What's In A Name?

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to discuss the Anglicized names adopted by so many of the admins in the HYIP world and the issue with the English language in general, its impact on the industry, and also how you can use it to your benefit.

If you’re long enough in this industry you might have noticed that the admins of HYI programs that are in 90% of cases not native English speakers. Why then in another 90% of cases are they using Anglicized names when their English is far from perfect. It’s almost laughable when an admin calling himself (for example) Michael Thomson tries to tell you something in such appallingly badly written English littered with spelling and grammar mistakes in every single sentence. Of course there are now many professional copy writing and proof-reading services available online so it’s easier to tidy up some of the more obvious mistakes, and that really shows when looking at the texts used by so many online HYIPs. The website has clearly been written by a professional, but why then when you deal with the admins and their support staff are they so often so completely and utterly clueless? “Michael Thomson” now begins to look like a liar from the very beginning because it’s hard to believe that a man with a proper English name can barely spell it. To me it indicates with 100% certainty that the admin is not who he claims. The graphics on his website may depict a bunch of smiling white bread yuppies drinking coffee and playing with laptops, but the admin sure ain’t one of them!

Sometimes it’s even downright embarrassing because they often use names belonging to real personalities (probably went to a newspaper and picked the first one they liked). How else could you explain Philip Morris as a HYIP admin, James Dean as a referral contest winner and Pete Wilson as a blogger? This are all genuine examples that I've seen myself, but there are hundreds of others I could name. I wonder if they really think first before using such names because it makes them even less trustworthy. I’m not saying that if a program is run by a man who can’t speak English but insists he has an English name that it has to be bad. It’s just an observation and the funny side of a business where very few people, admins or otherwise, use their real names.

Of course, for an admin of a program it would be a suicide if he used the same name (alias) he used when running a previous program, especially if that program scammed many investors and was not considered successful in general. But if you think about it there are too few admins in this industry running most of the programs. I’d comfortably say in fact that there are a hell of a lot more programs than there are admins out there, and if you lose money in 100 HYIPs you can rest assured that you’ve been scammed by the same man a damn sight more than once! You’ll just never be told about it and that’s where all the fancy names come into play – so they look like professional and trustworthy people, and completely different people every time to the same clients and prospective clients that they’ve been stealing from for years.

But why is there such an obsession of Anglicized names at all? We can see it derives from the financial markets where all the successful companies and the people who reached the very top of their profession are the likes of Bill Gates, Michael Dell, the late Steve Jobs, or Warren Buffet – all talented white American males synonymous with money and success. So the online HYIP industry is a bleak reflection of the reality since coming to prominence a few years ago. Back then many HYIPs were really huge money making machines (mostly for the members who joined at the right time that is) and they had a very urgent necessity in explaining to everybody how they can pay such high returns for such a relatively short period of time (compared to the offline investment world). So to disguise their ponzi based nature they had to come up with some nice fairy-tales about successful ForEx traders who know the secret of making profits for everybody or the genius stocks market players capable of making millions overnight. So to make their stories believable they had to be associated with the real traders whose names were mostly of English origin. That really helped them to run their programs for a longer time and be quite successful. This has strong roots in the HYIP industry till now and there are still many admins who prefer to use anglicized names even if their English is very poor.

Many admins who are not native English speakers (90% of them for sure) probably realized this may not be such a great idea after all if you intend targeting American and western European based audiences. After all, who better to see through your fake Harvard credentials than someone who genuinely speaks the language? They became more shrewd now and use French, German and Scandinavian identities to explain their poor English (as if those people would naturally have problems with their English) – so again they are playing on the prejudices some investors might hold towards certain nationalities. Just ask yourself if you have more confidence in a person with a Western European name – or a Chinese, Nigerian, or (oh, my god!) Russian name. We all heard of huge scams and spams ran from these countries and so HYIP admins prefer to conceal their names under a very European or North American facade. Although I’m pretty sure that many HYIPs, monitors and even payment processors are run by Russian and Ukrainians. Judging by the enormous level of activity on the Russian language MMGP forum alone you can be sure of it. As a Russian speaker myself I can confirm that this industry is in fact largely ruled by them. I have absolutely nothing against it and I believe that racism and prejudice has nothing to do with the quality of a program, monitoring site or payment processor. But how many times have you read something bad about a HYIP related website, something totally scandalous and libelous, and see it preceded by the word “Russian” or “Ukrainian”, as if you were to read it as “Satanic”. Small wonder then that the industry is full of Peters and Johns, and hardly any Piotrs or Ivans!

There are many scams among every nationality as well as many honest people. However, the above-mentioned prejudice against people of other nationalities that are for some reasons hated or misjudged by others make them change their names and therefore look stupid in front of native English speakers who have more tolerance for a multicultural society and usually less prejudiced towards other nationalities than the admins may be aware. So this is two-edged sword – the non-native English speakers find it necessary to use anglicized names because they are afraid to be misjudged by mostly their own neighbors while the investors prefer to put their trust into such names they subconsciously associate with ivy league businessmen who can’t possibly fail to make you rich (guess again!).

So is this all about building trust? If you’re experienced enough in this industry you should realize that nobody can be completely trusted here as the HYIP industry is built on lies and deceit. Investors who make money in this industry – and I know there are plenty of them – should be cold hearted and not to have any emotional attachment to a program or its administrator if they don’t want to be disappointed when their faith will be betrayed which inevitably happens after the program collapses. I think I already expressed my honest point of view on the HYIP industry in general so I hope you can take a couple of minutes to consider this. Agree or disagree as you like, I just want you to think it over.

So the conclusion is that such issues are present and will stay present in the HYIP industry no matter what. This is my observation and strong opinion. But now the question arises if a regular savvy investor can use such language patterns to his/her advantage. Of course, you can do it and I often do so when I analyze the admin’s speech of one or another program that apply for monitoring on MNO.

I can give you a few examples of that – I noticed that one particular repeat admin who ran nothing but fast folding scams consistently makes the very same spelling and grammar mistakes no matter what made up name he gives himself. So I have refused to accept any his programs to my monitoring. He on the other hand has absolutely no idea how I recognize him every single time he tries to contact me! I simply hate such admins who are either not capable of running a good game or are just pathological scammers and liars deliberately out to steal from as many as possible while paying to as few. One lie always requires another to cover it up and there are already too much of that in this industry by pointlessly adding to it.

The one thing I truly hate about HYIP industry is lies and those who spread them. And making anglicized names is just the tip of the iceberg in the ocean of lies that is the HYIP industry. However, if people are not ashamed to use their own names publicly and stop using those stupid made up ones they will be respected more by their readers and investors to a much better degree than by pretending to be someone than they are not.

Anyway, getting back to the point about how such quirks and oddities in someone’s language patterns can be very useful for investors if they want to learn that one person is really behind several programs or monitoring sites. The issue we have here is not that this person has some issues with his English but the fact that he gets exposed due to his poor command of the language. The conclusion is that that people cannot be considered as a trusted source of information (despite what they will repeatedly try to tell you) because they have many different identities being used to talk to “each other” (himself!) and support his opinion or what he's trying to sell. If we admit that this is true than nothing can prevent such a dishonest person having multiple different usernames and running his own programs many times.

Of course, this technique of identifying common speech and language patterns in others can be very difficult for non native English speakers but you can always ask your English speaking friends to help. They will point straight away to the patterns that can characterize this or that person. And it can also be abused when reversed. An example of that would be one admin I remember trying to pretend he was behind a number of highly successful programs in the past. I can be a shrewd enough person myself though and on closer inspection of his language I could see that he was actually a copycat trying to use the fame of others to entice others into his scams. I warned about it on my blog and then it collapsed shortly after that of course having nothing in common with the real hit programs he was trying to impersonate.

So as you can see that anglicized names were used, are used and will be used in HYIP industry for a long time. However, a proper language analysis and some patterns can tell us who the person behind an HYIP or monitoring site really is and make appropriate conclusions that make us take reasonable investment decisions based on the true information we have obtained.
Thanks as always for reading my thoughts and don’t be shy to leave a comment.