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Hi guys! Despite being December and a time that many associate with instability, so far the month has been exceptionally resilient to any kind of sudden unwelcome surprises. I mean it’s not all good news all the time, but nothing so bad that it’s going to be 2017 before we recover. There are a few established leaders of the HYIP industry that keep paying and maintain a sense of general steadiness despite occasional slips like Capitaller and Magnum. The most stable programs of the HYIP season were discussed in the recently posted article on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO which can be found here. As many admins do not like to compete with such giants as Zinc7 or TrueBit, they seem to delay the launch of their new programs leading to the result we have been observing over the last two weeks – almost no new high-budget programs are being launched. Whether it’s good or not, I am in no position to judge, but I believe that for an average investor who doesn’t like to jump from one investment opportunity to another and who doesn’t practice hit-n-run strategies that it’s a good thing indicating the HYIP industry is in an overall really healthy shape nowadays. I guess many investors are just getting wiser after they were burned by too many fast scams earlier this year and prefer to stick with the programs with proven payments record and stable payouts over some period of time. That’s a very good trend, in my humble opinion, that already proved this year to be a huge improvement on the last one with Asian markets currently on the rise to give the HYIP industry a new positive direction in 2017.

It’s time now to get to the latest news from undoubtedly the most interesting programs in the industry now and highlight the recent updates from Razzleton, Mexeer, and RightRise, and say a last goodbye to Magnum that scammed after an incredible run of nearly 400 days. There are also a couple of updates from the safest payment processor that allows HYIP investing – Payza, so keep reading to find out more.


You might think that if you have to make a deposit into Razzleton it will be credited to your account instantly and you will start making profits right from that point. While it’s certainly true when using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney, when it comes to three others – Qiwi, YandexMoney, and Neteller – that is not exactly how things work. You see, each of the latter three payment processors would require manual approval of your deposit from the admin. Only after your payment is confirmed and the admin manually credits it to your account will you start earning. Sounds too complicated? Don’t fret, as now you will be able to see an explanation of the whole process related specifically to Neteller, YandexMoney, or Qiwi. This can be found on a specially created page where everything explained not only in text, but also in a video format. The link to that along with the announcement of the feature can be seen below in the latest update from Razzleton:

A guide to creating deposits added
Caring about its partners and wishing to make the work with the platform more comfortable, Razzleton HealthCare Limited has prepared a detailed guide to creating deposits. Do you want to invest using QIWI, Yandex.Money or Neteller? With our step-by-step instructions, you can easily make a transfer and create a request properly.
Investing with Razzleton has become even easier! The guide is available at the link:

I should remind you that Razzleton (reviewed here) recently joined the Top Five list on my monitor and looks like it’s not going to give it away to any of its competitors anytime soon. The program has been paying for about a year now with the vast majority of this time spent as a “sleeper”. This nevertheless gave it some much needed credibility among investors who look for an established performer and currently Razzleton are enjoying steady interest from investors flocking in to profit from one of its daily paying plans each of what also promises to return initial investment on expiry – 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days. As the minimum starts from $10 in some plans Razzleton attracts both smaller and larger investors, although the latter ones should note the increasing risks when choosing one of the on expiry plans – 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. According to the preliminary results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page a third of my readers never join such plans, refusing to acknowledge the higher level of risk that comes with it. So be wiser and if investing in Razzleton make choice towards the daily paying plans only!


The team behind RightRise are working tirelessly on the constant improvement of their website by adding the Spanish language version of the website yesterday. Having RightRise in several different languages (others being English, Russian, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese) should help the company to successfully compete on the international HYIP market by attracting a wider audience, especially from European and Asian countries members from which seem to be the lifeblood of the HYIP industry at the moment. The Spanish investment community that will now be able to read RightRise in their own language is influential not only in Spain, but mostly in the Spanish speaking countries across Latin America. That should open some new horizons for RightRise‘s further expansion, as the admin is surely ambitious enough to add more languages in the future as well:

Another translation of our website has been added today.
From this point on you can invite your Spanish friends to join us!
We know that you like what we do! We will continue to add translations in all languages in the near future.
Sincerely, The RightRise Team.

With payments continuing uninterrupted for about seven weeks now RightRise is about to put the first investors into profit. From my detailed review of the program posted here, you might be aware that the company is offering shares valued at $30 each which earn you a daily variable income of 1% to 3% for the lifetime of the program. As it’s simply impossible to tell when you reach the break-even point with your deposit in RightRise you should make your own calculations, but note that there a system of boosters in place that would help you reach that point up to 1.48 times faster. Good thing that most of the withdrawal requests in RightRise are processed instantly, so you don’t really need to wait. Currently RightRise accommodates those who prefer to invest with traditional processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, YandexMoney, or NixMoney, and those who like more modern digital e-currencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, or DogeCoin. As the admin keeps adding more payment methods with time I will report if more become available in the near future. Meanwhile enjoy your daily profits with RightRise, guys!


Mexeer (reviewed here) is perhaps one of the most original investment programs you might have seen for a while. Not only is it a regular HYIP, but it’s also an exchanger that deals with its own MEX currency and where you can exchange money. You might need to spend some time inside of your account area in Mexeer to be able to understand how the whole investment process works, but once figuring it out you’ll see it’s not that complicated at all. Investments start from a $10 minimum and depending on your investment goals you may choose from three available plans each of which eventually bring from 50% to 100% net profit by expiry – 2% for 75 days, 2.3% for 77 days, 2.5% for 80 days. As Mexeer deals mostly with BitCoin and its substitutes you can invest also with some lesser known counterparts like LiteCoin, DogeCoin, PeerCoin, DashCoin, EmerCoin, and PrimeCoin, or try a more traditional method like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Note that Mexeer will charge you fees on both depositing and withdrawing your money, so keep this in mind and cut your losses by knowing what amount you pay from each withdrawal (there are different rates for different currencies). Despite Mexeer being so original it’s hard for it to find its niche in the market, especially as things slow down coming up to the holidays. That’s why Mexeer recently pleaded with members to post positive feedback they have with the program. So they recently opened a Reviews section on the website where you can share your feelings on the project. Here’s what the admin had to say about that:

Opening of new section Reviews!
Undoubtedly, personal experience is the greatest motivator for further work with our investment platform. If you are an existing customer and already successfully earning, it’s time to share your results with other visitors of our website. Especially for your feedback on our work, comments and reviews of Mexeer features and its potential we have added a new section – “Reviews”. We’d love to hear your opinion and listen to it: perhaps this will help to make our work more productive and comfortable for customers. We believe that your review will also help novice investors make their first step to earnings and determine the more profitable collaboration strategy.
Together there’s much we can achieve, let’s work as a team!


The recent suspicious activities of the admin of Magnum who seemed desperate to attract new deposits in the constantly changing and modified new investment plans didn’t go unnoticed. Many savvy investors started pulling out of the program when the first signs of collapse became obvious. The admin himself may even have realized that he went too far with his tactics which might have a negative effect on the program’s cashflow scaring off the potential investors instead of attracting new ones. The final nail in the coffin was when two more plans were silently added a couple of days ago promising to pay 150% or even 200% after an 11 business day term. And just yesterday it became clear that no one would be paid not only from these, but also any other plans in Magnum. As soon as I became aware of the admin suddenly switching off instant withdrawals I immediately warned readers with a warning on the MNO ShoutBox and moved the program on hold on the MNO monitor pending a further response from the admin which, as you might have guessed by now, never came. That sealed the fate of Magnum on my monitor and it’s been moved to Scam status. In any case, if you invested in Magnum via Payza you should still received your withdrawals instantly for the time being. You see, investing with Payza is generally more secure, as the HYIP admins tend to “forget” their remaining funds and keep paying to investors right until nothing is left in their accounts, due to withdrawal restrictions imposed on them by an always reliable Payza administration. Even if you’re still getting paid by Payza make sure you don’t invest in Magnum anymore, as the program is a proven scam now. For more information and latest news on Payza please refer to the following update.


I’ll finish up for tonight with Payza who have just added a couple of extra updates to their official news blog. Whoever writes their newsletters for them seems to have been in an extra chatty mood recently as they’re fairly lengthy, though I’m not sure if the headline and the story have much of a connection. They are usually fairly interesting to read, particularly the second one which is more focused on internet business and e-commerce in Canada (where I’m thinking of taking an extended vacation next summer). I’m not so sure however of how much practical use any of the information there is of to you the HYIP investor, however it won’t hurt anyone’s confidence to know that in Payza they are dealing with a massive international company that are actively and aggressively expanding all the time.

There are only three currently paying programs listed on MNO that accept Payza. These are Zinc7 (reviewed here), TrueBit (reviewed here), and BandeiraCorp (reviewed here). That’s not the only thing these three programs have in common however. It’s no coincidence that all three occupy positions in the Top Five list of most popular programs among MNO readers. In fact Zinc7 and TrueBit are sitting quite comfortably at the top of the pile in places one and two. That’s not really a surprise though, as most of the few programs that go to the trouble of adding Payza can easily expect to be rewarded in this way. Even investors who don’t actually use Payza themselves are still capable of recognizing it as a quality sign, you know, in much the same way that I don’t need to own an American Express “Black Card” to understand what it is. The other thing that experienced investors are catching on to is that you very rarely see a program using Payza that’s been deliberately set up as a fast scam. Even the last program that accepted Payza that did scam – Magnum, now on Problem Status on the MNO monitor because of selective payouts – is still paying out to its Payza members. Just Payza users, no one else, so obviously don’t take that as a green light to invest there now. This is likely down to Payza making it difficult for HYIP admins to withdraw the funds for themselves as identity checks would be required, so what’s probably going to happen here is that Magnum members using Payza will continue to be paid until whatever money is still in the account runs out.

This is quite a fortunate side benefit that only comes with Payza, most other processors are all anonymous and irreversible. In addition to that they also provide account holders the option of direct funding and withdrawals. You can simply bypass the inflated fees of the third-party exchangers needed to move money in and out of other payment processors (what a racket that is, eh?) by doing it yourself. You move your own money in and out of Payza using your own credit/debit cards, bank account, BitCoin wallet, and now their own pre-loaded debit card that Payza will mail out to your home address in the post.

Anyway, the following two updates taken as I said from the official Payza news blog start with a look at something that’s going to be crossing the minds of many people around the world at this time of year. If for economic reasons you have had to move to greener pastures in order to help support family members back at home, Christmas is a time when you may be sending more than usual. Payza have some suggestions on that and will offer their services. The second article is less personal and more business orientated, focusing on the Canadian market for online e-commerce transactions:

Payza Makes It Easy to Send Money This Holiday Season
The holiday season is upon us. We all look forward to moments where we can cherish our time with loved ones and show our appreciation for friends and colleagues that have a special place in our hearts.
A common tradition this time of year is for family members living abroad to offer a helping hand to loved ones back home by sending money. The time is right since many fortunate employees receive a holiday bonus, giving them the means to send extra cash home. As an employer, you may want to express gratitude by offering a holiday bonus to your favorite contract employees or freelancer living in another region of the world. Whatever your motives for gift giving, you can rest assured that sending money online using your Payza account will free you from financial tasks and let you focus on joyous holiday gatherings.
The benefits of sending money with Payza
Whether you want to send money online to China, Brazil, India, South Africa, or any of the more than 190 countries Payza serves, using our platform is fast, secure, affordable, and practical. We operate in many countries where other leading payment platforms don’t, so geographical boundaries pose no challenge when sending money to where it needs to go.
Fast because sending money from one Payza account to another is instant anywhere in the world. We offer several options to add and withdraw funds from Payza that take no more than a few business days to complete.
Secure because you can avoid the risks of sending money in the mail and our fraud prevention and security services ensure your money makes it to its rightful destination.
Affordable because we give you options to send money at competitive rates that suit you best, rates that are lower than many popular money transfer companies.
Practical because the recipient of your gift can use that money instantly to shop online at a variety of retailers, or just withdraw those funds to their bank account or Bitcoin wallet
We also provide unique banking services that enable you to pay a freelancer abroad with your domestic currency and have them receive your gift in their bank account in their local currency.
Ways to send money that suit your needs best
With our multiple options to add and withdraw funds from Payza, you decide which option is right for you. Consider these three scenarios for holiday gift giving:
In a rush and just in time for the holidays: Want to be sure that your gift will reach its destination on time? Want to avoid delays from bank holidays? Add funds instantly by credit card and send them to your recipient just as fast! Your loved one will have their holiday cash in a matter of minutes to spend online or withdraw by their preferred method. This option is ideal for sending money to students away at college or family members eager to shop online.
On a budget, sending the most funds with reduced fees: Left yourself enough time before the holidays to add funds by Bank Transfer or Bank Wire and save on fees? Want to maximize the money you send home from a holiday bonus at work? This strategy requires more time to complete but is worth the wait because you and your recipient will benefit from the lower transaction fees.
Holiday bonus for contract employees and freelancers abroad: Sending payments to freelancers in many regions of the world is a headache for both the sender and receiver. Many booming regions of freelance workers, such as South Asia, lack online payment infrastructure that makes it easy to receive international payments. Payza developed this necessary infrastructure and makes it easy to send money to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Consider our services specific to India:
You send more than money, you send well-being
Our services are about more than sending money. With each international money transfer, what you really send is security and well-being. For the elderly parent back home, you can send the money they need for daily living expenses without them having to travel long distances to collect cash at a bank. For the child studying abroad, sending funds lets them to take a break from yet another meal of ramen noodles by offering the means to buy a quality dinner. For the freelancer in the developing world, your bonus enables them to invest in their business and gain greater financial independence.
The holiday season is about giving and this is why we want to make your acts of generosity as easy as possible.
From all of us at Payza, we wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays and all the best in the new year.

Country Spotlight: Understanding Consumers and Cross-Border E-Commerce in Canada
Canada is like a blue chip stock. Even though it’s the world’s second largest country, Canada is sparsely populated and its e-commerce market is still relatively small at just over USD 22 billion. Nonetheless, with a stable and affluent population, the Canadian market offers a solid, low-risk, long-term investment. There is no race to be an early adopter or innovator in Canadian e-commerce. Rather, investing in the country is like putting your money in something slow, steady and reliable.
Unless otherwise noted, figures in this article are sourced from:
Statista, The Paypers
Canadian Consumers
E-commerce is firmly established in Canada, internet penetration in the country is among the world’s highest. Interac Online is one of the most mature debit networks of its kind and more than half of the population has used it to participate in online shopping.
Canada is the single most popular market for cross-border merchants globally. According to Multichannel Merchant, 84% of international merchants said they sell to Canada, well above the runner-up, Australia, at 54%. This means that the market is highly competitive as well as attractive to international online retailers.
The eagerness for emerging technologies is clear: Canadians spend nearly twice as much time on the internet as the worldwide average of 23 hours per month; almost half have said they are ready to embrace m-commerce on wearable devices; and, 47% have said they want retailers to provide more secure mobile payment options. All this has contributed to Canada ranking #2 on the Mobile Payments Readiness Index (MPRI).
Clothing is the most popular online retail category in Canada, with 42% of online shoppers purchasing clothes, while Media Products –including books, music, film/TV, concert tickets and video games – also dominate the market, accounting for 5 of the top 10 highest-performing e-commerce categories. One-third of total Canadian e-commerce spending benefits American merchants.
As with most of the world’s e-commerce markets, credit cards are the most popular method of online payment, with MasterCard being the most popular in Canada. E-wallets account for nearly one-fifth of online transactions and prepaid cards for 11% of the total. Interac Online has received widespread adoption in the e-commerce sphere, gaining over 9% of the market in its first two years alone.
Drivers and Barriers
Driver: Consumer Confidence
The Interac network is one of the most mature national debit card networks in the world. The increased security and lack of debt concerns associated with Interac compared to credit card purchases has driven consumer confidence in e-commerce. Similarly, Canadian consumers have been more inclined to embrace new m-commerce technologies than Americans and Europeans. More than one third of the population uses mobile banking and over 5 million Canadians shop online using their smartphones.
Barrier: Shopping In-Store
New data from Statistics Canada has shown a marked reversal in the e-commerce trend, with online sales accounting for 2% of the total retail sales in the first 9 months of 2016. However, in that relatively small proportion of total retail sales, “pure-play” or digital-only retailers (including foreign merchants) dominate, accounting for about 80% of total e-commerce sales. This shows that Canadians are willing to shop online when there are no other options, but still prefer to make their purchases at brick-and-mortar shops when given the opportunity.
Driver: Cross-Border Shopping
The vast majority of the country’s population lives just a short drive away from the American border. Throughout the 20th century, cross-border shopping was a very popular weekend activity among Canadians of all demographics. By the time e-commerce came along in the 21st century, most Canadians were already accustomed to buying from international merchants. In 2014, eMarketer reported that 7 out of 10 online purchases in Canada are made from international merchants, and the majority of those sales went to merchants from the US.
Barrier: Buying Local
In the last couple of years, the Buy Local movement has moved online. In November 2016, an Ipsos survey found that 43% of Canadian consumers plan to do more of their holiday shopping at Canadian retailers than they had in 2015. The declining value of the Canadian Dollar compared to the Greenback is a big factor in this shift. With that said, Canadians still cite lower prices and better selection as reasons to buy from international merchants, so not all hope is lost.
Canadian E-Commerce Facts
– The world’s most popular e-commerce market for cross-border retailers.
– 5% e-commerce annual growth rate.
– Canadians spend the most time on the internet on average.
– More than two-thirds of online purchases are cross-border.
– Merchants offering free shipping gain a 69% increase in their conversion rates.
– 41% of Canadians cite lower prices and 23% cite better selection as reasons to buy from international merchants.
When deciding whether to expand your business across borders, it is important to consider which countries you are targeting and what benefits they offer. In terms of ease, reliability, and growth, Canada is certainly a seller’s market. As one of the world’s largest countries, its strong economy and reliable e-commerce market make it a low-risk, long-term investment with a steady return that can support future business growth.
Expanding into a new international market is a risky venture but a very rewarding one if done right. For the latest information about how you can build and maintain a strong e-commerce enterprise and keep it compatible with legislation and buying habits at home and abroad, subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest industry news.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listZinc7TrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, RazzletonEdelweiss5RightRiseSoftmeetBitBeyondPetroleumMexeer.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: XaboHYIP-A, SynvestmentPalmillsDowerly.

That’s all for tonight, guys. As I’m taking a short winter holiday here in Iceland I might not be available over the weekend due to exploring this wonderful country. Meanwhile enjoy the weekend and see you back on Monday with the results of the current poll on the MNO TalkBack page, so please vote if you haven’t done so already. See you soon, everyone!

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