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Everything goes so smooth today so I have nearly nothing to report. Every program I’m in have no problems with payments. I received payments today from PremiumProLtd, MInvestment, RussoProject and SwiftMoneySurf.

I requested my first payment from MyGuardedReturns. Will update you as soon as it will be processed. You may also be interested in reading the second part of the interview with Jason here. I have to remind you that when you request a payout for the 6th day and above you will get 50% of the amount for 2 days. So I expect to get 50% of my amount today and 50% of my amount tomorrow.

I have pending payment to e-gold from SurfMargin for 2 weeks already but haven’t received it yet. I find this situation quite frustrating cause many people receive payments to STP fast enough and I have to wait for weeks. Anyway the program pays at least to those with STP accounts and Charles expects a new injection of funds from his business partners very soon to make program back on track. But imho the waiting period is just too long. Hope Charles will not disappoint us.

As I predicted the site of InfiniteMultiplicity went down yesterday because of supposedly DDOS-attack but there’s not a single word from admin regarding this and payouts coming. So you can make your own conclusions. For me it’s quite clear that another very much hyped autosurf has failed. I made up my mind not to join hyped-up programs anymore cause I have a really bad investment history with such types of HYIPs and autosurfs. I prefer to invest in sites first flying under radars but then gradually gaining popularity amongst investors. In my opinion they have much better chance to survive for longer periods.

I think I found another possibly great autosurf program. I’m currently reviewing it. If I’m satisfied with the results of reviewing I will join it and tell you about it tomorrow, so stay tuned!

P.S. I’m quite new to WordPress blog system so I can’t figure out so far how to install rss-feed for this blog. All my attempts have failed. If you have any ideas about that please share with me in comments section to this post. I would be appreciated.

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