Knowing It's Just a Game And Playing Anyway

Something I want to talk to you about today is the level of awareness people may or may not have when getting involved with HYIP industry. How many people fully understand the true nature of what they are doing and freely choose to proceed anyway? I can’t help but mention a very weird observation I had while on vacation in Russia, namely huge street billboards advertising a company called MMM in some very prominent locations around the city. For those who might not be aware of it, MMM was a huge financial ponzi in Russia back to the 90’s which was disguised as a real investment company and which eventually resulted in losses for millions of people while only a few thousand of the smarter ones saw a massive profit. Does this remind you of the current HYIP industry? Only smarter people win while others lose. Mostly the victims are those who don’t understand the rules of the game, the most important of which is mainly “never invest what you can’t afford to lose”. Those who read MNO regularly should know that regardless of how great a HYIP looks and how sweet the admins speak you should treat it a game – no more, no less. That way you will maintain a better outlook for yourself and keep your peace of mind even if you lose a few bucks from time to time (let alone winning profits). You knew from the beginning that the money spent in high yield investment programs doesn’t belong to you from the moment of joining and now belongs to the admin at whose mercy you’re now at and on whose decisions the destiny of the program (meaning the destiny of your money) depends on.

Anyway returning to the MMM billboards on Russian streets, how do you think it’s possible as the owner of the original MMM back in the 90’s served a prison term (not a pleasant experience in Russia I’d imagine!) and was only released a few years ago? Well, despite his brush with the law he started a second reincarnation of the most famous ponzi-pyramid in Russia with the same name which is based entirely online. And the authorities either can’t or won’t do anything about it as the program is clearly marked as a ponzi-game from the very beginning. And this didn’t stop people (including those who already lost millions in the very same thing in the 90’s) from investing there in hope of getting 20%-30% profit monthly (compare this with the 10% annually in Russian banks now to see the staggering difference). So the new MMM program became a huge success and ran a massive advertising campaign that included even street billboards possibly sponsored by the big investors looking for commissions for themselves and increase the lifetime. The reason for me telling you about it is not to encourage you to join things like this, but just to make aware of the fact that as long as the ponzi games continue there will be people who want to play them regardless of anything. And a a person who already proved he knows how to build a very successful financial pyramid in the past is not seen as a negative but rather a positive factor for an investor when he sees the potential of what a particular admin can achieve and how much money he could earn.

With the example of MMM I can prove to you that ponzi games are not necessarily evil and are not necessarily illegal in all countries of the world. And as long as you’re aware that a high-yield program is just a ponzi and play only for amusement with the amounts you can afford to lose there is absolutely no harm in it. Well, I can compare the HYIP industry with the redistribution of funds you can find in casinos and slot-machines, poker games or horse racing. So why do you think the HYIP industry should be more evil than those money-redistributing industries? And why is the HYIP industry depicted as a big scary thing while sometimes crooked governments impose some unpopular taxes that would remove the money from your pockets in an absolutely legal way that will go to building them more fancy palaces and bailing out crooked bankers that should have been in prison? That’s exactly what’s happening in many countries around the world. Many people are just not aware of it and think that the governmental money re-distribution mechanism is somehow more honest just because it’s legal. I agree that the vast majority of the HYIP admins are common crooks whose only aim is to pocket money in the process, but there are a few really talented ones that even in these harsh times are capable of running their programs for many months and even years, thus bringing profits for thousands of investors. And if in the end some investors still lose money, at least they can say they participated in something really big that was managed by a talented person that put his program’s longevity over a fast profit and thus making much more money for his loyal followers and himself. Exactly those programs are more than welcome on MNO, and as for for fast scammers – I will always be exposing your tricks as soon as I see them coming, so you’d be better off staying away from me. I’m a totally financially independent and solvent person and I will run my blog not for fast scams but to promote mainly quality and long-running programs by talented admins, and make sure I will find them and present their programs to you in a proper manner that will help them build the necessary level of trust and the investors to make money. That is my credo which I intend to maintain for the long run and I think I’m going in the right direction! Actually, I’m pretty sure of it.