people already reading regular articles delivered directly to their mailboxes which they could submit here. It’s easy to unsubscribe with one click if for any reason you change your mind at a later point, but I must admit once you get involved you’re hooked and cannot miss the thrill of the next big thing you can discover on MNO. If you ever have any questions regarding the listed programs or would like to be monitored on the most expensive site in the HYIP industry please don’t hesitate to contact me via this online form, write to me directly at or simply get in touch via Telegram @mnoblog when I’m online for a speedier response. As always I do appreciate your contribution in the form of posted comments across your favourite programs on the MNO monitor, feedback via the MNO ShoutBox or valued opinion on the current issues on the MNO TalkBack page. So let’s get started and see what’s in the news today.


It seems not a single day passes without some sort of news from Weenzee – currently the biggest program in the HYIP industry and the undoubted hit of the year so far. Having launched almost six months ago Weenzee has managed to build up an impeccable reputation with its timely payouts and friendly support always ready to explain the sometimes not-so straightforward investment process you can read in much detail in the review posted here. In a nutshell though with Weenzee you can invest anything starting from a $30 minimum for a wide range of investment terms on expiry of which you will be handed your original principal back – 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 calendar days. You get a variable interest daily in exchange for your trust in Weenzee which depends on the program’s trading results but usually revolves around the 1% mark on average. You may boost your potential earnings by converting your funds into the internal currency WNZ which will get you a 15% extra on top of the usual daily income and also enables you with an option to request your principal earlier than the specified investment term ends for a certain fee. Weenzee will accept investments via a wide variety of payment options which include PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Eos, Tether and Tron (more than enough choice for an average investor anyway).

Among the latest news from the ever growing presence of Weenzee on an international scale posted below are instructions on how to invest in the program posted in the Japanese language, most useful for anyone in Japan obviously. Plus, there is the first news from online sources in Nigeria where the first promotion of Weenzee is just getting started. Both Japan and Nigeria may well become the next major countries where Weenzee expands and attract more customers, helping it to last longer. Unlike many other programs you might be used to dealing with when it comes to Weenzee we see them concentrating their promotional efforts mostly in physical presence in various countries across the world with actual leaders promoting the program in their local communities. Actually this approach works wonders as it’s been followed by yet another popular program on MNO Hooplex the latest updates from which you can read straight after the news from Weenzee over the last few days and re-posted for you below:

WEENZEE leaders hold trainings and educational conferences where project participants learn the basics of blockchain and cryptotrading.
For ease of learning, leaders developed and translated the basic project guidelines into Japanese. We recommend that users who wish to succeed familiarize themselves with the processes of the WEENZEE system. On our site you can find a lot of videos and instructions on how to use the business platform. We are constantly updating and adding new content.
Now there are instructions in Japanese. All users from Japan are encouraged to read and study them carefully. You will find all the basic steps for getting started with WEENZEE and using various tools for profit.
Link to instructions:
WEENZEE – a community of wealth and success!

Nigeria became the first country in Africa where the WEENZEE team was formed. Leaders of the project are already working there and the number of participants is growing every day.
This could not pass by mass media and journalists: they wrote about WEENZEE at The authors noted the significance of this event for the economy of Nigeria and briefly talked about the launch process of WEENZEE.
Here’s how this event was described by our colleagues from Nigeria: “It was a well presented opportunity that met with participants, outlook change and fired up excitement to take a chance again at investing in cryptocurrency to secure their future of finance! After the official part,participants were treated to a nice lunch.”
You can read the full version at the link:


Hooplex (reviewed here) is another program where word of mouth promotion is taken very seriously and has shown some great results for three months now. Just like Weenzee, Hooplex joined MNO on day one and recently upgraded from Standard to Premium listing with the admin also launching a banner advertising campaign with the top banner purchased on the monitor for one month. All the first investors of Hooplex who put their trust into the program’s ability to deliver profits should have finished the full 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days investment cycles and got their principal back on expiry of the term. Those who preferred to join the longer paying plans shouldn’t be at a loss either by reaching the break-even point on Hooplex‘s more profitable 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days or 1.1% for 180 days where their principal is also promised to be returned on expiry. If for some reason you have changed your mind during the term or need your money back urgently you have an option to request your initial sum which will be paid to you for a fee. Hooplex will accept investments starting from a $50 minimum which have to be converted into the internal currency called Lexera and fixed daily profits will be paid to you and could be requested to any of the multiple accepted payment processors Hooplex has been working with right from its official launch – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, DogeCoin, Tether, Tron, Ripple, Waves and BlackCoin. I’m sure we should expect many more positive developments from Hooplex in the near future and meanwhile please refer to the latest news explaining the importance of the program’s expansion into the Indian market and featuring a link to the video review posted by a Hindi language blogger you might find interesting if that’s your native language:

Hooplex review from the Indian MLM blogger
Hooplex is an international project for which there are no borders. We recently reported that India has joined us (you can read all the news in Hindi). It is noteworthy that just a couple of days after this, one reputable MLM blogger from India posted a review of our project on his channel.
Many leaders from India have already started to promote the project. This means that news about our community spreads very fast! Hooplex is actively developing in India and we are confident that the project will repeat this success in other countries.
Just email support to get a cooperation offer.


There was some bad news from WaveRider earlier with selective payouts now being an obvious problem when the admin was supposed to resume payments today. Alas, that didn’t happen and only some payouts were processed while some investors have been left waiting since as early as last Thursday with their withdrawal requests ignored. I must say that the admin told me on Telegram that he would try to resume payouts as soon as humanly possible, but considering the panic mode started last Friday already due to inconsistent payouts (to be discussed in the next poll on the MNO TalkBack page – read on for that!) I doubt very much the situation would improve. As we all know any HYIP regardless of its admin’s claims has to have a constant inflow of fresh funds to sustain the outgoing payments to existing members and in case with WaveRider that is obviously not happening at the moment. I’m sure many monitors would follow MNO and will move WaveRider to Problem status eventually, but for now please refrain from making any additional investments even if you’re still receiving any outstanding payments.

Overall, I’m sure that many investors in WaveRider are disappointed with the five week lifetime that would be not so frowned upon if we dealt with a different admin. The problem is WaveRider right from the very start was inundated with rumours of it being run by a more experienced admin with a better track record, something unnecessarily fuelled by promoters looking to bring as many people on board right from the start as possible to build a huge downline later. Unfortunately the admin had a different take on things and by accepting deposits only via BTC he has managed to benefit from an unexpected surge in price that may have earned him as much as 50% on top of all the funds collected throughout the course of his program’s lifecycle. In other words, if you didn’t invest in WaveRider and simply kept your BTC funds in your wallets you probably would have benefited the same or possibly made an even larger profit than by joining this program. If you look at it from this angle the overall results of WaveRider would not be that impressive or even satisfactory at all.

Nevertheless, those who did join early enough (when WaveRider was just listed on MNO) and didn’t reinvest much after the first cycle’s completion should be in decent profit from the shorter 14-day or the longer 28-day long plan. Unfortunately, with WaveRider it was only possible to earn (i.e. to break-even if we take into consideration the BTC exchange rate) when you hit-n-run, i.e. didn’t reinvest after one long or two short cycles respectively. That might have been the strategy used by too many investors and the one that eventually led to the collapse of WaveRider that may otherwise lasted longer, especially if the admin added more payment processors as per his original plan. We will never know what happened for sure though, but the only thing that is definitely clear is that the program is finished. Do not invest in WaveRider anymore, guys!


Just to wrap things up for today then I guess it’s probably time to have a look at the final results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace the old question with something new and more topical. Looking back over the years in the HYIP industry, I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I certainly have a lot of good and bad memories. Personally speaking as a monitor it’s been a largely profitable experience for myself, it is after all the main reason I made the switch from amateur to professional, and if I can share my experience with other investors along the way, knowledge being free and all, so much the better. So what was your own personal best in the HYIP industry that you can remember? Just off the top of your head, to the best of your recollection, I doubt very much that a lot of you are keeping exact records to the dollar and cent, but what do you think your own best result was from any online HYIP you’ve joined? The exact question was: What’s the biggest net profit percentage you ever made from one single HYIP?

I must say, I was absolutely thrilled with the result. Maybe it’s just me, maybe MNO readers are just the luckiest investors out there, but a whopping 80% majority of you said that your best result so far in the industry was “Better than triple my principal, 200% profit or more”. Honestly, I couldn’t have hoped for a better result. Of the remaining readers the vote was an equal split, with 10% of you saying “I earned from 50% to 100% back on one investment” and the other 10% saying “I more than doubled my money, from 100% to 200%”. Well, one way or another that’s all a very positive result no matter which way you look at it, I just hope it’s always that way for you.

As for the next question, well, it’s just one name really – WaveRider. Honestly, I barely know what else to say about this one. The admin talks a good fight but failed in somewhat spectacular style to deliver. The warning signs were there, but did you really expect something better? I mean the whole set-up did seem slightly lazy in the first place, wanting to look as if the program was after slow and well managed growth but in reality just not doing a whole lot to promote itself as a potentially profitable venture at all. No payments made at weekends, what looks like a fairly flimsy excuse to cut off payments relatively early in the week if at all possible, and interest rates kept to a low level at best anyway. Sounds alright if let’s say WaveRider was a sleeper, but it wasn’t, the admin tried to sell this as a potential industry leader. So what happens when payouts to members all start to get a bit jumbled up? If you’re the first one to ask for a payment then it seems perfectly reasonable to expect to be the first one who gets paid, regardless of the amount you are owed, but that doesn’t seem to be the way things go all the time. You can see this for yourself on various public forums and and HYIP discussion platforms, and I happen to know this myself from personal discussions with some MNO readers anyway. Fair enough, the admin of a particular program (and not necessarily WaveRider, it could be any program) says he needs 48 hours to process manual payments to members. It’s not an unreasonable request, after all some of these programs could potentially have thousands of member. But don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious then when you are left waiting and waiting for your payment when other members who came along after you seem to be paid first? I mean at best this is totally unfair, and it’s exactly what happened with WaveRider.

Now, I don’t claim to speak for the admin, he may or may not have had the best of intentions, I really wouldn’t know, but the fact of the matter is when people begin to feel cheated (rightly or wrongly) they are going to complain as vociferously as possible on each and every public forum that will allow them a platform. Why not, you’re perfectly entitled to after all, the one single reason anyone joins an online HYIP in the first place is with the expectation that they are going to be paid, right? So how big of a danger sign is it for you when admins start getting delayed and mixed up with payments to members? Is it really that big of a deal provided you get what’s owed to you at some point? Or do you feel it’s just a matter of letting the admin get on with his job in the manner best suited to the program’s needs? Maybe it’s best that payouts are processed in order of size rather than simply who comes along first? Or is that not simply a matter of fair play? So, the exact question I want to put to readers in this weeks MNO TalkBack poll is as follows:

What is your attitude towards the order of payouts in a HYIP?

Possible answers can be taken from the following options:

– Earlier withdrawals must be processed first not to cause concern among investors
– The admin has the right to decide, I don’t care as long as I get paid eventually

As always let me just say a big thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time and trouble to vote, it really is much appreciated. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and voting will remain open for around about another week or so. Long enough so that anyone who wants to participate to have enough time to think it over and do so anyway. Remember that voting remains strictly confidential and is anonymous and untraceable at all times, though if you wish to share your thoughts on the subject with your fellow readers you are more than welcome to do so on the MNO ShoutBox.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, BitBootsHooplex, Coinezos.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news I have for today, guys. Thanks for reading, and remember to always follow MNO for all the latest and best programs in a well-diversified HYIP portfolio. I’ll be posting next in a few days time already from Israel, so please allow some more time to get a reply if you have any queries. Thanks for staying loyal to the oldest still functioning HYIP related blog as without your support there really wouldn’t be much of a point to it all. See you soon again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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