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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend, and especially to any readers celebrating Easter this Sunday I wish you all a great holiday. The final update of the business week, and before I fly out to Portugal tomorrow for a short Easter vacation of my own, will focus on a unique and brand new addition to the MNO Premium List called PoolEarn. It’s only new to MNO by the way, the program itself started a little over six weeks ago, though as it’s been quite low key and as a longer term HYIP you can still consider it fresh. If you forget about referral commissions for a minute, PoolEarn is one of the rare programs in the HYIP industry that allows you to earn money without ever making an investment of your own. Yep, free money at no personal expense just for joining. Sounds great when you put it like that, except of course we are talking about absolutely minuscule amounts of money here. It’s only those who make a proper investment who will make any decent profits from PoolEarn, but it’s enough of a publicity stunt I think to raise awareness of the program and worth the money it’s costing the admin to get more and more people “in the door” for a look around before they go on to make bigger investments. So let’s see what PoolEarn are all about and whether they might be worth a spot in your own portfolios.

The first thing we need to be clear about here is that PoolEarn present themselves as an advertising platform. So this is where the free earning bit comes into play. After you register an account with PoolEarn you can click the Free Ads tab in your members area. You are now required to view a series of ads with a 20 second countdown timer and an anti-bot verification box. Each ad you view will then earn you one fifth of a cent, $0.002. But as the minimum to request is $0.02 it won’t take long to reach it. As this doesn’t require you making any investments from your own money you are free to request your withdrawal to any payment processor of your choice. Payments should be instant. However as with all programs with that allow free earnings, it won’t take you far. It will only allow you 2 to 3 cents per day, with the serious earnings only for those who upgrade their account with PoolEarn and make a proper investment. You should also keep in mind that while PoolEarn themselves will allow you to withdraw just $0.02 if you have it, some of the payment processors themselves have other ideas. It’s fine if you are using PerfectMoney and Payeer, but you’d need $0.10 in AdvCash and as much as $2 in BitCoin so that could make the ad viewing itself a long and awfully monotonous process for very little in return. But hey, what do you think you’re gonna get for free in the HYIP industry? I suppose if you joined enough of such programs the cents all add up into dollars in the end, and God knows there’s enough places in the world where that’s all it takes to make a difference to someone’s life.

The viewing of ads is not compulsory of course, it’s only an option that “free members” have available to make a few extra cents. Real investment plans are there if you want to make dollars however, not cents. These plans are styled as packages, with each one priced in units or a bit like buying shares. All of these packages have several things in common insofar as they all run for the same length term and make daily interest payments for investors. Where they differ is the rate itself, with as you might expect PoolEarn offering higher rates to the bigger spending players.

Plans start off with The Starter Package, with units priced at $10 each. That means you only invest in blocks of $10, so you may spend $10, $20, $30, $40, and so on like that. The term is for 60 calendar days, and during this time PoolEarn should pay you back 2.5% interest per day for the duration. The PoolEarn admin is including your principal as part of those payments and so will not be returning it in a separate payment once the term comes to an end. That means your total earnings from the plan come to 150% of your investment, which is your own money back plus 50% net profit on top.

To put that in simple monetary terms and see what a typical investment in this plan might work, let’s say you buy ten Starter Packages ($10 each) which is a $100 investment. PoolEarn start paying you back $2.50 every day after that. You eventually reach the break-even point, that is to say earn back an amount equivalent to your own initial hundred after forty days, and everything you get after that is pure net profit. You complete the term with earnings of $150, out of which $100 was yours in the first place and $50 is from PoolEarn.

If you would like to step things up a gear then PoolEarn have The Regular Package, where units will cost you $40 each. This means if you join then you must spend in multiples of $40, so if spending more than the minimum then it has to be $80, $120, $160, etc, etc. As the investment term still runs for the same term, 60 calendar days, you may well wonder what’s the difference between buying one $40 package here and four $10 packages in the previous plan. Simple. PoolEarn pay a better interest rate. The offer is 2.9% per day, so with your principal included as part of the payments that brings you a total return of 174% on your investment. This in turn is made up of your own money plus 74% net profit. You reach the break-even point 35 days into the term.

Plans continue with The Doubler Package, costing $100 per unit. So in this case you can spend $100, $200, $300, and on like that in blocks of $100 at a time. Your incentive this time is PoolEarn paying you back at a rate of 3.3% every day for the 60 calendar day duration. As already hinted by the name, the end result of an investment here is that your money is doubled. Well, almost doubled anyway, the payments add up to 198% in total. PoolEarn include your principal as part of that, so you get your own money back on breaking even after 31 days, and leave with a net profit of 98%.

For bigger investments PoolEarn have The Combo Package where units cost $170 each. So if you want to buy more than one then you are counting up in multiples of $170, like $340, $510, et cetera. The interest rate paid on these packages is calculated at 3.8% per day, and the term is still 60 calendar days. With that in mind you should expect to finish the term with 228% in total payments, PoolEarn count your principal as part of the payments, so you reach the break-even point after 27 days and finish with 128% net profit.

And finally for the biggest spending players PoolEarn have The Combo-2 Packages which cost $290 each. The interest rate paid back on these units is 4.4% each day for the 60 calendar day term. With your principal included as part of those payments you can finish with a total of 264%, made up of your own money plus 164% net profit. You reach the break-even point after 23 days.

Just to be clear about one other point here, as a PoolEarn member you always have the option to “mix and match” with the available packages. Just because your personal budget may not be an exact fit with the cost of each unit doesn’t mean you can’t have a combination of different packages in whatever arrangement you think suits you best. So you are never limited to just one plan or the other. Anyway, once you have decided if PoolEarn is suitable for you or not you will need to know what your payment options are. I already mentioned this above, but just to clarify you may join PoolEarn using PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer the more conventional third-party handlers, or BitCoin if you want to make a direct payment from your own e-currency. Withdrawal requests are instant, just need to be requested from inside your PoolEarn members account area. Once done the money should be with you in under a minute.

On the other hand if you’re not all that sure about how PoolEarn works, find it a bit confusing, or are just not sure if it’s suitable for you or not then you can play around with a so called Demo Account. In terms of appearances, mechanics, and so on it looks and works like a real account, there just isn’t any real money involved. You get 150 “virtual” dollars to invest in the packages of your choice, and combination you think you can make from that amount, and see how the process works. If you are happy enough that you can handle that, then proceed with an actual investment with real money.

To make an investment then, inside your account area you will see on the control panel “Demo Wallet” and “Real Wallet”. Click Real Wallet. Because of the nature of the plans you will then need to make a deposit into your account area. It’s only after you have done this that you decide what investment packages you like, because this now requires you moving that money sitting idle in your account balance into an active deposit with the program. I know it sounds obvious, but seriously, don’t forget to do this! You won’t start earning anything until you do. Also, do not forget to add all the payment processor account details under the Settings tab in your account with PoolEarn, otherwise the script won’t know where to send your earnings and you won’t be paid.

On the more technical side of the PoolEarn website now, hosting is on a dedicated server with the support of Hetzner Online. Not exactly a well known name in the HYIP industry, or at least not a popular one anyway, but I know they’ve hosted a few programs in the last few years so there’s some history behind them at least. For an extra layer of security PoolEarn have a superior Green Bar SSL certificate from GeoTrust to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If there are still any questions for the PoolEarn admin or you have any account related issues you need to have dealt with then the best way to get in touch is by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the contacts page. Fans of social media networks can also connect with PoolEarn on Facebook.

As for any alleged business interests, PoolEarn are registered as a company in the UK, though anyone with the most basic experience in the HYIP industry will know what that means – nothing. We are told they are involved with several online activities, not just advertising which is the obvious one but also the mining and trading of crypto-currencies and online betting. Needless to say that even if this was true and you were in a position to prove it, that still wouldn’t guarantee it has to be profitable. The only thing I can add is as always protect yourself first and foremost, and that’s with all online HYIPs. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining PoolEarn at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before we move on to the news I hope you won’t mind sharing your own thoughts about the program if you have any. Is it what you’ve been looking for do you think? Please vote in the following poll about PoolEarn which as always is 100% anonymous. I think in the weeks and months to come it will give a more interesting picture about how many people made the correct judgment call about them and its chances of success right from the start. So:

Will you make an active deposit in PoolEarn?

View Results

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I’ll start our news section today with the latest update from the above reviewed PoolEarn. The admin reports the incredible growth his program has been experiencing lately with total deposits exceeding an astronomical $4 million. That should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, especially considering the 5% instant cashback being offered on new deposits made by the end of the day GMT today. Note though that only new deposits via BitCoin qualify for this offer, so if you use PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash you get the bonus. In the latest newsletter sent by the admin of PoolEarn yesterday, some latest stats have been also shared and the details of the newest Combo-2 package which I described in the review have been highlighted as well. Please read more below for the full news:

Enjoy 5% Instant Cashback on Bitcoin deposit! Total deposit crossing $4.1 Million!
Dear Valued Member,
What a great day has passed. We welcome you all from our hearts. It is a great day where we can there are so many members are enjoying earnings with us. We are really happy to serve you all. We will work hard to serve you lifetime.
It’s BONUS Time!!! Today another small bonus has been prompted. That is 5% Instant Cash Back Bonus on deposits made via Bitcoin. Definitely it is a good bonus for BTC depositors. But for a limited time and it is until 11:59 AM GMT, 14 April 2017, Friday.
Many of you has proposed us to make a higer ROI (Rate of Interest) package with higher price. So we have done it. “Combo-2” is launched. This pack is very promising and profitable. If one buy this pack, he/she can make 2.64 times of money. Please see the details about “Combo-2” pack:
Package Price: $290.
Daily Percentage: 4.4%
Accrual Days: 60 days
Daily Profit: $12.76
Total Return: $765.6
Extra Bonus: 4000 ad credits worth $16
ROI (rate of interest): 264%
So this is a good opportunity for those investors who wants to make more money. You can now buy “Combo-2” pack with any processor and earn $12.76 everyday. One $290 Combo-2 pack will give you $765 almost in just 2 months. For any inquiry about Combo-2 pack mail us at
Today’s Statistics:
Deposits Crossing $4,119,700+…………Today’s Deposit $234,100+
Withdraw Given $1,588,850+…………Today’s withdraw $152,300+
Total User 47,800+………..Today’s Registered User 950+
Today’s Alexa 34,708
PoolEarn – Only the Best For the Rest


I guess if you believe the preliminary results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page, you can see that the most obvious sign of an upcoming scam for my readers is offering various bonuses. Not in every cases and not a surefire sign by any means, in my opinion, it nevertheless indicates a possible cashflow problem. FatFunds having been online for less than twenty days now is trying to attract new deposits already and the admin is going for the fast solution – deposit bonuses. Over the next ten days, allegedly due to the Easter celebrations, everyone making a new deposit in the program’s only 2.1% for 100 business days plan will get from 2.5% to 15% extra on top of it. I’m not sure how the new bonuses will be credited to members’ accounts and the admin has failed to explain whether they will become the part of the locked-in principal, or they will be paid to investors immediately to their PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash accounts. However, not only has he promised bonuses, but also totally unbelievable physical rewards allegedly sent to members’ home addresses and have something to do with the subject of a healthy lifestyle (as the FatFunds website is related to, for more info please read my full review of the program here). The question is why FatFunds offers some suspicious bonuses now when even the very first investors are so far from reaching the profit point, and why the admin promises to deliver prizes by mail which is obviously not going to happen from an online ponzi-game, is simply beyond my understanding. The only thing I can say about these latest newsletters from FatFunds is that they sound very suspicious, and I myself advise not to be tempted by these bonuses or prizes and wait for a couple of weeks before seeing how things progress. After that time it will be clear what all this promo campaign was all about and we will see whether FatFunds can continue paying investors as usual:

FATFUNDS wish you a happy Easter
Dear investors and guests,
FatFunds team congratulate you heartily on Easter holiday
wishing for that happy days to refrain from bad food and alcoholic beverages.
We are happy to present our time-limited holiday plans that allow you to gain
extra money ( %, bonuses ) – from 2.5 – till 15% of your deposit amount.
FatFunds deal out gifts by mail just to your home!
We advertised the holiday gifts information on our site.
Please, follow your intuition and visit us.
Sincerely yours, FatFunds.

Easter special plans – bonus to deposit and gifts!
Dear investors and guests!
FatFunds team congratulate you heartily on Easter holiday wishing for that happy days to refrain from bad food and alcoholic beverages. We are happy to present our time-limited holiday plans that allow you to gain extra money (%, bonuses) – from 2.5 – till 15% of your deposit amount.
FatFunds deal out gifts by mail just to your home!
Easter plans will be available in the period from April 13, 2017 to April 23, 2017 inclusive!
1 special plan: deposit amount from $500 to $999 >> deposit bonus + 5% + gift Original Xiaomi Mi Band 1S ( Black )
2 special plan: deposit amount from $1000 to $1499 >> deposit bonus +10% + gift A16 BLE 4.0 ( Black, White, Blue, Green or Purple )
3 special plan: deposit amount from $1500 to $3000 >> deposit bonus +15% + gift RWATCH R11 ( Rose gold, Black or Brown / Silver )
Also, to all standard deposits for the holiday period we give + 2.5% of the amount of your deposit!


For those of you who invested with the so far impeccably paying RubiLtd might have been concerned earlier today when the site was not available for a few hours. Definitely a false alarm though, as it was just a technical glitch as the admin explained, and was back online paying as usual after a very short time. I must say that I really appreciate how well the admin managed to handle his program over the first three months online during which RubiLtd has been developing steadily, but never in a way that would affect the payouts to its members. That is why I can definitely praise the program’s performance and its admin John (he was interviewed by me here) who really cares about the members, is always on top of things, and is a very responsive person overall. With such an admin it’s no wonder that RubiLtd is a roaring success, especially considering how many fast scams are around now. The currently simplified investment plans offered by RubiLtd (they were the focus of my review posted here) include 7.33% for 15 days, 4.33% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, and 2.78% for 90 days with the principal included. A $10 minimum is required to join and timely payments are made to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The recently updated design upgrade has also gone a long way towards making RubiLtd more user-friendly and less cluttered. Polished almost to perfection you might say. Most recently the latest update included the Portuguese language version that RubiLtd can be seen in now, joining English, Russian, French, German, and Chinese. This was the main subject of the following short update from RubiLtd:

Website translation in Portuguese language
Dear friends! Our company successfully developing and is attracting more and more partners from different countries. We have decided to add the Portuguese language for a more comfortable work. We always think about you.


RichmondBerks (reviewed here) which is currently fighting with SportArbitrage for the #1 spot on the MNO monitor can be rightfully recognized as one of the undeniable leaders of the HYIP industry at the moment. And although many disillusioned investors have left over the last month or so pulling many big programs into the abyss RichmondBerks has managed to escape this fate and is still growing strong. Now whether it’s down to their supremely good looking website containing so many interesting features you cannot find anywhere else, or the smart marketing oriented not only towards the online world but reaching past the usual HYIP audience I cannot say for sure. Perhaps it’s a combination of factors including good timing for the launch, gradual expansion, an experienced and passionate team behind the program responsible for its marketing and promotion. The latest reports from the seminars held in places as diverse as the Philippines, Haiti, Nigeria, and Ecuador just prove what can be achieved by an HYIP like RichmondBerks that is not afraid to act differently from the others and succeed in setting the future trends, not following them.

With RichmondBerks you have an opportunity to get paid instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney. For a $10 minimum you can earn 1.6% per business day and 0.7% over the weekends for an unlimited term, or until you request your principal back for a 50% penalty fee. Apart from RBD which stands for RichmondBerks Dollar and BTC for BitCoin investments you may also get more perks and incentives from them by collecting the so-called RBB – RichmondBerks Bonuses. There are plenty of ways to accumulate RBB in your account, the latest of which offers 50 RBB was described in one of the latest newsletters encouraging video reviews to share your experience with others. Instructions on how to do this are below, along with the latest photo reports from conferences held by RichmondBerks‘ clients all over the world and are partially responsible for its continued success:

Share your video review And get 50 RBB!
Good afternoon!
RichmondBerks presents a new functionality for the reviews section. Now since you have recorded your video review and sent it to us – you can share it in “Facebook” or “Twitter” and get 50 RBB for it!
To do this, just send us your video call and wait for the approval of the administration. After that your video call will appear in the following window:
Click on the social network you want to share the video in. Also, the link will be attached to the video, and after your friend clicks on it and becomes a partner, you receive 50 RBB.
Share your opinion about the company and earn!
P.S .: Do you know about the competition with a $ 100,000 prize fund, which is being conducted by our company? Learn more about this on our Facebook page

Report on the conference held in Philippines and Haiti
Hello! Two conferences of RichmondBerks took place on April 2. All the guests were very happy to come and receive gifts and valuable prizes. Many participants have already been clients of the RichmondBerks company and found new partners. And someone just got acquainted with the company.
The conference is your chance to get unforgettable emotions and lots of useful information. Make new friends and find like-minded people. We are waiting for you at a conference in your region! Find out where the next conference will be held here.
And now, take a look, what was at the conferences of April 2:

Nigeria and Ecuador – Report
Hello! We present to your attention photos from past conferences in Nigeria and Ecuador. A lot of conferences are waiting for you ahead! Learn more about each of them on a special page.
In the meantime, see for yourself what was happening at the conferences already held:
P.S .: Have you already used the new functionality? Learn more about this


Although not yet reviewed on MNO, Aurum7 has been nevertheless the focus of many investors who see similarities between it and some older giants of the HYIP industry. I must say that if you’re one of them then your gut-feeling is not correct, because as I discussed already the the introduction on my blog a couple of days ago, the program has nothing to do with either Zinc7 or Carbon7. Yes, the admin was clearly inspired to make Aurum7 deliberately look like them by developing a similar script, design, and almost exact replica of the investment plans offering 7% for 22 business days and 110% after 7 calendar days for deposits starting from $25 made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. That doesn’t explain why Payza is not available and why the website itself reads so badly in English which indicates the admin being different from those behind Zinc7 or Carbon7. Moreover, the recently added Russian translation of the website looks to me, being a native Russian speaker, a far superior version which says more about the admin’s origins. With this step though he clearly shows that Aurum7 is heavily aimed at the Russian speaking market, as currently the site is only available in English and Russian. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of the gradual inclusion of other versions to reach bigger audiences, so we will see if that happens soon. Also, yesterday Aurum7 announced the launch of its own Telegram news channel and chat, sharing the links to them so anyone interested can participate. You can find all that below and don’t miss the upcoming review of Aurum7 on MNO next week for more information:

We are at the stage of creation of our services. That is why, we would like to announce our new possibilities of customer support, implemented due to the addition of Telegram online chat and channel.
Chat room –
News channel –
Now at any time you can get customer support as well as communicate online day and night with using the above mentioned system updates.
This is only one of our improvements awaiting you in the nearest future. Use new possibilities for increasing of cooperation effectiveness.
Sincerely, Aurum7 Team

We are glad to tell you that due to the increased interest concerning our investment program from Russian-speaking investors, we made a decision of updating the content of the official site of program.
In particular, all content of the site was translated into Russian for more informative and suitable cooperation with investors who speak Russian.
Our company’s goal is to broaden the language localizations of the official site of program depending on attendance and interest displayed to our program concerning particular groups of users one or another foreign language.
Follow our announcements and updatings.
Respectfully, Aurum7 team.


As I myself reside in the UK it was of great interest to read the latest Payza news blog article focusing on the British market and especially at this crucial time just befor and after Brexit. As Payza is serving online communities, the main subject of the article was obviously e-commerce which is considered to be the largest in Europe and its recent trends in relation to the temporary negative effects of Brexit on the economy and consumer confidence. You can read the article below, if interested, but I just remind you that by opening a verified account with Payza (that is currently accepted by Biksbit, Clemenbit, and BandeiraCorp on the MNO monitor) you will be able to buy and sell your Bitcoin funds and also use direct bank transfers, credit card transactions and even purchase Payza‘s own branded pre-paid debit card. Note that only the most experienced admins can work with this demanding company which demands a know-your-customer policy, especially when it comes to approving risky online businesses like HYIPs:

Country Spotlight: Brexit’s Impact on Cross-Border E-Commerce in the UK
Europe’s largest e-commerce market, the UK is a major power in the global digital economy. 82% of Britain’s internet users regularly make e-commerce purchases, a larger proportion than any other country in the European Union. The UK e-commerce market grew by 16% in 2016 to reaching £133 billion, generating over 14% of the country’s total retail sales.
Cross-border e-commerce is very mature in the UK: one out of every five domestic online merchants also sell to foreign markets while more than half of Britain’s online shoppers have bought from international retailers. With this in mind, Brexit could have a major effect on the country’s role as one of the world’s cross-border e-commerce superpowers.
Membership in the EU has been fundamental to the development of international trade and the implications of Britain’s secession from the Union are hard to predict at this early stage.
Though a weak British Pound and a probable increase in tariffs and taxes for goods entering and leaving the country are likely to have a negative impact on cross-border e-commerce, the UK is unlikely to fall from its position as Europe’s most developed digital economy. While it is important for retailers to keep a watchful eye on the Brexit withdrawal process, expected to last the next two years, the UK remains a strong market for cross-border investment.
Unless otherwise noted, figures in this article are sourced from:
British Consumers
– Population: 63.7 million
– Internet penetration: 82%
– Mobile penetration: 130% (This indicates more than one wireless broadband subscription per person. – Mobile devices include both cellular phones and tablets)
– Online shoppers: 46.8 million
– E-commerce sales: £133 billion (166 billion USD)
– E-commerce annual growth rate: 16%
Consumers in the UK are among the biggest e-commerce spenders in the world, with an average annual spend of £3,082 (3,846 USD) per shopper, far higher than their European counterparts. British consumers are rapidly embracing m-commerce, with mobile sales showing 56% growth in 2015 compared to personal computer sales growing by only 7%. BI Intelligence predicts that by 2020, mobile sales will account for 45% of all e-commerce sales in the UK.
There is no reliance on domestic payment tools among UK consumers, so payment method preferences create no barriers for international sellers. Credit cards account for 40% of all online transactions, followed by debit cards (35%) and e-wallets (21%). However, as the UK will no longer have to comply with EU Consumer Law, there may be a need for new legislation which could have a negative (albeit temporary) effect on consumer confidence in e-commerce.
Fashion and Sporting Goods are among the most popular product categories in the UK, while the fastest growing categories in 2016 were Accessories (38%), Lingerie (33%) and Gifts (26%).
The most commonly searched product category is Homewares, accounting for one quarter of all online product searches. The most popular search term is ‘washing machine’, with ‘toasters’ and ‘table lamps’ also in the top ten.
The UK is also the western world’s largest market for online alcohol sales. 21% of British consumers have purchased beer, wine or spirits online, easily beating out the global average of 8%.
Drivers and Barriers
Driver: Market Maturity
Consumers in the UK are highly comfortable with shopping online from both domestic and international retailers and are predisposed to using internationally accepted payment methods like credit cards and e-wallets. Retailers who can offer a good product at a good price will find UK consumers ready and willing to make online purchases.
Barrier: Brexit
Though the implications remain hard to define, Brexit has already had many side-effects on e-commerce within the UK, some temporary and some less so. The uncertainty surrounding the UK’s secession from the EU has caused the British Pound to drop in value, which in turn has affected the profits of international merchants selling in the UK, and has caused consumer confidence to waver.
Driver: M-Commerce
Smartphone shopping is becoming the norm in the UK. 54% of all mobile purchases in December 2016 were made on smartphones, with most consumers shopping in their mobile browser rather than in apps. This means that m-commerce in the UK is not as dominated by large app-driven retailers such as Amazon. That’s good news for smaller merchants who may not be ready to invest heavily in a flashy m-commerce app but still want to take advantage of this market.
Barrier: Incumbents
With mature consumers comes mature e-commerce merchants as well. As the third largest e-commerce market in the world, entering the online retail space in the UK is not like catching a rising star. The market is full of savvy established retailers. Cross-border merchants need to have a clear competitive advantage or niche appeal to compete in this market.
UK E-Commerce Facts
– Largest e-commerce market in Europe.
– Third-largest e-commerce market in the world (after U.S. and China).
– Among the biggest e-commerce exporters worldwide.
– The most popular destination for cross-border online shopping among European consumers.
– British consumers spend an average of £3,082 (3,846 USD) online per year.
– The most popular payment methods are credit cards (40%), debit cards (35%) and e-wallets (21%).
– Popular e-commerce categories include Fashion, Sporting Goods, Homewares and Alcoholic Beverages.
– Brexit withdrawal process expected to be completed in April 2019.
Despite the uncertainly and anxiety caused by Brexit (and the very real economic effects already being felt), the UK is and will remain one of the most mature and most lucrative e-commerce markets in the world, with British online shoppers spending well above the global average per year. Merchants with a well-developed product and a clear differentiating factor, be it quality, price, innovation, or niche appeal, should have no trouble finding a market among consumers in the UK.
Expanding into a new international market is a risky venture but a very rewarding one if done right. For the latest information about how you can build and maintain a strong e-commerce enterprise and keep it compatible with legislation and buying habits at home and abroad, subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest industry news.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: SportArbitrageRichmondBerksBandeiraCorp, TradeBTC,
RubiLtd, SoftMiningFatFunds, Biksbit, PoolEarn.
From MNO Standard list: Clemenbit, Aurum7 (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: InventGlobal, DreamParadise.

That’s all for today, guys. Hope you enjoy reading MNO regularly, and if so then why not subscribe to get daily news delivered directly to your email address here or why not follow MNO of Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter? I’m pretty sure that some new and exciting programs will start quite soon, and of course, the first stop the most experienced admins make is to list them on MNO. Listing prices for the highest Premium List is $1,800 are simply too high for the majority of fast scams so readers will certainly benefit by only finding the best and most elite programs in the whole industry. Over the next few days you can expect full reviews of Clemenbit and Aurum7. Most likely starting with Clemenbit on Sunday night, with Aurum7 to follow on Tuesday. Any important news stories will also be included. Enjoy the holidays and in the meantime if anything big happens I’ll let you know immediately on the MNO ShoutBox. See you soon everyone!

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  • 20/04/2017. AxisCrude Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry : Hello everyone! I hope the week has been going well for you so far, and especially if you are on the lookout for some new opportunities, I have two new additions to the MNO monitor I will introduce shortly in tonight's news section. Keep reading for more info on those (or just look at my monitor to ...
  • 18/04/2017. Aurum7 Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry : Beware! Aurum7 has stopped paying! Do not invest there! Hi everyone! I guess most of you who were celebrating the holiday weekend for Easter are back to the getting back to work now, whatever you happen to be up to. Business as usual on MNO too as I start the business week (even if it is Tuesday)...
  • 16/04/2017. Clemenbit Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry : Beware! Clemenbit has stopped paying! Do not invest there! Hello everyone, and Happy Easter! I hope the weekend has been going well so far for you all, and especially for anyone celebrating Easter I hope the holidays have been good. I myself have taken the opportunity for a short spring vacation ...
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