Language and Communication

In today’s article I’d like to talk about language skills. Specifically the vital role that good English language skills play in establishing the reputation of a website among an international audience and maintaining a high level of transparency on the principles the site is built on. I will also cover the sensitive subject of HYIP admins sometimes not appreciating such important tools as proof reading and professional copy writing, something that can make their newsletters almost unbearable for the native English speakers to read and what can be done to assist them.

Over the last couple of years following the collapse of two major HYIP related payment processors – LibertyReserve and EgoPay – I’ve noticed a troubling pattern in the industry. There’s been a sharp decrease in the number of usually more financially solvent investors from the developed countries in favor of investors from developing countries like China and Russia. And while there is huge interest in participating in HYIPs, there simply isn’t as much disposable income to throw around as we might see in the US or Euro zone countries. That situation helped fuel the proliferation of uneducated blogs and monitors with very poor language, writing, and general communication skills. Unfortunately these sites have managed to become very appealing to Russian and Chinese (etc) speaking audiences who are less literate in English. That can make them very persuasive to people who don’t know any better and make them fall under the influence of self-proclaimed experts who in reality have little to no idea how the HYIP industry works, never warn you about risks and dangers essential to understand if you want to succeed, and work off an entirely self-interest self-serving agenda. They can cause sometimes already poverty stricken investors lose hard earned money they can scarcely afford by supporting criminally fast scams most of which are run either by themselves or their buddies.

Such blogs are mostly aimed at getting closer to those poor people from developing countries and taking advantage of them. Many, while run by people who can barely speak English themselves try to appeal to those who don’t understand much better. They don’t even bother to make the most basic and rudimentary attempts at correcting the most obvious mistakes by simply consulting Google translator or similar online proof reading tools. They present themselves as experts while coming across as people unlikely to have completed high school. Unfortunately because the people these blogs are targeting are often not aware of the problem, they continue losing money in a conveyor belt of fast scams shamelessly hoisted on them one after the other. The lucky ones will come across MNO and discover there is a different type of blog in the HYIP industry that will help you be more in control of your money, identify possible risks and rewards, and build a sustainable long-term HYIP portfolio.

Many HYIP admins are clearly non English speakers but laughably try to disguise themselves as multi-million dollar corporations with hundreds of employees around the world based in the UK. The funniest thing is they think if they “incorporate” a company in the UK they will convince investors they are genuine. This of course can be done cheaply and anonymously over the internet by just about anyone (read the MNO article on how to do so here). Yet they can’t hire a professional proof reader (or basically find ANY native English speaker) who would look at their texts and correct some often shockingly bad mistakes. And for a program pretending to be operating from the UK this is almost hilarious! Many admins underestimate the effect this can have on their program’s future growth. You see, it can be particularly off-putting for actual English speaking investors, and not just those from the UK, US, Canada, etc, but even Scandinavian and some Western European countries where I’ve noticed many educated people speak English to an often higher standard than native UK born citizens. The fact of the matter is that these are the more affluent, bigger spending players, and they’re going to hold your program up to a much higher standard before handing over any money.

Obviously no one “blames” you for what’s basically the geographical accident of not been born into a fluent English speaking background, but if you want to tap into that market effectively then a dependable proof reader and copy writer are essential. In the worst cases the HYIP is so over complicated and so poorly explained that many investors simply can’t be bothered. Of course some admins can hire English speaking monitors like MNO to do their job for them by explaining their investment plans in site reviews, but why overcomplicate things in the first place and make it difficult for investors to get to the core values? Plus the fact that when HYIP admins who don’t speak much English ask for the help of blogs they don’t realize speak even worse English than they do, they only make things worse. From a neutral point of view the results are often amusing, bit of a “guilty pleasure” for me as they say, but honestly from an investor’s point of view I can tell you the bigger spending players are only being driven further and further away from you.

Therefore, the importance of having a HYIP website in clear and concise English is vital. Something that many admins neglect is to create a website for everyone – wide choice of payment processors, good hosting provider with reliable DDoS protection, secure transactions, and texts that explain everything written in terms that everyone can easily understand. If only one of these components is missing it’s highly unlikely the program will reach its full potential, and may even be a bitter disappointment for both the investors and admin alike. Many experienced HYIP admins who have been in the industry for years know this and make sure to have a properly designed websites with simple but perfectly written English texts as a priority. And not the other way around, because even a perfect design would not work without a well written explanation.

The same goes for blogs and monitors not writing in their native language in favor of English and which frankly speaking, they’re not that good at. By not being able to explain anything properly they only serve to further confuse investors now feeling more lost than ever. And when the HYIP admin doesn’t provide proper English texts and the blogger in question doesn’t speak English any better, it’s simply a recipe for disaster. Everyone becomes confused and people are less likely to invest, especially if the texts on the website are stolen or unoriginal despite the website still flashing UK issued incorporation documents.

So the point is admins need to think twice about the effectiveness of employing blogs and monitors to do a job you’d be better advised to offer professional writers. And of course stick with the original English speakers like MNO. You can see from the latest examples of admins who use my blog as their exclusive partner are doing particularly well, winning lots of investors for a fraction of the cost.

If you are not particularly good in English you can always rely on someone who can do it for you, as I know many people who can offer a dependable service and will proof read your newsletters or even write it for you if you give them the main points you want to get across. If you don’t have anyone like that yourself then you can use the services of MNO to do it for you. This doesn’t come cheap, but that you can always be sure you reach your target audience and they understand exactly what you are trying to say. I can also personally proof read any texts and make sure they are up to a high standard, as I already did many times in the interviews with admins who weren’t so strong in English.

Those who require a translation of their site into Russian can always get in touch with my programmer who already once did a good job in translating my advertising page into Russian, and as the Russian HYIP market is growing and already responsible for about a quarter of all investments you might find that service invaluable. In any case, if you require assistance with English or Russian translations you can always contact me and I will be able to provide you with the best possible service.

Don’t try and cut corners on the best services in the industry, it will only cost you more in the end, and don’t fall into the trap of trusting your program to cheap monitors and bloggers that can barely speak English and will just complicate things for investors instead of simplifying them. If you’re ambitious enough come to MNO and make your program seen by the bigger spenders. There’s a chance they may otherwise not understand what you’re trying to do unless it’s explained properly in a review or get a professionally written website issuing quality newsletters in fluent English. Many of my readers will appreciate this while the exclusive status on MNO gives you much more benefits than you could dream of.

So think about that very carefully and make your program a success by bringing it here, so my readers and yourself can enjoy profits for a very long time. Remember that only the best programs are worth listing here, so make sure yours is of the highest possible standard before presenting it to a discerning MNO audience.