Cycles In The HYIP Industry

For this article I want to talk about a subject with a sort of seasonal theme – that of “cycles” in the online HYIP industry. The question often arises you see about what investors expectations are from the industry in the mid to long term future. Are things getting better? Getting worse? Or, as is my own opinion, is the industry exactly the same as it always is with the only real changes coming in the extremities of the peaks and troughs the the industry rolls in and out of at periodic intervals throughout the year?

You see, I have gotten a number of e-mails to MNO from doom and gloom merchants of every stripe predicting the imminent implosion of the entire HYIP industry based on the fact that, well, things ain’t looking all that rosy at this particular moment. I’ve been getting these for years now, but last time I checked the industry was very much alive and kicking! It's just that such pessimism gets particularly common with apocalyptic hysteria worthy of Stephen King himself coming whenever the dominant high profile programs in the industry come to their inevitable end. But the thing is that none of these programs are bigger than the industry itself and everything continues to grind on regardless.

You could say that I’ve always believed the online HYIP industry to be a sort of microcosm of the capitalist system as a whole. It works in a series of “boom and bust” cycles and when things begin to overheat with too much money beginning to chase unsustainable payouts the inevitable happens – programs go bust and the industry hits another crisis. But there tends to be a more seasonal element to this business as well and experienced players can look forward on the first day of January every year and have a fair attempt at predicting which of the following 12 months will be good and which will be slow. There’s no great science involved in it by the way, you need only look back at the previous 12 months and simply repeat the pattern. The extreme highs and lows of course remain unpredictable, but the general upward and downward trends themselves rarely change.

It’s easy to be pessimistic of course when you take a couple of setbacks in the industry. If there are less investors around at any particular moment then many people think it’s the end of the HYIP industry. But in fact it’s like this every year, just to lesser or greater extents. And much like the passing of the seasons themselves, the further we go (for example) into December the shorter the days get and the less activity we see in the industry. Just as winter turns to spring it’s a slow and gradual process, but all the same it’s a process that’s undeniable. As January progresses more and more investors begin returning to the business after an either voluntary or enforced hiatus brought on by the holidays.

Many of the sharper more astute HYIP admins will also be aware of this and they too will take a break during slower times, saving their best work for when the most experienced of them knows they’ll be dealing with a more receptive audience and can launch more high quality programs with a greater feeling that they won’t just be wasting everyone’s time. This upward cycle generally continues until when things begin to balance out once more and the industry takes another dip. Once again there’s no great mystery as to why this happens. It happens every year so trust me, this year, next year, and the year after will be no exception. Basically with the end of spring and the onset of summer comes summer vacations. Those younger investors playing for a few extra bucks to see them through the academic year in college will now be turning their attention to more important things. No, not beer and parties (well, maybe!) but rather their end of year exams. Plus the fact that those taking advantage of their university’s facilities to play the industry will be online a lot less often during the summer months.

The same goes for those not in university but rather in gainful employment, just for different reasons. Their attention now turns to summer vacations. If you’ve been sitting in an office/factory/warehouse/shop etc. for the last six months looking at a computer screen day-in day-out chances are you too are looking forward to a break, and one that takes you as far away from a PC as possible. So once again the wheel turns and there are less and less investors around the industry for the summer and consequently less and less money. Thankfully these investors don’t disappear into outer space (most of you don’t go much further than the beach) and come September people begin drifting back again. Business picks up gradually again before reaching another peak in October, or maybe at some point between Halloween and Thanksgiving. After that of course the wheel has come full circle and we’re back to Christmas once more where the industry goes to sleep.

It’s asking a bit much of you I know if I was to say “bookmark this article and come back in a year and see if I’m right”, but this is pretty much they way things have panned out in the industry every other year for as far back as I can remember and I see no reason why it's going to change. As always if you have any thoughts about anything you read in these articles, either to agree or disagree, you are always free to leave a comment, contact me directly by e-mail, or say something on the MNO ShoutBox. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and it gave you something to think about, and see you all next time. Bye for now!