If you are an admin and want to have your investment program listed on MNO or have any questions related to advertising here please read the information regarding monitoring on the following link and after that contact me through this form. If you are a reader of MNO and have any questions or suggestions about anything covered my blog or monitoring page please include them here also.

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Please note that if you are a regular reader of MNO then you are always welcome to contact me and share your thoughts and opinions on what you read on my blog (whether you agree with it or not) or about anything else in the wider HYIP industry.
However if you have a problem getting paid from a program listed on my monitoring page then you may only contact me if you have joined that program using my referral link. I am more than happy to intervene on your behalf regarding any dispute you may have with a HYIP or its admin. I won't actually promise you a resolution, but I have had a good deal of success with negotiating on behalf of my downline. In fact the number one criteria for an admin retaining "paying status" on the MNO monitor will be the fast and full payment to the MNO downline. Helping to ensure that is my number one priority as a monitor.
If you are not in my downline then please do not contact me with your problems. You must contact the individual or the monitor whose referral link you preferred to use when joining. I have a full time business to run, my time is limited, and I have enough to deal with handling genuine support issues from my regular downline. If you prefer to use another monitor then that's your own business, I really don't mind, but any disputes you have with HYIPs will not be a matter of interest to me, and your mail will therefore not be a priority.