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Money-News-Online is a portal consisting of a daily news blog, monitoring service, forum, and TalkBack page. It is constantly updated with the newest and most up to date information from any news source in the online HYIP industry. The main purpose of MNO is to provide you with accurate and high quality information on the elite HYIPs that are monitored and the current payment status of those program accompanied by all the news stories that are of real practical value to online investors.

I have nearly ten long years experience in the HYIP industry where I first started as a regular investor. During that time I learned a lot of valuable and sometimes harsh lessons, but with experience I started winning and decided to record my activities in my own blog to help others achieve the same good results with investing in HYIPs and to maintain a healthy flow of free information and discussion. That is how MNO was created back in 2007.

Since then MNO has become an established and respected source of news and information when it comes to HYIPs. Opinions expressed MNO are highly respected, as they're independent, unbiased, and based on many years of real first-hand experience. By 2014 MNO has evolved into a place for elite programs with only the most experienced and talented admins being able to list their programs with fast scams being priced out. For a closer look at the best programs please check out the MNO monitoring page and for all the latest news and program reviews go to the MNO blog.
1) MNO blog is one of the oldest surviving sources of information on HYIPs which was established in 2007.

2) Reputation matters – MNO is widely considered the most unbiased source of information about HYIPs and the place for the experienced admins to showcase the most elite and exclusive programs to the widest possible audience.

3) Whenever a problem arises it will be reported immediately. MNO is the fastest source of information moving programs to Problem Status once it's been confirmed that they have stopped paying their members.

4) The frequency of updates. You will be updated on the current state of your favorite programs and receive daily news updates that will help you make informed decisions better than any other industry news resource.

5) My posts mostly analyze good quality programs while showing the bad examples so you will be able to differentiate good from bad right from very start. Nothing is hidden from my readers and if I know exactly and suspect something it will be posted on MNO whether the admins like it or not.

6) MNOFridays will give an experienced view on a sometimes ugly and uncomfortable truth on how the HYIP industry really works and open your eyes on its best kept secrets. If you know them you will be smarter and have more chances to succeed with your investments.

7) I'm personally replying to all the questions my readers have and try to create articles based on the feedback received from you. So you will always get the answers to all your questions, even if sometimes you may not like them. Do not hesitate to contact me using this form.

8) By participating in discussions on MNO Forum, MNO Shoutbox and TalkBack page you're becoming a member of a community of fellow investors who can share precious information and personal opinions with you to help you invest wiser.
1) Thousands of readers daily that will see your ads on my blog and monitor, thousands of subscribers will read information about your program daily via email.

2) Very efficient advertising with great results for your money, confirmed by numerous #1 referrer results for elite programs.

3) Experienced admin and cutting-edge marketing techniques that will help you promote your program in the best possible way.

4) Advertising on MNO is prestigious and is aimed at experienced investors who prefer to see good quality programs over fast scams that are priced out of my monitor for good. That means you will be ahead of your competitors who prefer other low-priced and low quality sources of advertising while also gaining trust by showing off your financial health.

5) You will receive the option to communicate directly with your potential investors by conducting interviews and participating in conversations on the MNO ShoutBox (only for the Premium Listed programs), as well as becoming sponsors of cash prize contests on the MNO Forum.

6) You will get a professionally written and unbiased review in perfect English explaining your investment plans in great detail along with any other features your program might have and the advantages to investors if they choose your program over others.

7) Only programs listed on MNO in any category of listing can buy banners on the MNO website which is highly regarded for its effectiveness and reflected in the prices. Banner advertising on MNO from high-yield investment programs not listed on MNO is not allowed. At the same time, there are discounts available for multiple banner purchases or longer term placings to the admins of the Premium and Standard listed programs (please refer to my advertising page for any further info on that).

8) The ability to choose from different types of listing on MNO gives you greater flexibility for your money and will make MNO monitoring more affordable by allowing you to start with a less expensive option and upgrade later at your convenience. At the same time, please note that I never give any discounts for any type of listing as everyone is treated the same way on MNO and therefore, every admin must pay for the listing exactly the same price he sees on the advertising page which you should refer to for any information (and pay for the listing ONLY to the payment processor accounts listed there). MNO is a place for elite programs only and if you can't afford my service please look elsewhere. Prices are not open to negotiation.
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