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Hi, guys! I never thought that one of my posts would be so interesting for my readers. I’m talking about the post where I revealed the strategy I’m using at PSTraffic. You’re welcome to read it here. But today I will reveal the strategy I’m going to use in another program, run by Jamie – PSAdvertising.

My review of PSAdvertising which was published on my blog yesterday got some great feedback. But people were also concerned about my strategy in PSAdvertising. Why didn’t I disclose it in my previous post? The answer is simple: I just didn’t have it at the time of posting. But after much consideration I worked out the strategy which I’m going to use in PSAdvertising from now on and am going to share it with you here.

This strategy is not as complicated as what I’m using in PST.
First, I have a free Novice membership so I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to maintain it.
Second, I’m going to upgrade with $30 every time, because that way I’m not under the 50/50 rule. Don’t get me wrong though! I’m not against the 50/50 rule since it provides the stability for the program and discourages hit-n-runners. I just don’t want to remember when I should make another upgrade in order to be paid.
Third, I’m going to re-upgrade on every 5th day. I decided not to play with more than $200 here and that’s why 6 simultaneously running upgrades a month will be enough for me and will provide me with the income from PSAdvertising. After the first cycle I will receive my principal back so I will have the necessary funds for further upgrade and so on.
Fourth, don’t forget that it’s unnecessary to wait for your upgrades to expire in order to get paid. You can withdraw 2% of your earnings daily and will get paid within 3 business days after that. By the way, I got my first cashout today to LibertyReserve and that’s why PSAdvertising has a paying status on my monitoring page.
This is only an example of how you can take the maximum from PSAdvertising and not become a hit-n-runner at the same time. You’re free to work out your own strategy, but believe me that you should have one in place. This will be an important step on your way to profits from PSAdvertising. I wish you success in creating your own strategy and please feel free to share your own in the “Comments” section to this post.

Some news for today.

I would like to send my best regards to Dave on his successful launch of SurfProfitPro. Currently the program has 454 members, 256 of those are upgraded and 2 of them maxed out members. I think it’s an excellent indicator showing that SurfProfitPro is really hot now. There’s some more news coming from Dave recently:
First, don’t trust the fake emails supposedly from SurfProfitPro admin like the one I mentioned yesterday. Always pay attention to the email address you got email from. The real address is while the fake emails are coming from There is a big difference as you can see. Why are there such malicious attempts to mess up SurfProfitPro? There’s a simple reason for this: extortion and blackmail to get money from them. This is another email from the same group: “So I come with deal for you Gotenks and exist1. Since you should care your business, I ask $500 and me and my team won’t make such messes again. Like I said, this could be the beginning. Or we can deal and it’s the end. Money is to be transfered to my team’s e-gold account. Contact ASAP for details“. I repeat again. There’s nothing to worry about and this only indicates how popular SurfProfitPro is now.
Second important update: remember that the surfing and upgrading is disabled for 10 minutes from 11:55 PM server time until 00:05 AM the following day. As Dave explained in his mass email: “This time is being used by the system to process all rebates for the previous day. If you haven’t surfed yet by 11:55 PM then you will lose your 10% rebate for the day. Also, please do not purchase ad packs close to 11:55 PM as you wouldn’t have any time to surf and therefore lose the 10% rebate. I won’t be honoring any requests regarding this issue from now on. It is not fair to the other members who surfed for the day and earned their 10% rebate“. I think it’s a logical rule that will not allow the members not to surf and get the daily ROI at the same time. This will also save the money for the program and allow it to last longer.

It’s no wonder that the same strict rule “no surfing – no earning” applies in another very successful program PSTraffic. The admin Jamie sent out a reminder today regarding this: “Members who are not maintaining their membership levels and active adpack levels are missing out on earning. I currently have over $1,000 worth of pendings from members who are not maintaining their accounts. The beauty of PSTraffic‘s business model, compared with other programs, is that other programs would have paid out that amount and the program would be down over $1,000. Here in PSTraffic only those members serious enough and dedicated enough to support and earn with PSTraffic are the ones who get paid. This business model keeps funds from hit and runners and pays them out only to those dedicated members“. No comments here – everything sounds fair enough to me.

Bayu, the admin of GreenLinkAds sent his congratulations on Chinese New Year to all the members and announced that he would be away for the period from 6th to 11th of February. Also 3% upgrade fee will be waived for this period, so don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade without fees. “This is great…and it can happen because of you all…that always put your trust at GLA. Thank you for the support and everything. I will inform you all that at 6th February 2008 I will be on holiday until 11th February 2008. It’s Lunar New Year Celebration. And for celebrating this occasion I will waive the fee for 5th to 11th February 2008“.

Sadly but I can’t say that SurfMargin is back on track yet. Though Charles claimed that he started the payout process it will probably take longer than usual. So far I haven’t found any proof from the members that they received the pending payouts. Moreover, there are people out there who are waiting for their turn to be paid for more than 2 months. Sorry, but I still can’t recommend this program to you, guys, until all the pending payouts will be processed. I have 2 pendings in SurfMargin and two – in another of Charles’ programs – MultiStreamOnline. Until I get them I will not re-upgrade. Hope I made myself clear regarding this. I’m putting SurfMargin and MultiStreamOnline to “Waiting” status so far. See you tomorrow!

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