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Beware! StarTradeAsia has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far, whatever you have been getting up to. As we wrap up another business week of somewhat mixed fortunes in the HYIP industry, I want to talk today about a program called StarTradeAsia. I’ll have all the day’s news stories worth reading about in the second half of today’s update as usual, but let’s get straight down to business with StarTradeAsia and see what they’re all about and what they have to offer investors.

I guess if I had to pick out one single feature from StarTradeAsia that’s most striking about the program then it would probably be the number of investment plans. In this case there’s no fewer than nine of them, so plenty for you to think about before committing any money. You really get the full range here as well, with StarTradeAsia offering payments on calendar days, payments on business days, and payments on expiry. I’m going to start with a group of plans called The Easy Package which you can join for a $10 minimum. Anything up to $200 is invested for a term of 14 calendar days, with StarTradeAsia offering a daily interest payment of 2.2%. This adds up to 30.8% in total by the end of the term, nowhere near a profit by itself obviously, this only happens when the StarTradeAsia admin returns your principal on expiry.

If you’d care to make a bigger deposit, in the range of $201 to $5,000, StarTradeAsia keep it for a term running 28 calendar days. During this time they offer investors a daily payment of 2.4% interest, eventually adding up to 67.2% by the time of expiry. This then becomes your net profit once StarTradeAsia return your principal.

The third plan in this particular category is really only aimed at the bigger spending players. You will need a $5,001 minimum to join, or, if you can afford it, a maximum of $100,000. The term extends to 56 calendar days, while StarTradeAsia improve their daily interest rate to 3%. This adds up to 168% in total repayments, with members reaching the break even point (earning back an amount equivalent to their own investments) after 34 payments. The StarTradeAsia admin then returns your principal on expiry leaving the full 168% as your net profit.

The second category of plans are grouped together as The Medium Package. The main difference here is that StarTradeAsia make interest payments on business days only, Monday to Friday, and your principal is already counted as part of the payments therefore reducing the personal financial risk. It’s still very affordable though, with $10 being the minimum requirement to join. The term is 30 business days (or six calendar weeks) with daily interest payments of 5.7% per business day. This adds up to a grand total of 171%, so with as I said StarTradeAsia counting your principal as part of that you have a net profit of 71%. You reach the break even point after 18 payments (around three and a half weeks) and the maximum investment is capped at $1,999.

You can of course spend more if you can afford it, that being the nature of HYIPs and all, with StarTradeAsia improving their offer to 6.1% per business day if you are investing from $2,000 to $9,999. The term stays at 30 business days so your payments eventually add up to 183%. StarTradeAsia include your initial principal as part of that figure, so it’s your own money back plus 83% net profit. You should break even with this plan after 17 business days.

Finally for this group StarTradeAsia up their offer to 6.4% interest per business day if you are investing anything from a $10,000 minimum to a maximum limit of $100,000 for the same 30 business day term. I don’t suppose many of you would be interested in spending that kind of money in a HYIP should you even be able to afford it, but just for your information the total payments should add up to 192% by the term’s conclusion. With StarTradeAsia counting your principal as part of that, it’s 92% net profit and a break even point of 16 business days.

Completing the picture then is what StarTradeAsia call The Hard Package, presumably because this group of plans carries the highest risk. The most obvious thing that sets these ones apart from the others is that StarTradeAsia just offer one single payment on expiry of the term, principal and profit combined. It’s also quite expensive to join, so most investors won’t be interested in the risk as they won’t be able to afford it anyway. You’ll need at least a $2,000 minimum to join, and for anything up to $4,999 the term runs for 20 calendar days. StarTradeAsia offer 170% back on your investment at the end of this term, or your own money plus 70% net profit for joining.

Members prepared to risk an amount between $5,000 and $19,999 will find their money locked in for a term lasting 30 calendar days. Assuming everything goes the way you hope it goes, StarTradeAsia should be repaying you 300% interest at the end. With your principal as part of that you get your own money back plus 200% net profit.

And finally mostly for information purposes let me tell you that StarTradeAsia are offering 500% interest back on amounts between $20,000 and $100,000. Payment is on expiry of a 40 calendar day term, and with your principal included as part of that your actual profit should be 400%.

Next up if you’ve decided that there’s something in there suitable for you (and remembering that there’s nothing to stop you from splitting your deposit between different plans if that’s what you want) then we should look at your payment options. There are a number of payment processors, all fairly standard for the HYIP industry though and nothing out of the ordinary. If you prefer the more conventional third party payment handlers then you can join StarTradeAsia using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and NixMoney. If you prefer the more direct approach and avoid dealing with the regular payment processors then you can make your own direct transactions with BitCoin. All withdrawal requests are made manually by the StarTradeAsia admin and need to be placed from within your members account area. Once done, you should expect to wait not longer than 24 hours for all transactions to be completed.

On the more technical side of things, StarTradeAsia is also up to an acceptably high standard that investors are entitled to expect and demand from any program they put their money in. The website has an extended validation SSL security certificate from Comodo to help provide members with safer browsing and more secure transactions. For a hosting provider is on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks by OVH. Hopefully then any downtime that StarTradeAsia might suffer is negligible. It’s the script that will probably catch most people’s eye though, given that it’s entirely custom made to meet the unique needs and requirements of the program. Always a sign of a professional admin who wants to take charge of things, it’s also user friendly and easy to navigate.

If you need to get in touch with the StarTradeAsia admin for any reason, have some questions you think weren’t explained properly in this review or have any outstanding account related issues you need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of different channels of communication open to you. Before you do anything of course remember that StarTradeAsia can be translated into many different languages, which will make everything easier to understand. Currently the StarTradeAsia website can be accessed in English (by default), plus Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. You can e-mail him directly at the address listed on the contacts page, or else fill in your details on the online support form and submit everything like that. Fans of social networking sites will also be pleased to see StarTradeAsia keeping profiles of Facebook and Telegram, and may also be able to use the program’s Skype account for Live Chat.

As for any alleged business interests supposedly backing the whole thing up, the texts used on the website seem largely original even if the information and claims made within them are not – StarTradeAsia say they are dealing in CryptoCurrency trading, which is hardly something unheard of in the HYIP industry. As usual there is little you can do to independently verify this claim, and in my own opinion it’s best to ignore it and treat the program as any other high risk HYIP. The thing is that even if the cover story was to be true there’s still no guarantee that it would necessarily be profitable or that you can’t lose money. Rule of thumb then in the HYIP industry is to keep yourself safe above all else, so if you do decide to join StarTradeAsia then always stay well under a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and do at least try to keep a diverse and balanced portfolio.

If you’ve given any serious thought to the matter of investing with StarTradeAsia then I hope you won’t mind sharing your opinion with your fellow MNO readers by participating in the following poll. Remember that it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take a second of your time. I think it will be interesting to look back on the results in the coming months and see how many people’s first impression, good or bad, about StarTradeAsia was the right one. So:

Will you make an active deposit in StarTradeAsia?

View Results

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I’d like to start by introducing a new program called BinjumpCompany that joined the Standard List on the MNO monitor yesterday. The program started ten days ago and the unusual name BinjumpCompany obviously derives from the registered in the UK company which the admin claims to have an affiliation with. BinjumpCompany is running off a popular licensed H-Script and is offering four investment plans with the principal included daily payments and therefore not returned on expiry. Investments can start with as low as $10 and the minimum is different for each plan which can be joined using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin accounts. The investment plans will pay you 15.5% for 7 days, 8.5% for 14 days, 5% for 30 days, 4.22% for 45 days and withdrawals should be requested from your account (make sure you enter your account detils in the member’s area first) and will be processed by the admin manually within 24 hours. The website is available in two languages – English and Russian – and there is a promotional video which has already been posted on the MNOVision page. The site is hosted by OVH on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by CloudFlare and the site features q superior Green Bar EV SSL certificate from Comodo. As the first short investment cycle has been completed for the first members of BinjumpCompany the admin has already proved he’s capable of working, so let’s see how the program will perform on MNO where it has already been moved to Paying status following the first payouts received earlier today. A full review is coming next week and I hope that by that time some members will already reach the break even point on the shortest investment plan offered by BinjumpCompany. The latest improvements from the program were featured in the latest update posted on the website after one week of payouts that made profits for their first investors:

We are happy to inform you!
Congratulations to investors with the first profit. We are also happy to announce that we are constantly updating our site and are ready to present you with some improvements:
1. Added online support. Works continuously from 9-00 to 21-00.
2. Added the opportunity to find out your upline “


SportArbitrage remains the #1 program on the MNO monitor for some weeks now and I believe the admin Ronald totally deserves the high position he achieved by hard work and excellent performance. Ronald has recently become the admin of another high-ranked program TradeBTC by acquiring it from the previous administration and so revived interest in the program that has already managed to finish the first 60-day long investment cycle and keeps paying 2.5% daily interest to investors via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. This sister program of SportArbitrage was first reviewed here, so you can check out the article to find out more on yet another great performer. But let’s get back to SportArbitrage itself. At the end of every business week the admin Ronald usually issues a newsletter where he shares his vision, goals, and plans for the future with the program’s ever growing membership. Currently online for almost three months SportArbitrage is still doing well and enjoys high interest from its members succeeding in the field where so many other competitors seem to be failing nowadays. It’s a tough and challenging task and I’m pleased to see that the admin has taken it seriously enough, mostly due to a very professional approach to program’s advertising and promotion on various markets. Actually, the main subject of the latest weekly newsletter issued by Ronald tonight was the promotional efforts and the first contest that will be held among the top promoters over the next week or so. Only the first five promoters with the most active signups to SportArbitrage over the next week from the three top countries will be rewarded, and the first leaders can be seen by checking out the specially created page. In the newsletter the admin has also shared what constitutes the essence of his business vision developed from running other online ventures, so you might be curious read about that. I’ll just remind you about the basics of investing in SportArbitrage, as explained in the review published here. You can invest starting from a $25 minimum and get paid a 60% to 90% share of the company’s daily profits from the sports betting activities over the period of 30 to 120 calendar days. Note that though your account in SportArbitrage is credited with profits on every calendar day, your withdrawal requests will only be honored during business hours Monday to Friday (the same cashout rule applies to its sister site TradeBTC as well, by the way). On expiry your principal is returned, but should you wish to do it earlier you can do so too for a penalty fee of 25%. As SportArbitrage has been online for 80+ days now while featured on MNO since day one, many investors have already profited from the program and many others are still enjoying profits paid to their PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, OkPay, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DashCoin, and Ethereum wallets. Overall SportArbitrage has been an example on how such programs must be run, and although I was quite skeptical about the program from the start it has outlived most of the competition. I hope it’s just the beginning for SportArbitrage and TradeBTC and hope they will both run for a long time. Here is the latest news:

SportArbitrage‘s management diary
Dear investors,
One of my favorite moments of the week has arrived again, it is time to write to all you with updates about SportArbitrage and work on developing this connection with you that I value so much. It is fascinating to realize that SportArbitrage has 41,700 registered investors from over 130 different countries and the fact that my message is being shared throughout the world gives me this a feeling of achievement, triumph, and empowerment.
This week, however, I will focus on giving you more information about how SportArbitrage is managed and hopefully, this information will bring you closer to us. Managing SportArbitrage is challenging for several reasons: a distributed team in different countries, a need for light-speed financial transactions (thank God Bitcoin exists) and an enormous list of administrative tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis.
The magic of sports arbitrage is taking advantage of different odds being offered by different bookmakers and these differences usually do not last for a long time, so we need to act very fast and have a very detailed cash flow control system to make sure we know in which bookmakers our money is and move it around quickly. This is especially hard for those starting with sports arbitrage and thankfully, today we have access to a much larger reserve that allows us to keep a constant reserve on our most important bookmakers to make sure we do not miss any arbitrage opportunities.
I started managing people about 10 years ago and through these years, I learned many lessons the hard way: by making mistakes. The most important management lesson I learned was to never let anyone in my team feel excluded and I have taken this as a mantra for my business life. My goal is always to integrate my teams and work with a global perspective in mind.
As of today, SportArbitrage has employees in the UK, in Germany, in the US, in Japan and in Brazil and managing this distributed team usually means late shifts and overnight discussions but we all share the same vision about making SportArbitrage a successful venture capable of shaping lives for the best.
In terms of updates, we are making the final decision about our moderators for our Skype and Telegram groups, so please expect some names to be published in our website in the upcoming week. We hope this helps to integrate our community with our management and gives you a better overall experience with SportArbitrage. Also, as many of you are expecting, our iOS app will also be launched next week, together with other very interesting updates.
We would also like to announce our first Global Contest that starts today at SportArbitrage. The goal of this contest is to promote SportArbitrage as a global community and we will be rewarding our top performers for the next week. The contest will give out prizes in two different categories:
1) All investors from the top 3 countries shown in the mains contest page will get an extra 10% profit share by the end of this promotion
2) Our top 5 promoters for the TOP 3 countries will receive cash prizes as follows: first place will receive $1000, second will get $500, third will get $250, fourth will get $100 and fifth will get $50.
Detailed statistics are available on this page
That means we are giving our several prizes in order to boost our international presence. The contest starts now and will run until April 28th at 5 PM GMT. For this first contest, we will be taking only signups into account, not active deposits, and we will be checking IP addresses to remove fake accounts and all prizes will be paid on April 30th directly to your SportArbitrage account balance.
We hope this contest excites you to promote SportArbitrage even more, and we will be adding different contests in the upcoming months to keep spreading the word about our venture.
As usual, thank you for your continued support and for being a part of this brave venture. Words cannot express how overjoyed I feel to see my dream business coming true with the help from all of you. It takes a lot of hard work to make this project work and as I mentioned before; I will not settle for anything less than a worldwide wealthy business and in a few years from now, we will all look back and be grateful and beholden for this choice.
Have a blessed week, Ronald Wald


You might know from previous news reports that recently the interest earned by the investors in RichmondBerks (first reviewed here) increased from 1.6% to 1.7% on new investments via PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, or AdvCash (minimum to invest $10). It was decided that investors who join RichmondBerks with BitCoin will be rewarded from now on with an even higher daily interest of 1.8% credited on business days with instant withdrawals from your account. The investment term remains unlimited with no expiry date and the possibility to request your principal paid back any time with the current approval waiting time set at 14 business days and a prohibitive 50% penalty fee. On Saturday and Sunday everyone will still accrue the fixed return on 0.7%, thus making the overall weekly interest for RichmondBerks 10.4% for BitCoin deposits and 9.9% for every other currency. Among the other news posted on the RichmondBerks website over the last couple of days is the addition of new achievement where you can earn RBB in your account to later spend in the program’s shop to further increase your potential earnings. RBB is a unique feature in RichmondBerks, just like RBD which is equivalent of USD used in other programs. There are many other fascinating features available for the RichmondBerks members, and see below for more info on the latest updates from the program which is currently occupying the #2 spot on the MNO monitor just behind SportArbitrage:

BTC interest rate increased up to 1.8% (2.8% with boosters)
Hello, everyone! It’s RichmondBerks with a new announce in addition to our Special Report (published yesterday).
As far as you remember RichmondBerks company showed a significant growth. As a result RBD interest rate was increased up to 1.7%. Permanently.
And now about Bitcoins. As it is a flexible currency with lower associated costs, the calculation mechanics is a bit different here. So the interest rate for Bitcoin deposits was increased up to 1.8%. Permanently as well. Available for any amounts.
By the way in the case you take part in current activities you can temporary rise your Bitcoin rate up to 2-2.8% per day. Check the boosters section in the shop for more information.
Check The Shop
Best regards and stay tuned for more profit!

New Achievement “Share in social networks”
Hello! Have you seen the new achievement “Share in social networks“? This is another opportunity for you to get RBB and increase your profit. Now we will tell you more about this achievement and answer the questions that interest you.
This achievement allows you to share events with your friends on Facebook and get RBB for it.
– Share how much you invested
– Share how much you have withdrawn (when withdrawing from $ 10)
– How much profit your partners brought you
– Show your friends an interesting article from our blog
For each of the above actions you will receive 50 RBB. But you can only get one reward per 24 hours. Anyway, you can share events and news with friends an unlimited number of times.
You can share the amount of your investments after each purchase of RBD or BTC. Once you shared this event with your friends, the button will disappear until the next investment.
Every time you share news or events with your friends, your progress is advancing, and the level is increasing. And you get an additional reward for every level you get!
Using this achievement every day you can significantly increase your profits. Use the received RBB to purchase promo-codes and boosters in the store.
If you still have questions, our support team will answer them.
And now… Go get those achievements!
To the Achievements!
And what new achievement would you like to see? Write about it in the comments


Important information for investors of PoolEarn! Until the end of Sunday GMT you may capitalize on the 6% instantly withdrawable deposit bonus, but only for deposits via PerfectMoney payment processor. The promotion was announced by the admin of PoolEarn in the latest newsletter where he also shared the latest stats from the program and reminded investors of the Tripler package that will bring you a sizeable interest of 5% to your account and available for instant withdrawal to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin for 60 calendar days. This new package costs $450 per unit, but offers double what you would have got by joining the cheapest Starter package costing $10 per unit to potentially earn 2.5% for 60 calendar days. More on other packages offered by PoolEarn is in the detailed review posted on MNO here. You don’t need to spend a cent in order to see how the site works by checking the Demo Wallet tab in your account or earn totally free up to $0.03 daily by surfing websites in manual mode. This is not a requirement for either Free or Paid members of PoolEarn, but rather a way to earn an extra income coming from the site’s advertisers. The latest newsletter is below:

Get 6% Instant Cashback on PerfectMoney Deposits:: Buy Tripler Pack with 300% ROI in 2 Months:: Get Rich Quick!
Dear Valued Member,
It is a nice day. We hope all our members are fine and earning their fortune. So many more features and options are coming one by one. We are really happy to serve you. We will work hard to serve you lifetime.
It’s Special BONUS Time!!! Today another small bonus has been prompted. That is 6% Instant Cash Back Bonus on deposits made via Perfect Money. Definitely it is a good bonus for our PM depositors. But for a limited time and it is until 11:59 AM GMT, 23 April 2017, Sunday. And you can withdraw this bonus instantly.
Many of you has proposed us to make a higher ROI (Rate of Interest) package with higher price. So we have done it. “TRIPLER” is launched. This pack is very promising and profitable. If one buy this pack, he/she can make 3 times of money. Please see the details about “Tripler” pack:
Package Name: Tripler
Package Price: $450
Daily Percentage: 5%
Accrual Days: 60 days
Daily Profit: $22.5
Extra Bonus: 6000 Ad Credits worth $24
Total Return: $1350 + $24 = $1374
ROI (rate of interest): 300% + Extra free adcredits worth $24
So this is a good opportunity for those investors who wants to make more money. You can now buy “Tripler” pack with any processor and earn $22.5 per pack everyday. One $450 Tripler pack will give you $1350 almost in just 2 months. For any inquiry about Tripler pack mail us at
Today’s Statistics:
Deposits Crossing $6,479,400+…………Today’s Deposit $278,300+
Withdraw Given $3846250+…………Today’s withdraw $164,500+
Total User 57,200+………..Today’s Registered User 850+
Today’s Alexa 31,033
Days Online: 58 Days
PoolEarn – Only the Best For the Rest


Unfortunately Clemenbit today has been quite a disappointment to many investors who believed the program might have a good run. It failed to last even three weeks and today the admin stopped paying to everyone except Payza. I myself was paid as usual within minutes of requesting my withdrawal to Payza, but others using different payment processors either were not paid at all, or had their requests returned to balance. I suspect that payments via Payza might continue for a while as it’s very hard for HYIP admins to cashout funds from them, but that won’t help users of other processors. In any case, Clemenbit has overall lasted for two and a half weeks which was not enough for anyone to profit, considering the program was paying from 2.1% to 3.5% daily interest. Fortunately most readers only invested using Payza, so they should be paid until funds there are depleted. In my opinion, the admin of the program either didn’t want to develop his program further, or was simply not interested. It was a well prepared program and I’m sure many people liked it, but investors quickly lost interest. Today after multiple complaints I’ve moved Clemenbit to Problem status on the MNO monitor and would urge you to stay away.


Let’s finish today’s news with the final results of last week’s opinion poll on the TalkBack page. I will also post a new question relevant to recent events I was surprised to witness in the HYIP industry recently.

The question asked was – What is your preferred timing when joining and investing in a HYIP? 59% of MNO readers said always on its first couple of days online. That can certainly be beneficial if you’re sure you can maximize your profit by joining immediately after its launch. 27% of investors like to join programs after listing on major monitors like MNO, thinking this a better strategy (however not the flawless one either), as the admin having paid high listing prices then proves of his healthy financial state and the possible intentions to make the program bigger and grow it consistently. That is not the foolproof timing for successful results from joining a HYIP, but at least it makes better sense than always joining on day one. A significantly smaller percentage of 9% of readers say they join programs after a longer period of stable payouts, and 5% preferr to join after the successful completion of one cycle. As the situation in the HYIP industry is always different what passes for a winning strategy is not always the same thing and can change from one week to the next.

Let’s now have a look at the new question for the MNO TalkBack poll, but before that allow me a couple of sentences to explain to you what made me think it’s the right time to ask you that question.

Guys, I have no idea why some blogs and monitors still display Paying status for a selectively paying scam like Aurum7 whose problem position on my monitor was explained in this article. Perhaps they were bribed by the admin of the program and perhaps threatened by him. As for MNO, I have always stood my ground and resisted to any threats HYIP admins made. After all, MNO has always been on the side of regular investors rather than HYIP admins who use every trick in the book in order to scam people. The thing is why other monitors choose to be accomplices in hiding the truth about Aurum7 and try to lead their downlines to slaughter house that would leave them with money losses is simply beyond me. Obviously, such horrible monitors and bloggers who try their best to support failing HYIPs and sacrifice the money of people who trusted them have to be stopped. It’s even more surprising for me though that some of them actually have the audacity to brand themselves as honest while failing to see the most obvious problems. Well, the only reason not to see that Aurum7 is a scam is because you are getting a share of what the admin is stealing, Many HYIP admins do believe that everything can be bought from bloggers, including their positive reviews and even Paying statuses when it’s obvious no one joining at the moment will profit. MNO however will only display an accurate status – whether it’s positive or negative it’s up to me personally to decide – and with Aurum7 I was very sceptical from the beginning that such a low-quality copycat of Zinc7 run by a totally different person could succeed in coming even close to their record. I have honestly shared my views with my readers, and when a very weird news update trying to justify the increased timeframe for processing cashouts was issued a couple of days ago, it was very clear to me what direction the program was taking. Apparently it’s still not for many other blogs and monitors that are trying to deceive their readers into thinking Aurum7 is paying. Just after writing the article on delayed withdrawals from Aurum7 on my blog and moving the program to Problem status on the MNO monitor (now it’s a confirmed scam) the admin emailed me to express his dissatisfaction on how things were handled by me. He has also reminded me that the term of 48 business hours was there right from the start and that Aurum7 was still within terms. Strangely then why many small payouts were paid ahead of schedule while larger ones are ignored and conveniently moved to the end of the queue. Well, we shouldn’t really expect much from a HYIP admin who tried to build a program on imitating others, including the same tricks they pulled to scam. Fortunately I can see this coming and the admin’s claims on restoring the status of his program on MNO were totally dismissed. Why other monitors deliberately choose to hide this is beyond my understanding. All it takes is a few dollars waved under their nose to make the truth disappear it seems. I just hope any investors who don’t read MNO will not be caught by the lies and don’t invest in Aurum7 – still paying selectively small amounts and pretending nothing is wrong. So I think it’s time to ask readers how they feel about this. The question will remain open for the next week on the MNO TalkBack page.

What would you do on discovering a scam is deliberately kept on Paying status by a blog/monitor?

1) I’d stop reading this resource once and for all, as it’s dangerous for my portfolio and I could get scammed
2) I’d check other trusted sources first before making a deposit anyway, many sites just cannot be trusted
3) I’d excuse them if obviously mistaken in trusting the HYIP admin, nothing new here

I think that covers all the options if obvious cashflow issues are swept under the rug by a monitor or blog. I also hope it’s food for thought for everyone reading this to carefully select who you trust in the HYIP industry and be aware on the possible collaboration between sites and the admins they “monitor”. I believe it’s a very relevant question at the moment when some scams are obviously given too much support by some monitors. So please take a few seconds to and vote on the MNO TalkBack page here and thanks for your participation. Results will be drawn next week.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RichmondBerksBandeiraCorp,
TradeBTCSoftMining, FatFundsBiksbit, PoolEarn, StarTradeAsiaAxisCrude.
From MNO Standard list: AdcashReyKey, BinjumpCompany (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisez.

That’s all the news for tonight. It was the last update on the MNO blog for this week, but I will be back already on Monday with the full review of ReyKey and other news from the HYIP industry. Meanwhile, you can always follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook, and subscribe to the MNO Daily News here not to miss anything important. After returning from my short spring vacation to the Algarve I feel refreshed and ready for a higher workload, so you might see me posting more frequently starting next week, especially considering I still have three more programs to review and will probably have even more opportunities to present to you next week. Do not miss anything important and always stay up to date with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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