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26/11/2018. Weenzee Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Weenzee has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new business week from the beautiful tropical island of Ko Samui here on the Gulf of Thailand! It might be almost paradise here, but rest assured the work never stops on MNO, only the location changes from time to time meaning readers can depend on this being the most accurate and up-to-date monitor anywhere on the net, 7 days per week and 365 days of the year. There’s been a couple of news stories to catch up on since the last blog update, but the main topic up for discussion today is one of the most intriguing new programs I’ve seen for at least this year so far in the HYIP industry. It’s called Weenzee, and while I must admit that at first glance you can easily be forgiven for thinking the whole experience is a bit overwhelming it really is well worth your while persevering here. I feel Weenzee could very well turn out to be a profitable venture for all of us for many many months to come, but like a lot of the best programs can sometimes require a little patience and maybe some effort on the side of the investor to fully grasp exactly what the opportunities being presented to them are. Don’t worry too much about that for now though, because today I’m going to hopefully dismantle Weenzee and explain what it’s all about and how the average investor can use it to their advantage in plain speaking terms that everyone will understand. So let’s see what Weenzee have to offer and why you might like to add them as part of your portfolio.

What exactly is Weenzee then? It’s an odd name for sure but in HYIP terms the program is clearly aimed at those investors with a longer view who prefer a low-ROI stable return while still catering to the tastes of a much broader group within the investment community. How Weenzee present themselves to the public is basically a new cryptocurrency as the very core concept of the project. This is, in the admin’s and developer’s view at any rate, intended to eventually grow into another rival to the likes of let’s say BitCoin or Ethereum. The currency is (obviously) called Weenzee, hence the program’s name, and abbreviated to WNZ. All this is of course just the pretence to Weenzee as an online HYIP and probably what a lot of people who don’t read MNO are going to struggle with and find confusing. What I hope to do in today’s review is to cut through all the complex jargon and highlight for you the ways in which Weenzee operates just like any other online investment program. The basic rules for all of these things essentially boils down to two main ideas that 100% of HYIPs have in common – firstly that you the investor decides to take a personal risk with a certain amount of your own money, secondly you then hope this “investment” will lead you to withdrawing a lot more money that what you paid in. Once you have a clear and concise understanding of this idea than let me tell you that you’re already 99% on your way to understanding Weenzee, because the other 1% is simply a matter of mechanics, a sort of “how to” guide.

And on that subject I’ll get to the practicalities of making deposits and withdrawals in and out of Weenzee in a few moments, but first let’s start with a few numbers and what they have to offer by way of investment plans. First of all let me explain that there’s a sort of two-tier earnings system in Weenzee. As I said they are developing their own currency which is optional for you to use. If you decide to convert your investment and hold it in WNZ funds then your interest rates are going to be significantly better, 15% in fact, than holding your investment in dollars or other cryptocurrencies. There are still fees involved when returning your WNZ to dollars when you withdraw, but only marginal when compared to the more generous interest rates on offer. Unfortunately the withdrawal process is a bit more complicated if using WNZ, but still, if you take the time the read the instructions I’m going to give you in a moment it will all be much clearer and you can enjoy higher earnings.

You can join Weenzee for a $30 minimum investment. If you decide to take the higher paying (if slightly less convenient) option of keeping your investment in Weenzee‘s on WNZ currency then exchange rates are fixed at 1:1 between WNZ and the dollar. Essentially there’s really just one plan if I’m to keep this as simple as possible for you, but the thing is you may sign up for a term length of your own choosing. You can pick a term that runs for 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 calendar days, or approximately one, two, three, six, and twelve months. Weenzee will make variable low ROI payments on your principal every calendar day for the duration of your chosen term. At the end of the term, your principal is then returned. If you like what you see in Weenzee but wouldn’t usually be a fan of longer term programs then there’s a compromise at hand. There’s an early principal request option available (for a fee which will vary depending on how soon into the term you actually make the request) if you happen to be holding your investment in the WNZ currency. Which I suppose is another encouragement for investors to use the WNZ currency, as if the higher payment rates weren’t already a good enough reason. Please note however that ONLY those investors holding their investments in the WNZ currency will see the early withdrawal button available in their account areas. Those holding dollars or other cryptocurrencies will not. So, if you do happen to use WNZ and would like to leave early, at the bottom of your account page you will see a red button marked “Close The Portfolio”. And just so as there can be no misunderstanding, this will also be very clearly labelled with what the early exit fee is going to be for you on any given day. As I said the faster you are looking to get out then the higher the fee, so just be sure to look at how far this might eat into your existing profits before doing anything hasty. The accepted payment methods in Weenzee include PerfectMoney for USD investments, and several alternatives if you prefer to use a cryptocurrency such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Ripple, and Zcash.

OK, that all seems simple enough, but the unpredictable variable factor running through all of these plans is the interest rate itself. It changes from one day to another, and there’s no stated minimum or maximum percentage. Therefore we can’t say with any certainty exactly what net profit you will complete your term with. Generally speaking the longer terms tend to see a slightly higher return. The difference might appear minimal at first glance, but investors taking the longer view know that over the course of let’s say a 360 day investment term these small amount can grow into something more substantial. For the most part no matter what term length you decide to sign up for the rates tend to float around the region of 1%, either slightly above it or slightly below it. You can view recent payment rates on the Weenzee website but at the time of writing the program is still too new to establish any kind of patterns or average amounts. And anyway, this is by no means a guarantee of what future payments will bring of course, but given that there’s such a narrow fluctuation in day-to-day interest rates it’s probably a close enough guess. That’s where the real gamble comes into play with Weenzee I suppose.

So if the investment plans make sense and you’ve decided which one is best for you then let’s look at the practical steps involved with spending and withdrawing money. First of all to make an investment. This is a two step process. The first step is to fund your account in Weenzee. The second is to then redirect your funds into the investment plan of your choice. So, looking down the right hand side of your Weenzee account area you will see a column of various currencies. Click the one you wish to invest with. Next click the green button marked “Replenish”. This will now open a new pop-up window. If you chose to invest with WNZ this window will contain a list of currencies with which you can buy funds, just enter the amount and proceed. If you are not using WNZ and want your investment held in any other currency the pop-up window will simply contain regular payment info.

Once your account has now been replenished, the amount will now be displayed on the left hand side of your Weenzee account page under the heading “Create portfolio”. This is quite a simple process, already marked out for you in easy steps marked one to four. Step one is choose your account (that’s your payment method), step two is enter the amount you are spending, step three is choose your currency (already WNZ by default if that’s what you are using), and step four is to select your investment plan. And that’s it. It looks complicated at first but really it’s just like anything else, the more times you do it then the easier it becomes. I mean I wouldn’t fly an airplane but ask someone who’s been a pilot for 20 years and they probably don’t even need to think about it twice anymore.

Once that’s all out of the way now comes the good part – getting paid! So how to withdraw. At the bottom of account page under “On the portfolio account” is the amount available. Click button that says “To main account”. A pop-up window with same amount then opens with a “Withdraw” button. This amount now shows on the main screen, right hand side of the page, under “Main account”. You will see a red “Withdraw” button here, which is only for those who invested using with WNZ. The button does not actually “Withdraw”, it only allows you to convert your WNZ funds to other currencies, such as dollars, BTC, or whatever.

A new pop-up window now opens saying “Sell WNZ” and choose the currency you are selling to. Enter the amount you want to withdraw (sell) but recommend rounding this figure down by a single cent to make it compatible (i.e. removing the fractions of a cent which will not be possible to withdraw after the exchange). A new pop-up window now shows the amount you will actually receive on completing the transaction, with a 1% withdrawal/conversion fee being applied. The next pop-up window says “transaction is completed” however this is not in fact a withdrawal at all, it was only a currency conversion. All that happens is that your WNZ funds are now switched to USD, BTC, et cetera, so you now need to continue with another transaction to get your funds out of Weenzee and into your payment processor.

However you will also have the option to re-invest if that’s what you prefer to do, I’m just assuming the majority of readers would rather get paid. Now, down the right hand side of the screen you see a list of buttons for the various currencies in use, dollars plus the various crypto options. WNZ tops the list by default, so you need to click the currency symbol which you actually invested from to see your now available balance. Again, click the red “Withdraw” button here. You will see a new pop-up window with your payment processor account number and the withdrawal fee, in my case 1.5% to PerfectMoney. On accepting this a new window confirms the transaction and informs you to allow up to 72 hours for the transaction to be completed. Personal experience was that this is in fact a lot faster than that, 72 hours is probably just the maximum for large withdrawals or the returning of principals.

As with most programs withdrawals have to be requested from your Weenzee account area, but in this case please also note that this can be also linked to your Telegram account. This has quite a few security options you can enable in your account, like a financial password optionally required once to confirm an operation, or a code that will be sent to your registered email address for the same reason. You pay a withdrawal fee of 1% for exchanges between WNZ and USD, so keep this in mind. At the time of writing however buying the WNZ internal currency for USD, BTC or any other payment options doesn’t carry any fee at the moment, though this is for a trial period only. This only applies until December, 1st at which point I imagine the exercise will be reviewed and the admin will decide whether to extend or cancel the offer. Regardless of how you withdraw, on creating your account with Weenzee you will still be asked to set up a security code of your own choosing. This will be required in the withdrawal process in order to be paid.

If as I hope you can now grasp the main practicalities behind becoming an investor with Weenzee and earning money from it, let’s look at some background information about the website itself such as the design and security features. Well, I think it’s already been agreed amongst most industry observers that Weenzee is a very well made website constructed to the highest possible standards. For one thing the program is running off its own unique and custom-made script, perhaps a bit overcomplicated for its purposes and in that sense not especially helpful to first time investors but nothing we can’t get over and it does give a feeling of professionalism. Clearly a lot of work was put into the making of Weenzee and obviously it wasn’t done overnight either. The Weenzee website is hosted and protected by CloudFlare on a dedicated server, a name that’s quite well respected in the world of mainstream business so I wouldn’t have any concerns about them in that regard. The Weenzee domain name has been registered for five years in advance. In addition to that there’s an SSL-encryption certificate provided by Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transaction. Among the extra features you can take advantage of is the currency exchange service with 0% fees in the internal exchanger. All transactions can be independently verified in the WNZ System Explorer.

If you still have any further questions for the Weenzee admin or his support team, and I think there’s a pretty good chance that you will, there’s a couple of channels open to you here. First of all there are several different language versions of the Weenzee website available, so if English isn’t your strong point perhaps things might be clearer if you switch to Arabic, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, or Vietnamese. You can forward any other questions to the Live Chat support team which, as far as I can make out anyway, appears to have at least one person available on a 24 hour basis. If that doesn’t help resolve the matter then you can fill in your details on the online support form and submit it through the Weenzee website.

Overall, the site produces a very good if sometimes difficult first impression and if you have enough time to go through the abundance of information there I’m sure you’ll ultimately find it all quite rewarding. Speaking as a monitor here I need to remain neutral and impartial at all times of course, but speaking as an investor I’m cautiously optimistic that an experienced admin is here with a genuine attempt to deliver some great results. You may also notice the Weenzee website publishes its own RoadMap which outlines the stages of its proposed development which will hopefully play out according to the admin’s plans. Again speaking as a monitor and therefore something of an insider in the sense that I can see more than most what kind of an advertising and promotional budget the admin has to work with (let’s just say it’s pretty substantial!) I think he stands an excellent chance to get a favourable outcome in obtaining the main goals he has in mind for the long term success of Weenzee and ergo its investors.

But at the end of the day don’t let anything else distract you from the fact that Weenzee is still just an online HYIP. Albeit a far superior version of most other online HYIPs, but still a HYIP nonetheless. The official line from the Weenzee administration team is that the business activities supporting payments to the members is the fairly extensive network of cryptocurrency related trading and technology. Nothing we haven’t heard before, but in this case they just seem to try that little bit harder in separating themselves from the wider HYIP industry. That doesn’t change the most important fundamental rules of the game though which is to always put your own finances first at all times and treat Weenzee as you would anything else in the HYIP industry. Stay within a sensible spending limit you can comfortably earn back from other income sources and of course also remember that Weenzee would be better kept as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what does everyone else think? As the HYIP industry is finally making a sort of mini-recovery is this exactly what we’ve all been waiting for or is the concept still a bit too complicated until there’s a lot more activity going on? If you have given any thought to Weenzee and whether or not you would like to join it or not then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final as such, but will give an interesting picture of what investors do and don’t like about HYIPs and also tell admins what standards you expect from a program before you hand over your money. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in Weenzee?

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Staying with the above reviewed Weenzee let’s take a look at the latest update posted on their News page. It basically lets people know about the thread Weenzee now has on the BitcoinTalk forum where you can read all the latest news from the program, as well as the links to the official Telegram and Facebook channels placed at your disposal. Below is all the necessary information on that:

A section with a discussion of our project appeared on the largest forum dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain: There you can read a brief information about the project and its prospects. Our connection with you: the future users and participants of the project is the basis and foundation of trust. So we invite you to read our page at:
Official website:
Telegram: @weenzee (
Weenzee and blockchain – the future is ours!


The admin of BitAeon (whose program was reviewed here with he himself interviewed here) celebrated the program’s first month online with a lengthy newsletter over the weekend covering all the important subjects you might want to know about. I’ll sum it up for you in a nutshell before you read the entire newsletter itself if you want to, but first I’d like to express some words of gratitude towards the admin himself whose dedication and hard work made it possible for investors to profit from its investment plan and get paid instantly at all times. As BitAeon works exclusively with BitCoin there is no conversion involved and you can get started from as low as 0.005 BTC. Your daily interest is credited as 3% Monday to Friday before being reduced to 1.5% on Saturdays and Sundays. You are offered some flexibility as well because with BitAeon it’s possible to withdraw your initial investment at any time for a 10% penalty fee, thus making it possible to leave with profits in less than a week time. I guess many investors of BitAeon have already taken advantage of this opportunity, but many more have also reinvested or stayed in the program placing their trust in the admin’s ability to deliver spectacular results in the long-term. And judging by the topics covered in the newsletter BitAeon seems to be on the right path.

Among the achievements mentioned in the newsletter are the professional translation of the website into several languages – now it’s available in English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, and French with more in the pipeline. There were useful additions of Telegram chat groups, and a reminder of the option to use the 2FA-authentication for better protection of members accounts. Along with the achievements the admin also mentioned a few challenges BitAeon had to face during its first weeks online, including blackmail attempts, UK registration issues, Blockchain problems and temporary deposit and withdrawal delays. Well, any successful program has its own issues that can strike from time to time, but it’s all about how they are handled. And in the case of BitAeon I must say they were handled exceptionally well, as the site is clearly run by a professional team of experts in this field with this program clearly not being their first attempt in the HYIP industry. I’m also grateful to the admin of BitAeon for including a link to the interview he kindly gave to the MNO blog which is being featured at the end of the newsletter reposted below:

Report #001
Our first month, since going public, is behind us and below are some key moments that we would like to reflect on.
We have been working hard to add new features to our project and as you may have noticed the BitAeon investment platform has 4 new languages available (Vietnamese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese and French). Even more languages are in the process of being added soon. If you manage to find any mistakes or incorrect spellings, please do inform us as we have to rely on 3rd party services to translate our platform and can not be 100% responsible for the provided results.
Per popular request, we have added public chat groups for Telegram users. This is a place where you can communicate with fellow investors and receive quick help. The member count is growing with each day, so be sure to join and share your experience with others.
On November 5th our payment provider had technical issues and went into an unscheduled maintenance. This caused some of the withdraw payments to be postponed and were processed with a slight delay. We are still experiencing unusual behavior for incoming payments and had to make changes to the way they are processed. When you send a payment to complete your deposit it can take up to a minute for the payment to be processed and shown in your dashboard. Do not worry if it does not show up instantly. If your payment is not activated after more then an hour be sure to contact support.
On November 19th the BitCoin network had a sudden increase in transaction count that lead to some transactions being unconfirmed for up to 10 hours. There is nothing we can do to influence the speed of miners and all we can do is wait for the network to normalize. If your transaction is submitted in the network it will (100%) be confirmed and processed sooner or later, do not worry.
During the last month we received multiple reports concerning our Confirmation statement status on Companies House website. Due to some sort of a technical issue on their end it showed that our Confirmation statement was not submitted, despite the fact that we sent all the required paperwork well before the due date of August 2nd 2018. After trying to contact them for weeks we finally got an answer and they have managed to correct the mistake.
Blackmail and extortion is nothing new in the online industry. At some point every business has to deal with some form of threats ranging from blackmail to create negative reviews and deceitful comments to DDOS attacks and hacking attempts.
This month there were a few individuals who just kept on threatening and spamming us to a point where we could not ignore them any more and had to take action. We strictly refuse to pay these con artists and some of them are spreading false rumors about our project status. We strongly advise you to always check the credibility of every comment you read and do not fall for these false remarks.
While we are on the subject of malicious activities, I would like to remind our investors to think about your account security. No matter how secure and encrypted our platform is, if your password is weak, there is a serious risk that someone else can gain access to your account. Be sure to change your passwords regularly and enable 2FA. This way your account will be safe and secure!
Our staff was interviewed by a well known blogger Paul Abramson from MNO. You can learn more about us and read the interview on his blog:
The BitAeon team is working hard to maintain our investment platform and deliver you INSTANT profit payments 24/7. This month had some challenges but we managed to deal with everything that came our way. Thank you all for joining us and see you on the next report!
End of report.
The BitAeon Team


The sharp decline in the value of major cryptocurrencies seems to have hit many investment projects. Only BTC has already lost about the third of its value over the last week alone and is now trading at about $4K which is equal to September 2017 levels. That alone resulted in a wave of collapse for many weaker HYIPs over the last few days, but fortunately for my readers MNO does not cover cheap scams and all the programs on my monitor are still paying like clockwork. That an only means that my strategy of deliberately restricting low budget second and third rate programs worked miracles and even in the current climate people who invest via MNO and pick the programs listed on the MNO monitor are usually in good profits rather than suffering losses from listening to some self-proclaimed experts in the field.

Anyway, even though the latest BTC price crash didn’t really affect the MNO monitored programs badly the overall picture might not be that rosy. So if you haven’t voted in the TalkBack poll yet please do so and share your views on what effect this might make on the situation in the HYIP industry in general. For some members of BitBoots though that value dips made it impossible to collect profits as the unique script the program is running off apparently stopped crediting accounts with daily interest. This was explained in the latest newsletter from the admin sent to all investors a couple of days ago, also offering several alternative solutions to that. The thing is that the minimum to invest in BitBoots is set at $50 which may be invested with no less than 37 different cryptocurrencies, but the thing is that, for instance, if you invest via BTC you’re going to be paid in BTC too which value has severely declined over the past two weeks. That makes the BitBoots script think your initial deposit went below the initial $50 minimum and your daily profit then stops being credited. Three solutions to the issue were given on the BitBoots forum – wait for the cryptocurrencies value to return to previous levels and do nothing, replenish your account with the amount necessary to get your deposit back to the $50 minimum, or just contact the admin and ask for a refund of your investment. Note though that the last option is available strictly to those having deposits below the $50 minimum under normal circumstances and BitBoots‘ investment rules (described in detail in my review posted here). Basically with BitBoots you don’t have an option to get your principal back until the 365-day period passes and then you’ll have an alternative of claiming it back or keep earning for an unlimited period of time. As BitBoots has been online for less than three months in total and it pays from 1.1% to 2.2% daily it’s really too early to tell whether it’s going to survive the winter period and deliver profits already in the 2019 new year, but I hope the program will live to its promise. After all, BitBoots is not just one website but rather includes several others combined under the umbrella of Grailum Limited from which the following newsletter has been sent in the first place:

Update of terms to coin holders
We have updated our terms for those of you who got stuck in the dropping coin marked price and are no longer able to sustain the minimum required balance of equality to $50 USD.
This solution will provide a option to either help you continue or return your initial coin deposit including earning balance in full.
For more details please visit our support forum here.
Best regards, Grailum Limited, Grailum Lab Limited

I do not get any earnings on my coin deposit?
This only apply to coin deposit holders on BitBoots.
Coins do drop in value from time to time, so if your initial coin deposit was equal to the minimum $50 USD and is now lower, than mean its below the range of the minimum $50 required and the plan stop accumulate the earnings until it rise again.
Once your coin balance reach the minimum equality of $50 the earnings will generate again, also the days left out while the coin price was low.
This leaves you with 3 options.
1. You can wait until the coin price rise again and earnings return to normal including any left out past days.
2. You can deposit an equal to the missing amount in same coin to reach the minimum level either by asking us to use your last earnings to increase the deposit balance or by sending the missing coins to an address we provide you.
3. You can request we cancel your deposit and return initial deposit plus earnings on available on balance to you.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Weenzee.
From MNO Premium list: CoinFinance, LuxEarn, InstantBitexTokenLogicInstantMiningLimited, BitBootsBitAeon.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list:

That’s all for now guys. I hope you find the information useful and helps you to start your online investment journey, as the time to invest cannot be more right than it is now. So few profitable investment opportunities in the HYIP industry at the moment but they are all listed on the MNO monitor without exception. If you wish to stay updated on the status of the listed programs and possible additions of other promising projects please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, and subscribe to the blog articles to be delivered straight to your confirmed email address here. If you have any questions or advertising requests I’ll be more than pleased to respond to them as well, and there are a few ways to contact me to get a speedy response. You should either submit this contact form, write to me directly at or simply chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog. I would also encourage you to share your opinions on the MNO ShoutBox, support your favourites by submitting your payment proofs on the MNO monitor, and vote actively on the MNO TalkBack page whose final results will be drawn and analysed in the next update later in the week. Meanwhile, thanks for reading, everyone, and talk to you again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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