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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog – the only resource working exclusively with high-budget investment programs strong enough to afford listing prices which are undoubtedly the highest in the HYIP industry. The decision to keep my blog and monitor exclusively for elite programs has proved more and more successful and am satisfied with the current pool of high quality investment projects I cover. Those are truly some special programs whose admins are creative and experienced and are not afraid of the high exposure and sometimes tough judgement of my readers who actively discuss programs between each other or with me personally via email. The leaders certainly work out to make their way to my site either immediately after launch or after some time, so keep reading MNO for more promising programs coming soon. The best way to keep yourself up-to-date is to subscribe to the MNO Daily News delivered to your mailbox within a few hours of publication, so do yourself a favor and click here to subscribe.

Unfortunately, over the last few days one of the most popular programs in the HYIP industry RapidIncome ceased to exist, so keep reading for more information on that. Considering investors had the right to request their principal at anytime they wanted, once the panic started it was simply impossible to keep a lid on it and pay everyone who requested their money back. That’s why such programs like RapidIncome remain quite vulnerable overall and cannot withstand even the first blow while established giants like LaraWithMe keep paying 3% daily on a permanent basis without any issue for over three months. By the way, whether or not LaraWithMe is already the leader of the HYIP industry, just a potential contender for the leadership, or neither is up to you. Just click here and submit your vote in the poll that will remain open for the next couple of days with the final results coming early next week.


Starting with LaraWithMe, do you think 100 days online is a pretty decent achievement or just average? It all depends on the circumstances and the investment plans I suppose, but with LaraWithMe you’d be correct in saying a hundred days online is simply an outstanding achievement. The program really stands out by using a Telegram based investment platform that pays 3% daily forever with no option to request the original principal back, leaving you with a 34 day wait to break-even. There’s a lot that investors love about LaraWithMe, and the whole experience with the Lara bot is very different. But the deposit and withdrawal process remains quite easy to understand once you create a Telegram account (which requires only your phone number for verification purposes every time you try to log in there making it almost impossible to hack). Anyway, smart readers already found all the necessary information on LaraWithMe in the detailed review posted on MNO here or checked one of their tutorial videos. I just wanted to emphasize one small change from the review, as since then the minimum deposit required by LaraWithMe has increased from $10 to $15, however everything else remains the same with instant payouts to Payza, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, and AdvCash. Note that sometimes glitches may occur with payment processor systems, as happened with BitCoin wallet Blockchain yesterday, but these are usually getting fixed quite fast by the incredibly hard-working technical team behind LaraWithMe. You should expect to get paid within a few hours maximum anyway, if it ever has to be done in manual mode. Note that you can withdraw to a different payment processor than you joined with, so make sure all your payment processor accounts are specified in the settings to be able to withdraw anywhere you like.

As LaraWithMe has recently upgraded to Sticky listing on MNO it also confirmed its operating budget and leadership status. This made me think of better promotion for the program and posted the first of a series of LaraWithMe Weekly news articles. The first of these deals with the philosophy and general ideas of generating wealth for members which you can read here. By the way, the latest Weekly Summary from LaraWithMe also mentioned the results of the last referral contest with a total prize fund of $15K in total and the lucky winners who received the Bitcoin equivalent of their prizes. The only requirement from the administration was to share proof of purchase for the products they pay you for, including Macbooks and Apple Watches. I’m pleased to see that you can already see some pictures displayed by the lucky winners already on the LaraWithMe Facebook page. As you can see, LaraWithMe keep their word and actually reward the best promoters unlike so many others, meaning we should really anticipate the next contest. This has a prize fund of an incredible $100K which I’ll report on my blog when the time comes, so keep watching for that.

Beside the fact that LaraWithMe celebrates 100 days online very soon, it also encouraged promoters with a time limited event where the most active promoters attracting more than 100 active referrals in their downlines can receive an extra reward for themselves. For details of the promo campaign that will end later tonight please refer to the Facebook article re-posted below:

Your first “team hundred” comes with great bonuses.
48 HOURS LIMITED OFFER for all LARA leaders
Now, you can see that what we offer – is possible to deliver. It is not some sort of a wishful thinking and “playing at the edge”. Lifetime profit, instant huge non-stop payouts 7 days a week, impressive bonuses and millions of dollars paid… LARA platform is about to celebrate it’s first 100 days online milestone.
It became possible only because of you! Thousands of active leaders around the globe will get an amazing gift!
First 10 leaders who will be able to reach their 100 active investors (first downline) within next 48 hours will get an extra reward of 10% from their total team deposited amount.
Celebrate our 100 DAYS online date with your first “team hundred”!
Send a hashtag #100days_100people to @lara_creator (via telegram) once you reach your first 100 investors and get some goodies
Remember, You are an important part of life changing instrument standing at the doorstep of becoming a global phenomena.
Where you will be, when LARA cover the whole world with her hands?…
What is LARA?
How does it work?
How to start?
How much you can earn?
Success Stories from around the world!
Check all the hundreds of live reviews, testimonials directly from active investors on YouTube!
Get all the quick notices from our Twitter!


If LaraWithMe looks too extreme and you prefer a more conservative approach with longer term moderate plans then Edelweiss5 might be for you. Edelweiss5 has been on MNO for nearly a month already and offers an investment plan providing the same returns on all investments starting from $50 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. With Edelweiss5 you have to create an account in order to proceed with your investment, however once done you can forget it as profits will be paid out automatically and at the same time every day to the same e-currency you joined with for a term of 365 calendar days. You get paid a 0.5% fixed return on Saturdays and Sundays, but when it comes to business days (Monday to Friday) the sent profit might be different. At the time of writing Edelweiss5 promises 0.99% on your investment, but that’s subject to change at any time. Although the promised rate can be up to 3% daily, in reality though it never went higher than 1%, which though may still happen in the future. If that sounds complicated please refer to the full review of Edelweiss5 posted here which contains practical examples of what to expect.

What’s so interesting about Edelweiss5, a savvy investor might ask? The most fascinating thing is that the company is officially incorporated in Germany, but has physical office locations in other countries while holding seminars and promotional events locally. An option to have a written and signed investment contract which can be obtained either online or in one of company’s office locationsplus offline advertising shows the efforts Edelweiss5 make to attract a wider spectrum of investors. And of course, the worldwide appeal would not be complete without a professional translation of the website into different languages. With the successful addition of Turkish yesterday, the site of Edelweiss5 is now available in five languages which also includes English, Russian, German, and Chinese. Just click the top right-hand corner language icon to choose. Read the latest from Edelweiss5 here:

Our site is already in Turkish
Dear friends! We are glad to announce that our website is now available in Turkish. After the opening and successful development of our company’s office in Turkey, it became necessary to provide our Turkish investors the opportunity to enjoy all our services in their own language. Thanks to qualified professionals site fully translated into Turkish.


Perhaps the most talked about but unfortunately also the worst news story from the last few days has been the collapse of RapidIncome. Speculation as to why it had to close at this particular time is rife, as is the predictable finger pointing and victim blaming, with anyone trying to withdraw their principals from the program as was their right being labeled a hit-and-runner. Two very basic facts not open to debate however are that a) Every HYIP has to close at some point, RapidIncome being no exception, and b) the program was working off a very fragile business model. That’s not to call it flawed say it’s impossible to make a profit from, it’s just a lot more unpredictable than any other HYIP. As you know if you were a member of RapidIncome, the program made daily interest payments for as long as you opted to remain a member. When you decided to leave, you did so by requesting your principal back as was promised by the admin. The obvious problem here of course is that no one, not even the admin, knows how much money is going to be paid out from one day to the next. In fact the only real control that the RapidIncome admin exerts over the cash flow is to put a stop to the whole thing as happened on Thursday when he was no longer able to keep pace with the investors who wanted their principals back. Whether this is just one person asking for $10,000 or ten people asking for $1,000 each makes no difference, because if you cannot plan the cash flow then you simply do not know what’s coming tomorrow. The day when more money is needed to pay out than is coming back in with new and repeat investments is always only going to be a matter of time anyway, it’s just more devastating to programs like RapidIncome.

Just to backtrack for a moment, a lot of readers might mistakenly think that the first cracks started to appear in RapidIncome last Wednesday when one investor reported that he was refused access to his deposit, and shortly after making this public on various HYIP related public forums had his account deleted. Well, that may well have been the first time most people became aware of the problem, and RapidIncome collapsed shortly afterwards. In actual fact several other investors had already experienced the same situation earlier, they just chose not to make such a public display of outrage by accepting there was nothing they could do apart from continuing to accept whatever the admin decided to pay them for as long as they could and hope to claw back at least part of their principals in that manner. The fact that it took some time before this happened to one investor who rejected the admin’s offer and took to public forums to warn others is neither here nor there. The writing was already on the wall for RapidIncome before it became a topic of popular debate, and an existing cash flow problem was merely brought to the very same conclusion albeit slightly faster than anyone else saw coming.

The admin tried to keep some control over the cash flow and discourage hit-and-runners with a series of withdrawal fees. Just in case anyone unfamiliar with RapidIncome is wondering, the investment plan offered 2.5% interest per day for how ever long you wished to remain a member, and your principal back on demand when you were ready to leave. This was offset by a 2% withdrawal fee levied on interest withdrawals, and a 10% fee taken from all principal withdrawals. So if you invested $100 they’d only return $90 no matter how long you stayed a member, and remove a further 0.02¢ from every dollar you earned in profits. All that really meant was you would have to stay a member for five days instead of just one in order to exit with some level of profit. The admin told me himself once the fate of RapidIncome was more or less sealed that he had hoped that this, plus experience and many hard learnt lessons from his past more successful programs, would help make RapidIncome more manageable. Maybe it worked, I wouldn’t know how successful it was myself (how ever you want to define “success”), and only the admin has the final statistic on how many members joined and how many finished with a profit or a loss. But given the fragile nature of the plan which in theory allows 100% of the members to all withdraw their principals on the same day if they wanted, the actual lifetime of RapidIncome wasn’t too bad. All things considered about six weeks online when it only took five days to get in and out with a profit was a good opportunity, the million dollar question of course is when is the best time to get out with the maximum profit.

In some fairly lengthy e-mail exchanges with me the RapidIncome admin (who did provide me with satisfactory evidence of his history with running other programs by quoting old confidential payment batch numbers and emails) went on to cite personal issues with the manner in which certain payment processors do business with HYIP admins as a reason for not adding them. It’s not really my place to repeat this, to an extent I can see he makes a somewhat valid point in some cases, but what an admin can see as serving the best interests of his program may not be what the investors see as serving the best interests of themselves. So when limited exclusively to anonymous payment processors with no questions asked and all transactions final, more experienced players tend to spend less of their own money. This doesn’t help the overall cash pool the admin then needs to draw on when other investors come looking for their principals back, and ultimately something has to give. That was just one of many reasons that readers expressed to me privately in their own feedback why they were less than enthusiastic about RapidIncome than they otherwise might have been.

I guess everyone will have their theories about what the admin could have done differently, but there’s really little point in that now. Given his track record of running the likes of Carbon7, Royalty7, among others it’s safe to say he’s on a permanent improvement curve and will put whatever lessons he learns from every program to good use in the future. Cold comfort to anyone who lost money from this one I know, but that’s the HYIP industry for you. If you want to play then be ready to accept the losses you will occasionally suffer with the same good grace that you accept your winnings when things go your way. The admin has said his next program – and I really don’t know how long it’s going to be before launching – will again be included on MNO. I have no idea if anyone will recognize it or be aware of it, but I look forward to monitoring it and hope it’s a success for a lot more of you next time around. For now, it’s time to move on and look out for better things.


Being at the forefront of customer service, Payza has always been different from the majority of other online payment systems serving the HYIP industry. Although not always an easy experience for admins without first obtaining a fully verified business account, Payza nevertheless has always been a favorite among savvy investors who can fully utilize the option to file a dispute after a program scams making it possible to actually receive payments from seemingly collapsed programs for much longer than the anonymous options HYIP admins can easily withdraw their money from. Besides, if you take the time to fully verify your account with Payza you see a lot of benefits which include deposits and withdrawals from Bitcoin and your bank accounts and credit cards for minimal fees. And now for some businesses operating from Europe the credit card processing fees become even cheaper and will be set at 2.9% + 0.3 eurocents flat fee on each transaction. Payza has already posted a full update on that on its official blog where you can also check out more benefits your e-commerce business can obtain by accepting Payza. The recent introduction of its own pre-paid debit card will make it even stronger in the future. Here’s the official statement on that reposted below:

2.9% Credit Card Processing Fee For Eligible Businesses In Europe
Online businesses in Europe can accept credit card payments for rates starting at 2.9% + €0.30
Running an online business in the EU just got more profitable: Payza now offers lower fees for direct credit card processing for European merchants. Learn more about our new fee structure and find out how to enquire if your business qualifies for our new payment processing services.
The benefits of our new credit card services
If your business qualifies, your customers from all over the world can make credit card purchases from your website at minimal cost to you. Accept Visa and MasterCard payments for as little as 2.9% + €0.30 per transaction, one of the most competitive rates available in the European Union.
There are no set up fees and no maintenance fees. Our clear and simple fee structure means you will never have to deal with any unexpected service fees.
Try our payment platform with zero risk. Our per-transaction model means you only pay any fees when you make a sale.
Does your business qualify?
All businesses in the EU at low-risk for credit card chargebacks will receive our lowest credit card processing fee. The majority of businesses and industries fall in this category, ranging from retail to freelance services to software development. We encourage you to apply for our credit card services if you are confident about the quality of the products you sell and have great feedback from your customers.
There is no problem if your business has some risk for credit card charge backs; we will simply adjust your fee structure so that it is fair for your industry. Our dedicated Business Support Team will review your business and determine which rate is best for you.
For startups and new businesses that have yet to complete three months of sales, Payza will provide your business with credit card processing at our regular rate for a limited time so you can build a transaction history and then become eligible for lower, preferred rates specific to your business.
Payza makes it easy to accept the payments methods your customers prefer. In addition to credit and debit card payments, your business will also be able to accept payments by Payza e-wallet or by Bitcoin.
We automatically convert Bitcoin payments to a currency of your choice, like Euros, which is great if you are interested in accepting Bitcoin payments but are wary of Bitcoin price fluctuations. With Payza, you can accept Bitcoin payments without the risk.
We also provide built in ways to make your checkout platform secure and easy to manage:
– Keep payment details private and protected from unwanted changes by encrypting payments using our Tokenized Payments checkout feature.
– Raise the efficiency of your online marketplace with Payza’s Split Payments feature: you can receive a single payment from a customer and then automatically “split” that payment to multiple merchants selling products on your marketplace.
– Payza’s secure payment portal offers a fast, smooth checkout experience that never takes customers away from your website.
– With unique buttons for single payments or subscriptions, and for purchases or donations, we provide payment buttons specific to your business.
– Payza is PCI-compliant, so our state-of-the-art security and intelligent fraud prevention policies ensure that we protect your customers’ transactions.
With our new features, we are confident that Payza will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in Europe’s booming e-commerce sector.
So what are you waiting for? You can set up your payment gateway for your website and start receiving credit card payments without delays; consult our helpful merchant set up guide for more details.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky listLaraWithMe.
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, CapitallerZinc7Edelweiss5, EmpireAdvertisement.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A, Dowerly, EarnTech.

That’s all the news from the HYIP industry for now. Enjoying the rest of your weekend, and I’ll be hitting one of the Dead Sea resorts here by tomorrow. As always it’s a working holiday for me and I’ll see you all back on Monday. Hopefully the new business week will see some new opportunities while existing programs on my monitor will continue to pay. Anyway, the autumn season is in full swing now so let’s hope it’s a profitable for MNO readers who can choose the very best programs and ignore the rest. This is the audience MNO was created for ten years ago and it’s for those people (which I hope includes you!) that I’ve been working all this time. Thanks for all your support, guys, and stay tuned for many more exciting updates over the next seven days! See you all on Monday!

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