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StartUp Listing is a category of monitoring on MNO kept separate from the main monitoring page. It is specially dedicated to so-called “sleeper” and other low budget programs who have live online websites but are not yet ready to start a proper advertising and promotional campaign. Programs might have a basic or minimal design and no advertising campaign. The final decision of what gets added to the StartUp list remains with MNO.

Simply fill out the form HERE, submit it, and if your program meets the description I will create my account in your program and contact you at the provided email address with details. Your program will then be added within 24 hours of the bonus deposit being made. I will contact you in advance to inform you if your program has been approved before you make the bonus deposit.

There are no monitoring fees such as those associated with the main MNO monitor. The MNO account in your program only needs to be credited with a $200 bonus for monitoring purposes. The full amount will be re-invested for how ever long your program remains on The StartUp list, and only interest payments will be withdrawn.

You get to establish a traceable and historic payments record from the first day your program gets included. So if your program operates as a “sleeper” for six months, you will have an online history for the entire duration before you are ready to upgrade. It will also make your eventual upgrade to the MNO monitor more affordable, as the $200 bonus can then be used as partial payment. Investors may have a greater awareness of your program before you are ready to start promoting it, as they will be expecting it and see it as a potential “next big thing”.

Your program can either be removed from MNO completely or else upgraded to your choice of Basic, Standard, or Premium Listing. If upgrading then the $200 bonus will be used as a discount against the full listing fee.

A regular program coming to the MNO monitor for the first time is charged a one time listing fee, plus the deposit. A Basic listed program for example has to pay $800, made up of a $400 monitoring fee and a $400 deposit. If upgrading from StartUp to Basic therefore the price would only be $600, as the previous $200 bonus would be taken into consideration. Likewise for Standard and Premium listings which cost $1,400 and $2,000 respectively. The original $200 is still held as a deposit in my account with your program, so this amount is removed from the total fee you would have had to pay for monitoring.

Yes, but only if you no longer meet the criteria. If your program comes out of “sleeper mode” and starts advertising, has a design upgrade, join higher profile monitors that require cash fees instead of account bonuses, etc, then it's no longer deemed suitable for this category. In this event you will be informed in advance, and then given 72 hours to either upgrade to the regular MNO monitor (under any other category of your choice) or else be removed completely.

Then contact me HERE or chat on Telegram @mnoblog.


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