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09/11/2017. Octoin Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Octoin has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! As we continue into the business week and work our way through the latest additions to the MNO monitor I have another new name added to the Premium List just today. I’ll be introducing that in the news section in the second half of today’s update, but first it’s the turn of perhaps one of the more unusual and unique HYIPs to come along in a while now. It’s a medium to long term project called Octoin, which apart from being an online HYIP (the reason we are most interested in it) claims also to offer services like its own e-currency, P2P exchange service, crypto-currency trading and mining, and so on. Overall it’s a complicated program though, not helped perhaps by an overload of superfluous information and graphics, but I’ll do my best to explain it as well as possible in simple terms for this review. So let’s see what Octoin is all about and whether you think it’s a suitable addition to your portfolios.

There’s actually a couple of ways to earn money from Octoin other than collecting interest on your deposit. I’ll get to that later in the review, but to begin I think it’s more important to concentrate on the investment plans and make sure you understand those first. You can join Octoin for a $10 minimum investment. Essentially there’s really just one plan if I’m to keep this as simple as possible for you, but the thing is you may sign up for a term length of your own choosing. You can pick a term that runs for 30, 60, 90, 120, or 150 calendar days, or approximately one to five months. Octoin will make variable low ROI payments on your principal every calendar day for the duration of your chosen term. At the end of the term, your principal is then returned.

OK, so far so good. The most unpredictable factor now is the interest rate itself. It’s variable, therefore we can’t say for sure exactly what net profit you will complete your term with. No matter what term length you decide to sign up for the rates tend to float around the region of 1%, however the longer term investments are given a marginally better rate on the day. The difference could be very slight, sometimes maybe 0.02% on one day, maybe a little more on another, but it’s over the course of a 30 day investment or a 150 day investment where these tiny percentages all add up to make a more significant difference to your final return.

To be honest I can’t really elaborate on the plans any further than that. Anything can happen, and probably will! While your exact final profit remains unpredictable, to Octoin‘s credit they do at least allow you to see what the accruals have been over the course of the last 30 days in each term plan. By no means a guarantee of what the next 30 days will bring of course, given that there’s such a narrow fluctuation in day-to-day interest rates it’s probably a close enough guess. That’s where the real gamble comes into play with Octoin I suppose. But what if you prefer your chances of making money from a longer term investment but don’t want to make a firm commitment to it either? You know, hedge your bets as they say. Well, Octoin have some interesting options in there for you too. To maximize your daily interest rate you need to commit right from day one to the full term of your choice, be it 30 days or 150 days or anything in between. If you think you might like the option of an early principal withdrawal however then fine, you can have it. You just need to specify this on day one when making your deposit. You will see a box marked “early closure of the portfolio”. By clicking this you give yourself the option of leaving before the term is up. However this option comes at a price, because Octoin will pay you a reduced interest rate compared to what the more committed investors are getting. There’s also a box marked “rate insurance”. I can’t say I see much to recommend this at all. From what I can make out you can get a somewhat more consistent return in the sense that there’s less of a fluctuation in the interest rate from one day to another, but it’s still no more predictable and Octoin still reduce your interest rate compared to what investors declining the option are being paid.

Now that we know what the plans are, I want to say a few words about the actual mechanics of how to make an active deposit. On the right hand side of the page you will see a little green wallet symbol. Pay close attention to this because you will also need it for withdrawals later on. Click on this. You will need to enter your carious payment processor account details under the heading “Add Wallet”. Then under each listed account you see the buttons “Replenish” and “Withdraw”. This could be worded better in my opinion, because in this case replenish is used to mean “Fund”. Anyway, click the replenish button under the payment method you wish to use, enter the amount, and you will be redirected from there.

If you’ve decided which plan is most suited to your own needs then let’s see the payment options Octoin are working with. It’s definitely a sign of the times that Octoin are a lot more focused in investments with digital e-currencies than the more conventional dollar based third party handlers. Though you can still use them, in the form of PerfectMoney and AdvCash. For the ever growing legion of HYIP players who prefer taking a more direct route then Octoin are also taking BitCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Zcash. Just be aware, withdrawal requests are handled manually by the admin and need to be requested from inside your Octoin members account area. Once done you will then be required to allow as much as a further 72 hours for your transaction to be processed. Smaller investors please take note that Octoin have a minimum withdrawal policy of $1, so make sure you are owed at least that amount before trying to withdraw. Octoin also have some withdrawal fees in place. They apply differently to everything and can vary according to what you are dealing with, so it’s best to consult your members account area to see how or if this affects you. Generally speaking though these are quite low, usually around 1% , though as I said check your members area.

So how exactly do you make a withdrawal? Well, first of all you need to move money from your balance back to your wallet, sort of in the reverse manner to which you made your deposit. To do this, click the “Trading” tab on the left side of the page in your members account area, and then scroll down to the bottom. You will see the amount you are owed, and just below it a button marked “Withdraw”. This as I said does not actually withdraw, it just sends your payment back to your wallet. To continue with the real withdrawal you should next click the green wallet symbol on the right hand side of the page. Clicking this will open the list of payment account numbers you have registered with Octoin. Click the one you need to use, this gives you a choice between “Replenish” (fund) and “Withdraw” that you saw when making your deposit. Obviously this time you are taking the Withdraw option. You will then be prompted to re-enter your Octoin password to confirm your request, which is then paid manually within 72 hours.

I mentioned at the start of the review that Octoin have a couple of other earning opportunities apart from interest payments on your deposits? They also try to fashion their own internal e-currency called the OctoinCoin with a fixed exchange rate of 1:1 to the US Dollar. So how does one go about earning, buying, and selling these OctoinCoins? Well, first of all a certain number might be awarded to you free of charge. There’s a sort of membership ranking system in place with Octoin you see, with senior members, that is members with bigger investments, bigger downlines, etc rewarded with higher statuses. The higher your status, the more OctoinCoins you are awarded. You then have a P2P (peer-to-peer) internal exchange market interface where members of any rank can buy and sell OctoinCoins from each other. You simply click the “P2P Exchange” button. You then “create an order” to either sell your OctoinCoins for a specified currency of your asking (Dollars or a digital e-currency) or buy OctoinCoins from one of the listed members currently in the market looking to sell.

I don’t know that the OctoinCoin by itself is of any real value, but what you have here is a cheap platform for members to exchange dollars and e-currencies between each other as they need it, simply using Octoin as a medium for doing so. Who knows, it might turn out to be a popular service if the program gets popular, and it’s a nice way of rewarding members who make more of an effort even if it does still require some effort on your part.

The other way to generate money from Octoin, and indeed to make a handy re-investment of any OctoinCoins you have purchased or have been awarded as a bonus, is to get involved with e-currency mining. Octoin facilitate the mining of Ethereum and Zcash in what’s sort of like a leasing service. Again in your members area you click the “Mining” tab on the left side of the page. This then allows you to earn for periods of 30, 60, 90, or 200 calendar days. Now, I hope you appreciate that it gets a little tricky to explain from this point on. Reason being that exchange rates and returns on mining do change from one day to the next, and will continue doing so throughout the time you decide you are going to mine for. But at the time of writing it looks something like this. The cost of mining Ethereum is more expensive than mining Zcash, but the return is much better for a comparatively smaller financial risk. At the moment approximately every $12 (the price of one mining block) spent mining Ethereum sees Octoin return around $0.46 per day. The price of mining Zcash is around $9 per block, but only gets you back about $0.25 per day.

I’m using current exchange rates for both Ethereum and Zcash to give you figures in Dollars there by the way. If you decide that instead of spending dollars (or any other e-currency) to purchase mining blocks and want to use your acquired OctoinCoins instead, then Octoin will give you a 3% discount on the cost of each mining block. Now, you can question the authenticity of this so-called mining all you like, the fact is that you can acquire OctoinCoins free of charge as a bonus in your members area, and if this is a method to turn it into hard currency cash then I for one have no complaints!

Looking at some of the more technical aspects of the Octoin website now, in some ways its strongest feature can also be its weakest. I’m talking here about the design and script, which if you’ve spent any amount of time looking at Octoin can see that visually it’s almost a masterpiece. It’s a fantastic set-up, make no mistake, and probably took a lot of work and no small start-up budget either. Unfortunately it’s a little bit, shall we say, “busy” by which I mean there’s so much going on in Octoin that it does nothing to help navigation or to make your experience and understanding of the site any more user friendly. It sometimes happens that in their efforts to make a program look unique or interesting admins sometimes overlook the often more important quality of simplicity, which seems to have happened here. The Octoin website is hosted on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by CloudFlare who are a fairly well know service provider and a respected name in the world of mainstream online business. For an extra layer of protection Octoin is fully SSL-secured by a superior Green Bar Extended Validation encryption certificate from Comodo to provide safer browsing and more secure transactions.

Moving on to what your communication options are if you have any further questions for the Octoin admin or any account related issues, the site is as good as anything you’ll see in the industry at the moment and is clearly taken seriously. To start with Octoin is available in no less than twelve different languages, so that’s going to really open it up to international traffic. Aside from the default English version you can click on the flag button on the top right of the page to switch between Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, German, Indonesian, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean if you happen to be more fluent in any of those. There’s nothing to indicate that support is multilingual however. If you need to get in touch directly you can fill in your details on the online e-mail support form and submit it through the Octoin support page. There’s a Live Chat feature integrated into the Octoin website who have so far, to me personally anyway, proven themselves to be hugely helpful and efficient. Fans of social networking sites will be able to find Octoin on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram (though I’m not exactly sure how that one is supposed to be useful for investors). Perhaps most impressive is the optional integration of a Telegram Bot. Not just as a regular chat service but a full Telegram Bot where you can manage everything in your Octoin account by using the Telegram interface.

Quite a lot to take in there I think you’ll agree, and even at that I can’t help but feel that’s only half of what I could say about Octoin, it really is that deep and complex! The trick here for you though is not to let the bells and whistles turn your head, i.e. never let the elaborate design and organization of Octoin distract you from the fundamental basic fact that it is still just an online HYIP. Granted it’s a painstakingly and beautifully crafted HYIP, but still a HYIP nonetheless. The official line from the Octoin administration team is that the business activities supporting payments to the members is the fairly extensive network of crypto-currency trading and mining. Nothing we haven’t heard before, but rarely have we seen a program do such an excellent job of separating themselves (in appearances at least) from the wider HYIP industry. That doesn’t change the most important fundamental rules of the game though – always put your own finances first at all times. Treat Octoin as you would anything else in the HYIP industry and stay, as always, within a sensible spending limit you can comfortably earn back from other income sources. And of course also remember that Octoin would be better kept as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what does everyone else think? Is this exactly what the industry has been waiting for or is the concept simply still too far ahead of its time just yet? If you have given any thought to Octoin and whether or not you would like to join it or not then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final as such, but will give an interesting picture of what investors do and don’t like about HYIPs and also tell admins what standards you expect from a program before you hand over your money. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in Octoin?

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I’ll start by introducing a brand new program called Ellir that joined the Premium List on MNO earlier today. It’s been online for a week has completed its first shortest investment cycle so the first investors are in profit. Ellir has four investment plans on offer ranging from short to medium term with two categories of principal return. The first category includes plans with the principal already included in the daily payments – 16% for 7 days (12% net profit) and 9.3% for 14 days (30.2% net profit). By joining two other plans you will get your principal back as a separate payment on expiry with daily accrued income – 2.67% for 15 days (40.05% profit) and 3.34% for 30 days (100.2% profit). The investment minimum is different depending on the plan, but Ellir will accept investments starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin. Take note that as Ellir runs off a totally-custom made script you need to click the Replenish tab in your account to invest, and after your funds are added to the available balance you can then proceed with the Deposits option. Withdrawals are usually processed instantly on request, so make sure that you’ve added your e-currency accounts in Settings – Payment Systems inside of your members area. As I’ve already tested the script I can confirm that payments from Ellir are instant indeed, so the program has been moved to Paying Status on the MNO monitor with a full review coming next week, so stay tuned for that if you wish to find out more.

I’ll just briefly mention some of the features in Ellir you might find useful. First off, there are three languages there, English, Russian and German. There is a short video presentation of Ellir which has been also embedded on the MNOVision page for your convenience. The domain is registered for three years in advance, Ellir is hosted on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by DDoSGuard, and SSL secured by Comodo. Ellir also features a UK certificate of incorporation, offers Live Chat, and numerous accounts on social networks and major investment forums. Some improvements made over the first week online are featured included below:

We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of the company Ellir Ltd.
Today we have launched our own unique platform for online investment. We hope to see you in our team. Complete a simple registration and become an active member today!

Dear participants!
The site has successfully added the video feedback option. From now on you can add your video feedback or a review using the link: First 3 participants added their videos will gain VIP status and bonus amounting to $10.
Further, for interesting video feedback or reviews (at discretion of the administration) you will get pleasant remunerations. Together, we can reach the highest tops.
Best regards, administration.

With the purposes of safety, you have a free payment confirmation function in your account with provision of the code sent to your phone.
For activation thereof, you have to specify your Phone #1 (SMS) in the settings and to turn oj the function inn the “Security” section.
The website is constantly under updating maintenance, raising effectiveness and perfecting safety measures.
Best regards, administration.

Dear participants!
The accrual of interest of deposits is carried out at 12:00 of the server time simultaneously to all on the next day after opening.
In the “Deposits” section you have to add to the Balance. From the Balance, you can withdraw your money to your electronic wallets.
Invest and earn with us!

Dear participants!
We have solved the problem where some users were unable to access the site. Our site received a new secure IP-address that provides stable operation for each user.
Now anyone can join our team and start making money with us!
Best regards, administration.


The ship called LaserOnline seems to be totally unsinkable at the moment with a slew of issues many investors experienced on Monday totally fixed now. Do not even ask me how LaserOnline (reviewed here) managed to run for over four months defying all predictions and rumours of its demise – as I simply have no idea! I guess the main secret behind its long run paying 12% for 12 business days is the enormous level of trust and support from the current members who not only keep pumping new funds into LaserOnline thus keeping it afloat, but also encouraging others to try it out and earn up to 44% profit in just two and a half weeks. The ability to easily reinvest inside of the account with LaserOnline and get potentially even higher earnings on PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Payza, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash as well as using a built-in internal exchanger to convert balances into the currency you need most also helps keep things moving. I’m not even talking about many other features you see inside your LaserOnline account other programs can only dream of having and you can see exactly why so many thousands of investors around the world have chosen it. And I can say that since the official launch of the program and its listing on MNO literally hundreds of my readers have managed to profit with it too, and I still see how tremendously supportive many of them are and how much they invest and reinvest. So, at this point it’s very hard for me to predict as to where it’s all going and for how much longer LaserOnline has the energy to keep the wheels turning. Of course, it’s a blessing that it’s still going at all and fingers crossed it will go on for even longer, as LaserOnline is definitely the best program of 2017 in the HYIP industry.

In the latest news bulletins issued on LaserOnline‘s official Facebook page the admin very skillfully plays on future expectations and makes sure people know they are working hard on something truly stunning for the near future. Surely, such stats as 200,000 members investing over 100,000,000 dollars in an online HYIP, i.e. ponzi-game, how ever well it’s organized, should be taken with a pinch of salt to say the least. All these obvious exaggerations are what oils LaserOnline‘s engines through hopefully another investment cycle. Here’s the latest news from the program which is by far the #1 on MNO in popularity among readers and far ahead of the competition:

As you might have noticed already we are getting very close to our first significant milestone of $100,000,000 deposited. Let’s go back in time at October 10 and watch our very first snap plan where this goal is yet to be achieved:
We have to apologize. Yes, we made a mistake. We miscalculated it for over 2 months and just within 30 days we were able to grow so fast that right now we have to think even bigger.
From this moment we play it big.
With $500M total investments goal by the end of this year. Sounds like a plan?
You all might be very curious about when do we announce a laser token?
Do we even work on it?
Is it a token or coin or a bottle cap?
Does it have anything to do with ICO?
Well, now we can say only one thing…
Don’t believe anybody who claim or pretend to be something they’re not. The only true source of this amazing update you will find at LaserOnline Platform’s channels. And boy hold tight… It’s something you have never seen before.
Remember – it had to be done properly in a first place. And yes we are working on this project as we speak.
Same as we told you back in October 10 about our milestone… you just have to wait and see.
Get started with LaserOnline today!
Subscribe to LASER DATABASE Today! Get important platform’s updates & articles all together!
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at:

This is a perfect sign of the unstoppable power at LaserOnline Community.
With over $26M profit paid back to its users – LaserOnline is one of the most profitable investment platform of its kind and possibly in all online investment market history book.
We are getting very close to 200,000 users in our family and this is only a question of time when we hit our first million, and who knows….may be even a couple of millions Bitcoins invested.
Yes, with such a power comes true responsibility.
We provide a maximum level of transparency to our clients as humanly possible as our business can allow us, and despite that we still have a big room for improvement. We do believe that our ultimate money making machine will change the rules of the game once and for all.
And as always… Stay tuned for more amazing updates. We always have something to show.
Get started with LaserOnline today!
Subscribe to LASER DATABASE Today! Get important platform’s updates & articles all together!
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at:


Bitcy has recently taken the second position on the MNO Premium List, just behind LaserOnline. Although they have a huge difference in earnings between them it’s perhaps due to the relatively freshness of Bitcy compared to its gigantic competitor. Bitcy only started at the end of September and was added to MNO on October, 15. Now with twenty-five days of monitoring the program has become an established performer already with many investors profiting on the shorter-term investment plans of 2.3% for 15 days, or 2.6% for 25 days with principal back on expiry or even from the 155% after 15 business days plan. The other more expensive and longer-term plans offered by Bitcy (reviewed here) which include the hourly paying 0.13% for 1440 hours with principal back on expiry and the more unreasonably priced 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, and 7000% after 100 business days are best avoided for your own safety, but nevertheless may find some takers considering the program’s growing popularity. As Bitcy only accepts BitCoin it’s logical that all the developments around it are the focus of its attention. So the latest widely discussed but already canceled SegWit2x was not the exception as it was mentioned in one of the latest Facebook posts from Bitcy where the admin remains quite active. As for the program itself, among the latest developments there was a newly launched Telegram chat and a new competition to guess the price of BitCoin for next Wednesday. The full rules of the contest where the most accurate prediction wins a prize of 0.05 BTC, so best of luck with that, guys:

New competition – predict the price of Bitcoin!
Bitcy Limited announces a new competition and gives you a chance to try on the role of analysts. Try to guess what the price of Bitcoin will be next Wednesday and get 0.05 BTC for the most accurate prediction. Every subscriber of our community can take part in the competition.
Try to guess what the price of Bitcoin will be on November 15th, 2017 and win 0.05 BTC in three steps!
Till 12:00 GMT on November 14th, 2017 perform the following actions:
1. Write your prediction about the price of Bitcoin on November 15th, 2017 in the comments to this post.
2. Share this post on your page.
3. Fill in the form and mention your login and prediction following this link:
The applications accepted will be listed here: The winner will be the participant who mentioned the figure closest to BTC / USD rate as it will be on Wednesday at 12:00 GMT sharp (at noon) according to the site: All comments made from the start of the competition till 11:59 GMT on November 14th 2017 take part in the contest. Test your intuition and get a nice bonus!
Please bear in mind that one user can participate in this competition only once.
Bitcy Limited wishes you good luck and easy money!

There will be no “Bitcoin 2x” – invest BTC!
According to the results of the survey about SegWit2x, 84% of users voted for the original Bitcoin Core chain. Thus, the previously planned division will not take place. This news has caused questions from many digital currency holders who wanted to get Bitcoin 2x.
If you invested in Bitcoin at the time when the price was growing in the hope to get additional income then you should not change your plans. Invest the digital currency in the Bitcy platform and the amount of your Bitcoins will increase regardless of the rate. Choose the most appropriate plan and make the most of your savings.
Bitcy Limited is beyond your wildest expectations!

Bitcy’s Telegram chat created – we are getting even closer!
To bring our work to a completely new level we have created a general chat in one of the most convenient and popular instant messengers – Telegram. Communicate in real time with other investors, share experience and be among the first to learn the latest news.
We want you to take an even more active part in the company’s activities. Discuss any questions, express your opinion and wishes – we are sure to take these into account! Join our chat:
Unite with like-minded people, exchange important information and find friends!


TerminalSkyNet (reviewed here) has been monitored on MNO for over two weeks now, but the first investors are still not in profit on either of the three investment plans on offer – 3% per business day forever, 25% for 6 weeks, 3.5% for 60 days. Over this period of time I got quite a few complaints from my referrals about deposits not being credited to their accounts if made via BitCoin, but to the admin’s credit it’s been solved very promptly as we are on a direct connection via Telegram chat. The fast reaction to these issues makes me believe that TerminalSkyNet will see the day when its first investors will profit from instantly processed payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Dash wallets. With the minimum to invest starting from $20 and a quite remarkably made website with the possibility to activate the program’s own Telegram bot TerminalSkyNet seems an appealing newcomer. Among the latest developments made over the program’s first weeks online were some minor improvements, but at least we know that the admin is working to make the site better for everyone which will hopefully pay off in the future:

A number of important updates in the system TerminalSkyNet
– Implemented new partner program 9 levels with generous bonuses, gifts and cash awards;
– Conducted negotiations with merchant service transactions cryptocurrencies. Now all of a fee for depositing and withdrawal of funds cancelled;
– Carried out work on the optimization and adaptation system for mobile devices. The system now works on mobile devices and tablets.


Among the latest improvements reported by the admin of TradexTop in the recent updates were the addition of a detailed stats page plus the translation of the website into a new language – Italian:

Online dynamics of TradexTop work
Dear Friends, Investment statistics of TradexTop has become even more transparent and informative. Now you can monitor and analyze the dynamics of our work online in more details here:

Website version in Italian language
Dear Friends, our website now supports Italian. It is now even more convenient to invest and earn with TradexTop for Italian-speaking Users.

TradexTop (reviewed here) has been performing well having been monitored on MNO for nineteen days now. That was more than enough time to profit from its shorter investment term plans multiple times. TradexTop has plans for literally every taste including those with daily payouts and principal back on expiry – 2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days, 3.8% for 28 days, 4.6% for 35 days, 5.5% for 42 days – and those with once-off payment on expiry only – 150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days, 240% after 25 days, 300% after 30 days. With the investment minimums starting from only $10 and instant payouts TradexTop is a popular choice, and the future looks bright. By the way, TradexTop is also popular for its wide variety of payment methods, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Dash, Zcash, and BitcoinCash.


The admin of CryptoSolution seems to be very active when it comes to changing the structure of investment plans, something I’m not convinced is going to be good. Anyway, I will edit the original review of CryptoSolution that was posted on the MNO blog just a couple of days ago (click here to read it) with the newly added hourly paying plan announced today on the program’s Twitter account of which the admin also notified me via email. The new plan is called The Hourly Bot and is open to investments starting from a 0.01 BTC minimum while offering a total return of 126% paid over a duration of 28 days (that is actually 4.5% daily). Unlike the other investment plans and as you can see from the plan’s name the interest will be accrued hourly, so you get paid 0.1875% for 672 hours which would be a more accurate description, unlike the one given in the CryptoSolution‘s member’s area. Just like the other three original plans covered in the review – 4%-5% for 30 days, and 27% for 5 weeks – the new plan will accept BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, Lisk, Dash, Monero, Ripple, BitConnect, Zcash, and DogeCoin. Withdrawals from CryptoSolution have to be requested from the account and paid manually by the admin within 24 hours.


I must say that over the last few weeks I was very skeptical about the future of Biostry, and it was clear that its admin didn’t really know what he was doing. The constant change of investment offers usually show the real reason behind the erratic behaviour – cashflow issues. In the case of Biostry, the admin managed to extend his program’s lifetime by introducing a 5 business day investment plan from which some members even got minuscule profits from (that is taking into consideration the 3% withdrawal fee). Then a more alarming sign followed two days ago with MNO being among the very few people to expose this as a huge red flag and warned people about the inevitable collapse of Biostry which followed soon after. Really, by introducing two plans with over a $2K investment minimum for both the admin tried his best to collect money from larger investors and I believe he succeeded. Over eight weeks online Biostry has been paying instantly on the 2.8% per business day “forever” initial plan which was barely enough for the very first investors to scrape into the profit zone, or approach the break-even point. Of course, this result in no way can be defined as satisfactory, but with the recent referral contest with big prizes, a 5% bonus on all new deposits, and finally the two new suspicious investment offers for larger investors even a dog could see the end for Biostry was near. Fortunately, the program was not popular among MNO readers, so hopefully not many people suffered losses here, thanks to my warning. Withdrawals are completely disabled and the admin doesn’t respond to emails. The conclusion – Biostry is a 100% scam and no further deposits are recommended! Stay away!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineBitcyFatherBestTerminalSkyNetAlpexTrade, OctoinCryptoSolution, Ellir (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Raizex, TradexTopLifeBit.
From MNO Basic list: InvestellectHouseHashBitWavesInfiniteAlliance (the first payments received).

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. I’ll be back on Saturday with a full review of FatherBest – a short-term HYIP with a 4 day cycle where some of my readers already earned 25% to 35% profit on their deposits. That’s a very satisfactory result for sure, but I would hope that FatherBest will last for much longer, and we see more people in profit. All the latest news and events from the biggest and most high-budget programs in the industry are going to be covered as well, and perhaps even some new additions to the MNO monitor. By the way, do you know that it’s easy to stay updated with MNO by following it on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe to the regular news delivered to your email here? You can always write to me using this contact form and chat with me directly on Telegram @mnoblog if you have any issues with the monitored programs or would like to have your project advertised on MNO. Remember that my site is working for those who like to earn money from the best programs in the HYIP industry and not lose it, so stay on the winning side with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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