Multiple Poster Accounts

Hi, guys! Tonight I'd like to discuss with you one problem in this industry which really made me think for a long time what’s wrong with some people. I’m talking about multiple usernames and multiple identities – something which is widely exploited here. The issue often goes unnoticed by many, it can after all be tricky enough to spot, but it basically comes down to one person spamming Shoutboxes, monitors, and forums from different usernames and IP addresses to spread all sorts of nonsense.

It can be jealous competitors, someone with a grudge, or someone being paid to do so. But if you think these are just isolated incidents then you’d be mistaken. The problem has existed in the HYIP industry for a long time and you can well be aware of that by looking at some of the better major forums where the moderators are continuously banning members with multiple accounts. They can be the paid posters that are hired by the admins of HYIPs in order to create a great paying image of a program (or even done the admins themselves) which try to encourage everybody to invest in their programs by a very simple and free way – creating multiple accounts and cheating and cheering by encouraging people to invest in their scams. Sometimes they even talk to themselves in order to create an image of wider popularity than actually exists.

I wonder if such cheating admins have any kind of decency left? But to create multiple identities and then have them talk with each other makes me wonder if they have any psychological issues or split personalities. But it is especially hilarious is to see them exposed. When they are caught doing this usually they have nothing further to say and the second personality usually disappears without trace.

Sometimes the admins try their best to make the multiple personalities they represent quite unique and different. For instance, they could be male and female characters, serious and playful behavior, different language patterns (or native English speakers) and so on. I remember one admin even confessed to me (after they closed) that he ran two programs at the same time using a different persona behind each. And nobody ever suspected that both programs were run by the same person. I mean everything was completely different including the style and manner of speech, the promotional activities, program plans, hosting provider and script. So I wonder why many people are so sure that a program is run by the same person based entirely on the assumption that the similarity of plans, the same designer, script or hosting provider have to mean the same admin. If you cannot prove it you shouldn't act like you have solid irrefutable evidence and post personal opinion disguised as “fact” without any shred of evidence on public forums. Remember that similarities don’t mean anything unless you can provide proof. If I have my personal view on the personality of one or another admin I simply say my opinion openly on my blog and I never state it as a fact and I don’t pursue the matter. It’s my subjective opinion and I may be mistaken. Those who claim themselves experts and post opinions described as categorical facts about the longevity of a program or personality of the admin just cannot be taken seriously in my opinion.
But, let’s get back on topic and talk about the multiple usernames created to support and cheerlead a program. Perhaps you noticed on forums and monitors that for some reason a few programs are really different from others and have very many posts and votes while other good quality programs with higher ratings and better sites have much less feedback from investors. If you spotted that be sure that in most cases you are looking at paid posters who are unlikely to have any investments with the program they are supporting and may very well have no membership of any online HYIP at all.

Who are those paid posters? It’s a team of the posters that leave positive feedback on forums and voting “Paid me” on monitors and get paid by the admins for doing this. Why would somebody in their right minds hire such people if a program can get genuinely popular by stable payouts and earn real positive feedback and real positive word-of-mouth reposts you might ask? Well, the answer is simple – efficiency. You don’t usually need to pay much money to a team of paid posters. And pretty often this “team” actually only contains one member with a dozen or more accounts with the main forums. They will then inundate any forum thread and monitoring with their positive “got paid” posts instead of waiting until your reputation is genuinely on the rise and you start to earn the attention of more serious investors.

I would describe admins using paid posters with multiple personalities dishonest because it’s cheating, but in reality things can be more complicated. You must be aware that the admin also can be the subject of blackmail and badmouthing. Admins are often blackmailed before launching online campaigns that eventually cause their program to collapse prematurely. So the other paid posters usually use the same methods for extortion – they literally make the admins pay them money for their “services” and threaten to spread bad rumors and post unjustified complaints on forums if the admin refuses. Sometimes they succeed and the programs close, that’s why many admins prefer to pay the “price” which is usually reasonable if they have enough of an advertising budget to promote their program.

The problem of multiple identities is widely known and we are all aware that no matter what an admin calls himself on his website it could well be the same person. With only a very few rare exceptions admins do not use the same name when operating different programs, especially if their previous programs closed under bad circumstances. Well, I can understand that as investors will usually be more eager to spend in a program with an unknown admin than trust the same scammer that ran X or Y program in the past where they might have lost. So the problem with the multiple personalities of the admins is obvious but I don’t consider it dishonest if they actually use different aliases for different programs due to the nature of the industry (it’s questionable legality) and the psychology of the investing community.

Maybe it’s not quite a full analysis of the subject and I’m aware that it was kinda spontaneous. I also know that not every point of this article will be taken lightly and I agree that you might have other opinions on the same point. Please let me know about it if you do either in the comments section of this article, my shoutbox, to to my email address if you prefer keeping it private. Remember that I need your feedback and any ideas for future articles are most welcome. Hopefully it will go some way stimulating some discussion as well as helping some people understand how the HYIP industry really works. Please let me know what other topics you would like to see covered on future articles and I will try to do my best to raise it in the clearest way I can. Just remember that to be considered a debate or a discussion then at least two people need to be involved, and I’m only one. So if you have any thoughts or opinions on this or anything else in the industry, let’s hear them. See you next time!