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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend and are looking forward to whatever new opportunities might come our way. I can’t say it’s exactly been a busy weekend for the programs listed on the MNO monitor in terms of news events, but that’s not a bad thing by any means. We can see stability and continued payments, that’s all we really need to concern ourselves with. It’s in another side of the HYIP industry that’s throwing up the biggest talking points at the moment however, the seemingly always controversial subject of third party online payment handlers. In this particular case, we are going to be talking about AdvCash. And if you’re not familiar with some of the recent policy changes being enforced there, allow me to bring you up to speed in the main article below.

First of all let’s be blunt here. I know I’m stating the obvious and repeating what you already know, but the industry is still in a pretty horrible state right now. 99% of programs are failing to complete even the first full cycle, so you should definitely wait for some big programs to appear on MNO if you don’t want to lose the money. To add insult to injury now the HYIP industry seems to have lost the AdvCash payment processor – the newest of the three main traditional style dollar based payment handlers. The others of course being PerfectMoney and Payeer. According to the admins of the programs using AdvCash to accept deposits, one fine day they were no longer able to do so. Totally out of the blue they were required to provide proper financial licenses for their activities. This of course is a very different thing than the “certificate of incorporation” we’ve come to expect from so many of even the most basic HYIPs. No, remember that whole UK incorporation stunt and can be done by anyone over the net, no questions asked, and costs merely a few dollars. But that’s not that was required of the HYIP admins this time.

Of course no one will issue a license to provide banking and financial services to a ponzi-game, so the admins were trapped. Many weak programs accepting AdvCash scammed over the last few days, either using it as a comfortable excuse, or genuinely being hit by that unlucky decision. Both the basic listed programs from the MNO monitor that accept AdvCash enabled internal exchanges from AdvCash to alternative payment handlers in the members accounts. In doing so the would appear to have so far avoided the same fate, though I can’t honestly say if they were getting all that much money through AdvCash in the first place.

In any case, such behaviour from the AdvCash administration was very suspicious. Really, why would they be killing their own main source income as they originally started out advertising heavily in the HYIP industry when they first launched a few years ago? It wasn’t an overnight success by any means, but later they eventually emerged as one of the leading payment processors by not charging fees for transactions between members. When both PerfectMoney and Payeer continued to charge transaction fees, this gave AdvCash an attractive advantage.

Apparently demands were made by official government financial regulators that AdvCash reign in their activities and take immediate measures to prevent money laundering and fraud which is essentially what they call HYIPs, i.e. ponzi-games in developed countries. So, AdvCash has two choices – oblige and lose a significant share of its business (where else is it used apart from the HYIP industry I wonder, nowhere that I’m aware of) or ignore the warnings, continue as they were, and repeat what happened to the heads of LibertyReserve and Payza. They have chosen safety, and it’s understandable, but at the same time they have killed the largest golden goose that laid the biggest eggs for them so far. Given the hefty prison sentences handed down to their LibertyReserve and Payza counterparts, it’s hard to blame them.

So what happens now? Obviously, the HYIP admins have no reason to use AdvCash as it’s not worth their efforts to fake the needed financial licenses or pay thousands to someone that could provide them with it. If no compromise on the matter is reached between Advcash and HYIP admins then we expect them disappearing from the HYIP industry altogether or becoming a marginal currency like Payza used to be, only accepted in very rare cases as a proof of a real financial activities and to impress potential investors. However, I imagine that AdvCash had really no choice in the matter, but I doubt that with current attitude they will have any support among the HYIP investors.

My advice for investors is probably the safest thing you could do right now is to stay away from the programs that are still working with AdvCash. Sorry to be the one who says it but the sad reality is that they are all potentially fast scams when push comes to shove. Putting yourself in the same situation, you can see why admins would be clamouring to exchange any funds held in AdvCash to any other safer currency, as the current step might be just the first warning signal with more coming soon. We have seen too many scams (deliberate or not) among the payment processors serving the HYIP industry to afford to take such huge risks. Whether it was done deliberately by its owners or shut down by the actions of the police, courts, financial authorities, etc, the trouble never seems to be that far away. Just remember e-Gold, LibertyReserve, StrictPay, EgoPay, most recently Payza, and that’s just from the last ten years.

An interesting source of news – both real and “fake” – is the MMGP forum. Maybe some of you aren’t familiar with that one due to the fact that it’s entirely in Russian and to the best of my knowledge will not allow posting in any other language. Anyway, the AdvCash administration have an official representative posting there and it’s an old account as well so I know he’s been active there for at least a couple of years. So speaking on AdvCash’s behalf he himself has confirmed that HYIP admins cannot accept deposits any longer but can continue to pay anyone if they wish. Fair enough I suppose, that kinda comes across a bit like shrugging your shoulders and saying “that’s not my problem”. It really doesn’t do much to remedy the situation because with no incoming funds how would the HYIP admins pay out the existing members?

By the way, there’s just one thing I would like to make clear, especially to any admins reading this, before we move on. I personally do not have any problem with AdvCash. MNO is not affected, nor for that matter do I even particularly care, by what ever business practices AdvCash feel the need to implement. I see no reason at this point to remove AdvCash from the list of payment options when it comes to the monitoring and advertising services offered by MNO. So if any admins are unsure about what to do with any surplus funds they might not be able to use, MNO doesn’t have any block against accepting them as payment, you may continue to use AdvCash to purchase monitoring and advertsing.

With all things taken into consideration therefore I guess I should leave the final say on the matter to you guys. After all, you are the ones playing the HYIP industry, so even if you you were never an AdvCash customer you are still going the feel the impact any (if there is any) long term affect on the market. If you have an opinion on the subject I hope you won’t mind sharing it by answering the following opinion poll question. As with all MNO polls the results are completely anonymous, untraceable, and only takes a second to vote. And of course in this case there are no clear cut right or wrong answers as such, it’s purely a personal matter about how you interpret current events. So:

What impact will AdvCash have on the HYIP industry?

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Time will tell which of these statements turns out to be the most accurate. Personally the optimist in me would be hoping for the final one, I mean I just can’t help but feel with the HYIP industry already at a low point there isn’t really much out there that AdvCash could do any serious damage to. And by the time things pick up again in the autumn, what ever problems are arising now won’t be an issue for new programs starting up in let’s say October. Then again, maybe you guys see things differently from your angle on things, like I said there aren’t any right or wrong answers to this one.


As I do not have any other news to report and as all the listed programs on MNO have no updates and keep paying as usual I’ll just analyse the final results of the opinion poll which was running over the last seven days. However, first of all I would like to highlight the new question for you to consider as it’s directly related to the widely publicized news of AdvCash effectively leaving the HYIP industry and becoming the payment processor of choice for programs willing to spend thousands on providing them with the required documents which are nearly impossible to obtain for HYIPs in their current form. As very few programs can afford that luxury nowadays we can effectively consider AdvCash as a goner easily replaced by PerfectMoney and Payeer. As I have already discussed in the above article, those keeping any funds in AdvCash are in danger of a possible further deterioration in an already unclear situation. While it’s always be better safe than sorry I was wondering what the MNO readers make of the recent changes with AdvCash. Mainly, what about your personal attitude? So the new question for the MNO TalkBack poll will be as follows:
Will you keep money in your AdvCash wallet after the recent changes?

And the possible answers will be –
1) Yes, I will keep using them as usual.
2) I will keep only small amounts there.
3) No, I’ll withdraw all and stop using them.
4) I’ve never used them / doesn’t apply to me.

Remember that the voting is totally anonymous and untraceable and it will take only a few seconds of your time. As the results will be drawn in a few days from now, please make an effort and give your opinion on your further course of action with AdvCash in the poll here. Thanks in advance for your participation, guys!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who voted in the previous poll which ran on the MNO TalkBack page last week. I was talking about the importance of leading programs in the HYIP industry which it now seems to be lacking and a possible timeframe when we should expect to see a new leader emerging that will be able to pull the industry out of the deep recession it’s in now. The expectations are high and I did get a few messages from popular admins indicating they are working on new projects already. However, the official launch date for these programs is still pretty much unknown and choosing it will be a difficult task to coincide with the expected revival of the HYIP industry in the coming autumn months. While many of us have hoped that this summer would bring something exciting it appears not to have turned into reality in the end and now we are all patiently waiting for a new giant to come. But when do you think the next HYIP industry leader will emerge? That was the previous question featured on the MNO TalkBack. The results of the poll were mostly on the highly positive side of things, as the vast majority of readers remaining optimistic regarding the date. 39% of you believe that the next leader will emerge within the next few weeks, while an equal 39% think it will happen in the autumn months. That’s a whopping 78% in total with only 22% feeling more pessimistic on that front picking the next leader’s official launch date to the winter months (7%) or even further into 2019 (15%). Well, I must say that I’m pleased to see no desperation in the HYIP investors minds as less and less decent looking programs appear in the industry, largely being replaced by fast scams with no one in profit. Hopefully this negative trend has to come to an end and we will witness the next big leader soon. Make sure though you all follow MNO closely as it’s been always been known as a timely indicator of the next leaders in the HYIP industry and where they will be appearing here first. Stay tuned for more positive news, guys, as I’m sure we will all have something to talk about pretty soon!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantBitexInstantMiningLimited.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: AmericanBarrel, ArbingSportBet.

That’s all for today, guys. No news is really good news in this case, as they say, and with the HYIP industry still at its lowest point for years I hope you will all be patient and not to rush in but wait for the right program to appear on the horizon. According to my readers’ predictions the new leader should emerge by autumn, and MNO will certainly be here to report on it first. Make sure then you won’t miss anything by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or subscribe to the regular updates from my blog by submitting and confirming your email address here. If you have any questions I’ll be pleased to respond, so don’t hesitate to contact me on Telegram @mnoblog for live chat, or alternatively write to my email address, or submit your query via this contact form. I will be back with more news when I have something important to report, which might take a while in the current slow HYIP market. Meanwhile, enjoy your summer holidays and remember that MNO is For Money Lovers, meaning people just like you!

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