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Fairooz wrote:
Most of the monitors online keep the program on "Paying" status just if they get paid. If the program pays the monitors, they are happy, that's all. But MNO is totally different. Paul is more concerned about his readers' hard earned money. If a single MNO investor doesn't get paid, Paul never hesitate to move the program to "Scam" status, no matter how much the admin paid him for promoting. MNO: The most honest HYIP monitor online. I am MNO reader since early 2010. Thank you Paul.
oluclay wrote:
Good work Paul keep it up we are with.thanks from brotherhood Africa.
mymonob wrote:
MNO is like HYIP newspaper for me, daily somebody throws it in my email backyard fresh and crispy,I pick it up take a glimpse and roll up for the night for details and articles. The only difference is that MNO doesn't charge any subscription fees.
Ninniane wrote:
With MNO, there\'s simply no need of other monitors. Reading the daily news from the industry has become a part in my daily routine that I really enjoy.
jesusluv wrote:
Sir,I really love the way you analyze a HYIP.I am a great fan and a regular reader of your articles.Thank You...
Nitanyahu wrote:
The best EVER hyip monitoring website. The most informative and useful for me. regards, Nitanyahu.
Hakim wrote:
Great !!
vladlen wrote:
Мне понравилась ваша оперативность я получил свои деньги. Большое спасибо админу!!!!
Dragonmoon wrote:
Being new to the HYIP World It is Fantastic that I have a place where I can Learn the ins and outs of the business, Thanks Paul and MNO for the info and intel we need to succeed
AussieGuy wrote:
I would like to thank you so much Paul for such a wonderful site, a place for us to come together and share our experiences. I enjoy reading your reviews and think you have wonderful insite. I will be a reader of MNO for many years to come! Daniel Moss (AussieGuy) mossip89@hotmai.com
Joe Runco wrote:
Love MNO.... Disappointed in these HYIP scamming investors. Here in the USA, this is a federal offense and you would go to prison for scamming people out of money. If you cannot be sustainable in this market don\'t cheat people out of money. There are ways to be sustainable like JSS and Felmina. They have either restarts or invest in other programs like currency exchanges.
millionusd wrote:
great website hyip monitor
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  19/06/2018  PAYING
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News Date: 19/06/2018
A new program was added to Basic listing - SiestaTrading.
Comment Date: 20/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
Program is truly wonderful and i decided to add another deposit into the project :) I have been earning here since a long time now and also getting paid Payment batch - 3e1f65ccc37f9670670a3a7c5726bb7fc648f419e4e995d40f3ca3ebc25c551a Deposit batch - 50aeb0d23d62f90511a1afe984584d5e6b8c83ccac371ceb192068c9c9a51ba9
Comment Date: 19/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
Program is really good guys and pays me everyday my withdrawal on time I am planning to make a reinvestment here as this project seems to be very much stable and good returns too :) Payment batch - 4d6ffbba2748ad5508dcab18d6308c9e499cd472142427ca58feab97198a84a1
Comment Date: 18/06/2018
About: WorldMining
Comment Date: 18/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
Program is really good guys I was paid again from here in my bitcoin wallet and also to my litecoin wallet with some referral commissions :) I like how strong the project is Payment batch - 7643e2001e2dbd4c55c053c403c83ccad27a906a2015ca7d1f7985a882694414 3ef6563943af13ba70edf946929b70767fac0243ded8b04950ebbd88f63763ef
Comment Date: 16/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
Program is paying me everyday on my withdrawals guys I have been investing and earning here since more than a month already and its growing really strong too :) Payment batch - c5bf8f2f5045899ae2c2c33d2a71485da2e30a787f891cca4e740571eb41ca03
Comment Date: 14/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
best admin in the industry i love this program
Comment Date: 14/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
Program is doing rock solid guys hence i decided to make a reinvestment into the program back again I was also paid into my bitcoin wallet within a few hours which is really nice :) Payment batch - 0c9c350b424bb2dc9b995a34797027d2a9424231d3a973c258e11b226ac6ca66 Reinvestment batch - d2c87aeb11cc31ab48d1dbc3558fb98bcb6a8d348eb81da9af4774b7acf9ad94
Comment Date: 14/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
I was paid again from Tokenizer guys This program is really strong and hence i am thinking to make a reinvestment here soon so i can earn more Profits are pouring in as i was paid some referral commissions in LTC too along with my btc withdrawal :) Payment batch - 3380769b86f47ee91e47ef20ec413009b5ba83bef217f70c06402fc76ffe5 b94694c379b7c47a1335d74c7dbc7c16461989291f943cbc7562ddcbb3eb9da8
Comment Date: 13/06/2018
About: WorldMining
Comment Date: 13/06/2018
About: Tokenizer
What an amazing project guys I was paid yet again from here in my bitcoin wallet Today is the day that i will make a reinvestment into here as i see its growing very strong daily :) Payment batch - ee8431a0b19cd451ff7a98a5cd895099899a6d1929147621d36bec4614e5a3b0

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  • Added: 16/11/2017
    Invested: $400
    Returned: 312.19%  in profit
    Last Payout: 18/06/2018
    USD Min: $15
    BTC Min: ฿-
    Referral: 5%
     Investment Plans: 0.9%-1.5% for 280-360 days.
    Monitored: 217 days
    Online Since: 16/11/2017

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18/06/2018 FROM: 5163****@qq.com COMMENT: world-mining投资,9/29后提出
13/06/2018 FROM: itti****@gmail.com COMMENT: good

Payments Received
$13.81 on 20/11/2017
$10.88 on 23/11/2017
$20.59 on 27/11/2017
$7.28 on 30/11/2017

$14.60 on 04/12/2017
$11.00 on 07/12/2017
$14.64 on 11/12/2017
$11.67 on 14/12/2017

$14.88 on 18/12/2017
$10.92 on 21/12/2017
$19.55 on 25/12/2017
$14.00 on 28/12/2017

$15.44 on 01/01/2018
$10.92 on 04/01/2018
$47.00 on 08/01/2018
$11.67 on 11/01/2018

$14.80 on 15/01/2018
$15.19 on 18/01/2018
$16.36 on 22/01/2018
$11.59 on 25/01/2018

$16.05 on 29/01/2018
$158.81 on 31/01/2018
$15.72 on 05/02/2018
$14.32 on 08/02/2018

$14.56 on 12/02/2018
$15.21 on 15/02/2018
$27.78 on 19/02/2018
$7.28 on 22/02/2018

$15.31 on 26/02/2018
$7.27 on 27/02/2018
$7.29 on 01/03/2018
$223.56 on 05/03/2018

$14.56 on 08/03/2018
$12.92 on 12/03/2018
$10.92 on 15/03/2018
$16.21 on 19/03/2018

$11.37 on 22/03/2018
$16.05 on 26/03/2018
$12.43 on 29/03/2018
$23.56 on 02/04/2018

$12.42 on 05/04/2018
$14.56 on 09/04/2018
$13.27 on 12/04/2018
$19.39 on 16/04/2018

$8.99 on 19/04/2018
$14.56 on 23/04/2018
$11.37 on 26/04/2018
$14.56 on 30/04/2018

$10.92 on 03/05/2018
$22.66 on 07/05/2018
$11.70 on 10/05/2018
$23.86 on 14/05/2018

$11.32 on 17/05/2018
$18.43 on 21/05/2018
$11.76 on 24/05/2018
$17.78 on 31/05/2018

$13.51 on 04/06/2018
$18.78 on 07/06/2018
$11.25 on 11/06/2018
$7.97 on 14/06/2018

$11.72 on 18/06/2018


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Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 20/06/2018
SiestaTrading /BASIC/
Payout date: 20/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 19/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 18/06/2018
WorldMining /ON HOLD/
Payout date: 18/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 17/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 15/06/2018
AK47Capital /SCAM/
Payout date: 15/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 14/06/2018
WorldMining /ON HOLD/
Payout date: 14/06/2018
AK47Capital /SCAM/
Payout date: 14/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 13/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 13/06/2018
Impressio /SCAM/
Payout date: 13/06/2018
AK47Capital /SCAM/
Payout date: 13/06/2018
PaymentAutomatic /SCAM/
Payout date: 12/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 12/06/2018
Impressio /SCAM/
Payout date: 12/06/2018
AK47Capital /SCAM/
Payout date: 12/06/2018
AK47Capital /SCAM/
Payout date: 11/06/2018
PaymentAutomatic /SCAM/
Payout date: 11/06/2018
InvestmentSlots /BASIC/
Payout date: 11/06/2018
WorldMining /ON HOLD/
Payout date: 11/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 11/06/2018
Impressio /SCAM/
Payout date: 11/06/2018
PaymentAutomatic /SCAM/
Payout date: 10/06/2018
Impressio /SCAM/
Payout date: 10/06/2018
PaymentAutomatic /SCAM/
Payout date: 09/06/2018
Tokenizer /PREMIUM/
Payout date: 09/06/2018
Impressio /SCAM/
Payout date: 09/06/2018
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