HYIP Recovery - Too Good To Be True

A subject that seems to arise on a fairly consistent basis among less experienced players new to the HYIP industry is that of the recovery and return of money they've lost to scams. This is the main point of what I want to talk about in today's article. It's long been debated in the HYIP industry about what to do when you lose money in a program, something that inevitably happens to everyone who gambles eventually. Well, maybe “debated” isn't the right word here because there's no real other side to this argument to talk about. There's a few things you can do, lessons you can learn from the mistakes of others if you're smart enough, to limit the damage done to you by scams and yes, possibly even recover part of what you lost. So what I want to do today is look at some of the “dos and don'ts” of keeping as much of your money as possible in the pocket of its rightful owner.

The first thing you need to consider when joining any online HYIP is that the very moment you hand over any money at all, you should think of it as lost immediately on day one. You have handed money over to a total stranger with no clue as to his identity or his whereabouts. You are now 100% at the whim and mercy of this person whether he ever decides to pay you back a cent of this money, so if you do earn anything back from the program then think of it as a bonus. If you go on to make a profit, the so much the better, congratulations, you're one of the lucky ones. But what are your options if you have yet to receive a profit when the program finally gets into trouble and the money dries up?

There are several websites out there – and no, I'm not going to give them any free traffic by naming them – which to my mind are among the worst, lowest, most despicable scams out there. Despicable because their sole reason for existing is to steal more and more money from those who are already the victims of fraud. At least with many online HYIPs the admins will at least allow you a chance to earn some money. You might win, you might lose, but at least you have a degree of chance. With these so-called fund “recovery” sites there's no chance whatsoever. It's just out-and-out theft but from people who can least afford even further losses, or have their naivety and lack of experience taken advantage of by what are basically ruthless thieves. You see, the concept being sold to people here is that either for a flat rate fee or a percentage of the money you have lost, this “recovery” company will go get it back for you. I know, I know, experienced readers will no doubt all be rolling their eyes at such a ridiculous idea thinking what utter nonsense. Unfortunately there are other people, I don't want to call them more gullible or anything but who simply do not have the practical experience in the HYIP industry to really know how it works or what they were getting themselves into, who are scared and desperate when they realize they've just freely handed way too much money over to a scam. As the old saying goes a drowning man will clutch at straws, and that's where such exploitative HYIP fund recovery sites are at their most dangerous.

So let's just be extremely clear about what happens when HYIP admins make withdrawals from online payment processor accounts and turn virtual money into hard cash. When third-party exchangers are used to move money in and out of accounts then absolutely no one has a comprehensive record of that money's history. If someone knows where it came from they won't know where it goes next, and vice versa. In fact with anonymous payment processors such as PerfectMoney the entire system is deliberately set up so that even PM themselves can't know, even if they wanted to, where the money ends up. It just moves around in a circle with none of the parties handling it knowing its origins or its final destination. Once it's removed from the system then that's it, it's been turned into cash in some HYIP admin's wallet, and he's spent it. Now if anyone wants to explain to me exactly how a “HYIP recovery” website with no legal sanction in any country is supposed to isolate one individual out of six billion plus worldwide and take this money back from him without going through the courts, then really, I'd love to hear it!

HYIP admins themselves of course are not above playing a similar trick. None of the programs monitored on MNO have pulled this by the way, but some readers were unlucky enough to encounter it with a few of the cheap scams listed elsewhere and got in touch to share their experience in the hope that others may avoid it. The scam in this case is that after making a deposit you do not get paid. The admin then tells you that need to pay an additional “activation” fee in order to be allowed access their own money. In reality it's less of a fee and more of a stone cold donation, because if this ever happens to you you can be sure of one thing – your deposit has been stolen and now the admin is chancing his luck to see if he can fool you into giving him even more money. Pay him or not, the result will be the very same. No one except him ever sees a dollar from this program ever again. Some cases I've heard the fee was a fairly modest $20. Some were up to $300. All were total scams, and again an absolutely shameful way to exploit the sudden fear felt by desperate people who've just realized they've gotten mixed up in something they shouldn't have.

So what then about the possibilities of genuinely getting some money back if a HYIP you've joined turns bad? Isn't there any chance at all to claim back anything? Well, yes, to a limited extent there is but doesn't involve handing any money over to HYIP recovery scams or the crooked admins who ripped you off to begin with. OK, some people will tell you the most sensible thing you can do is to not join HYIPs at all, but people like to gamble so you're going to do it anyway. If that's the way it is then fine, as long as you're an adult I certainly have no business judging you. The least you can do therefore is to allow more respectable companies do their part in protecting you as a client. I'm talking now of course about using only SolidTrustPay and Payza to join online HYIPs. Because these are licensed and regulated service providers offering verifiable business accounts and background checks where necessary, it's not really that easy to steal money using them as it is with PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and the like which all have strict “no questions asked or answered” policies. If HYIP admins want to start moving large sums of money out of STP and Payza on the other hand, he's going to have to answer some questions. Questions about identity checks and bank account details, in other words the kind of questions he would much rather avoid. Under these circumstances you see a lot of the money deposit in HYIPs using STP and Payza becomes quite useless to the program's admin. In many cases even after the program has scammed the users of anonymous payment processors, STP and Payza users continue getting paid. It's not some wonderful gesture of generosity from the admin mind, he just can't really do much else with the money that's there so will simply allow the payments continue on auto-pilot until funds are exhausted and his accounts emptied.

The other thing about STP and Payza is that investors have the right to raise a dispute. If a HYIP admin scams you then you can complain about it. A favorable resolution is by no means guaranteed, but it will be investigated and you will be taken seriously. Actual refunds depend largely on how fast the scam is detected and how much of the money being held by the admin can then be frozen. The process can take months and you may receive nothing, but I think the fact that most admins will just dump STP and Payza funds back on investors for how ever long they last after their programs collapse is reason enough to use them. The risk does not go away by using these payment processors, but a higher percentage of their clients will get a better return from the programs they join with them.

The conclusion to this article is of course very similar to that of so many others in this series: There are no guarantees in the HYIP industry and the primary motive of every program is to make as much money as possible for its owner. If some of the members also happen to make a few bucks for themselves along the way then great. If not then tough luck, the admin really isn't that bothered and considers it your problem not his. The number one rule to protecting yourself from heavy losses has always been not to spend so much in the first place. Consider the information I've given you above because if you do spend more money than you can afford to lose then chances are you may not get a great deal of it back. Remember also that MNO is here for you though to guide you through the process so you can learn a few tricks and learn more on how the HYIP industry actually works. You can refer to the articles on the MNO Info Center containing the most popular over years of running MNO and still relevant today. Learn from the best and take advantage of the experience I'm sharing with you here rather than falling into the traps set by HYIP admins. And stay safer with only the best investment opportunities here on MNO.