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Hi, guys! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the weekend. Before tonight’s news I would like to highlight a matter which I pondered over the last few days. I hope that my thoughts on the subject will be interesting those hoping to make money on ponzies instead of losing it. I also know that some people have been asking why I haven’t published a Strategy category on my blog for some time. The answer is simple – I don’t want to give explicit recommendations on what you should do with your own money like I did in the past. Why? Simply because it might be too dangerous if you follow my advice without putting your own thoughts into practice. The times have changed as well and if 12 or 18 months ago I still believed that there could be some “real” programs among HYIPs now I’m 100% sure that they are all ponzies which means they are paying to older members at the expense of newer members money. Those who tell you otherwise are simply too shrewd and misleading you to benefit themselves. The right way is to have no emotional attachment to any program, only cold calculations of what you can earn from them. If you share my point of view you can read all seven issues of MNOFridays (you can find the links on my monitoring page or on the MNO forum here) and learn a couple of sometimes unpleasant but always very real truths about what is happening behind the scenes in the HYIP world.

Sometimes the collapse of big HYIPs can help us (even if we lose money in them). Ironic as it sounds analyzing our mistakes and putting ourselves into better positions by adjusting our strategy with other similar HYIPs and avoiding the same mistakes in the future. I’m telling about the wrong strategy in one HYIP that can teach us valuable lessons in other programs as many of them are run by the same people or just use the same proven methods which you can use in your favor for sure. That is why it’s an important thing in my opinion to discuss the right and wrong investment strategies on the example of the recently collapsed EzProfit.

Although the program is still considered by many monitors as a safe platform for investing (those who are interested exclusively in getting more money via referral commissions) some other honest monitors including MNO are trying their best to warn people from depositing into the program now feeding us with fairy tales about debit cards which for some reason you must buy in order to get your money back from some of their plans. And wouldn’t you know it, as (your bad) luck would have it, those debit cards just don’t seem to be available at the moment. What a surprise!

Of course, if you believe that it’s your choice and maybe it will give you some consolation before EzProfit eventually disappears. For me the clear warning signs of the coming scam were visible months ago and I warned more than once about it. The fact that it survived for such a long time (for over 9 months) gives me the right to say that the program admin did something right, in fact ran an excellent game, and put a huge number of investors well into profit. The ones who played it smart that is. Others who incurred losses were either gullible people who either trusted them too much or were in other cases deliberately lied to. So let’s analyze the right strategy in the EzProfit program that brought many members in profit from that program in the first place.

First let’s start with the history of EzProfit and how it all started. The project started in the back in January – a time when the HYIP industry was at its peak and flourished so it was very unlikely that a program offering 1% for 999 days plan would be capable of attracting the attention of an investment community caught up with the likes of GeniusFunds for instance, where they could receive higher profits in a shorter period of time. But look at it this way – if you joined EzProfit on the day it was review on MNO you could have earned over 280% on your principal already (provided you didn’t join any of the special plans that are causing the problems now). But as I said already, the program could have looked attractive to a wider investment audience as well as earning a reputation among members that would build the necessary level of trust and help break into the industry mainstream. So in order to do that the new shorter-term plan was introduced that paid 6% for 20 calendar days. And although the profit was not very high it was sustainable enough and could be paid for a long time. (Here we must remember that EzProfit had some starting budget of course to buy some advertising and monitoring listings as it was almost certainly not their first HYIP).

The promotional plan with stable returns was closed after a couple of months to make way for plans that many investors were tricked into and which were used to make the more sustainable 1% daily profits possible for the smarter, less greedy and more conservative investors. Now we can see that the later plans offered a after the launch were totally misleading, deliberately telling members that they would be paid by the day, only to tell them afterwards that no, you only get paid on expiry. Of course we now know that they won’t get paid at all! I already reported that on my blog but couldn’t put the program to Problem status as the plans were perfectly legal but just not well explained (deliberately of course as we now know). Another thing is those plans were added gradually and nobody was ever paid from them even on expiry. Let’s analyze it further.

On 22nd of April (a bit more that six months ago) a new plan was launched and since many investors were already carried away with the stable returns from the promotional plan and 1% daily plan as well they rushed into this new plan never realizing that it was aimed to pay on expiry and for ridiculously high and unsustainable returns. With the minimum allowed into the 6 Month Fixed plan you were offered 1260% profits by the time of expiry, and many fell for it.

Then on 29th of July (just three months ago) a 3 Month Fixed monthly plan was launched. The minimum to invest in this was even higher at $250. But your profit after three months would be a whopping 900% of your principal paid after 90 days which of course nobody will now receive.

Finally, the most recent plan offering 15% for 30 days on expiry was launched on 22nd of September (just over 1 month ago). The minimum to invest there was even higher ($500) but some investors were simply blinded by the stable performance of the program on the daily plans and eagerly rushed once again into the new plan in order to make a fast buck. They were not suspicious about how or why the program would to pay them 450% after 30 days.

Eventually all the 6, 3 and 1 month plans reach maturity and everybody losses money in them. But why would investors want to put their money there when the returns are so unrealistic? Was it greed, misleading information about the expiry and daily payments, or or a combination of both? Everybody has a different reason by investing there but they all suffered a common fate – losing money in EzProfit. While those who invested in just the 1% daily plan were in a huge profit.

Many investors were so blinded by great performance of EzProfit on daily paying plans that they tried to persuade everybody that it could be the next big thing and therefore only helped to make more money for the owners who surely ran many others in the past.

If we analyze EzProfit from the viewpoint that it was a ponzi from the beginning (just like any other HYIP) then we realize that the people who invested into the daily plan offering 1% for 999 days were successfully paid at the expense of the people who were fooled by the promises of ridiculously high returns which they had to wait for from one to six months. And if you still don’t see the pattern I can tell you exactly that six months, three months and Private Placement (one month) plan were launched respectively approximately six, three and one month ago. I hope you get the drift now.

But that’s not the end of the story with EzProfit. In order to persuade investors and make some gullible people keep quiet about their bad experience with the program they took the decision to explain the situation with money laundering regulations (that really made me laugh!). So you can only get paid to a debit card, but they launched their debit card program only a month ago. So all the investors with too much money to be returned after six, three, or one months plan were asked to buy a debit card, but not before you invested. Only afterwards! And for a no less than $300. But wait! You could buy this “debit card” only by paying to their LibertyReserve account which is famous for their anti-laundering practices (lol!). So in addition of getting scammed the first time you now send another $300 in order to get a debit card which doesn’t exist. And there you have it – the secret to EzProfit‘s success!

The most important part for what I admire the admin of EzProfit was their attempts (lousy for me and not so obvious for other investors) to persuade everybody that they were running a legitimate investment company. First, that was the story with the non-existent debit card that was offered with no intention whatsoever of sending it. Second was the artificially inflated stats aimed to show the extreme wealth of the program and which I regarded with a huge level of skepticism on my blog (selling units for the millions of dollars, etc.) Finally, some stats were fake to build false confidence among the investors that the program was in perfect financial health (for instance, $10K handed out as a monthly referral prize to some fictitious characters like James Dean and Mark Chan). All aimed at inspiring confidence among the investors and give them a false sense of security which I believe they handled brilliantly. Although for many shrewd investors it was a very easy task to calculate the exact date when the problems with EzProfit would start.

I hope you enjoyed my article about the EzProfit which is just one example of a successful HYIP that managed to live for over 9 months (which is a very good achievement during the crisis period in the industry) and put many members in profit. But others at a loss. So I hope that you learn an invaluable lesson from the experience and consider this again when joining other programs. Please be reasonable, sensitive to changes and not very gullible and you will become a hard target for scammers and will be able to make consistent profits from HYIPs in the long run!

Last and not least – EzProfit keeps paying now for the daily plans but don’t be mislead. The program cannot survive on its former glories and fake statuses on some monitoring sites that care only about the size of their wallets. It will die out soon enough as more on expiry accounts mature but do not get paid. So always be on the safe side and always check out the status of your favorite program on MNO in order to get an unbiased status based not only on is payment to me but also on the positive (or negative) feedback from my readers.

I hope you enjoyed this article and think about some general strategical points in the wider HYIP industry. Share your opinion in the comments to this article or in my Shoutbox. I hope that I can make more such articles if you feel the need for them and want me to expose some tricks that some HYIP admins are using to extend the lifetime of their programs. Thanks for your attention!


The best newsletter of the day was undoubtedly from the current short-term program leader UniteTrade (reviewed here). The program is showing unbelievable results paying 120% after 7 days and 150% after 15 days for over 200 days already providing consistent and instantly processed payouts to three payment processors (LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay) and fast payouts to SolidTrustPay as well. It looks like UniteTrade has now captured everyone’s attention putting them in the 3,000 most visited websites in the world according to the weekly rating of Alexa. This is undoubtedly the best result among short term programs for the entire year of 2010 and I hope that UniteTrade will not stop there. As it’s aimed to provide the best service to its clients and successfully compete with other programs the admin Andy (interviewed here) promised to completely redesign the website within the next few days plus adding some useful features to the script. I remind you that it will be the second facelift for UniteTrade with the last one being done a couple of months ago. I believe that this alone will be able to move the program to even higher levels of popularity.

Obviously if UniteTrade is so popular now there will always be some blackmailers and jealous people surrounding them doing everything possible to destroy its reputation for either vindictive personal or financial reasons. So in the latest newsletter the admin gave us two recent examples of blackmailers chasing the program and trying to get $500 from UniteTrade‘s funds in order to stop their bad voting campaign on GoldPoll monitor. Honestly, after this I started to believe that it was a good decision to remove the voting system from my monitoring page after all because it will save me so much time deleting bad votes from idiots like that who will ultimately only destroy the industry for all of us. Please note that if you see such votes you should ask yourself first what the agenda of those people might be. Everybody knows that if you have a problem with UniteTrade you should simply submit a support ticket in order to get a speedy reply, post on their private forum (which is available for all registered members) or even use your phone to call to one of their representatives in your own language (currently there are English, German, French, Hungarian, Russian, Persian, Romanian and Indonesian languages supported with many more to come). Remember that the program needs your every support in order to get stronger day after day and trying to provide you with those high profits for the longest time possible. Let’s all support their hard work in order to get better every single day and provide the top investment services for investors.

I’m sure we will soon be hearing about more new developments which were thoroughly described in the latest update from UniteTrade which I received just a few hours ago and am republishing below for your convenience:
Hello UT Members,
We have got some exciting news for everyone. UniteTrade has passed over 200 days of being online, with consistent hassle –free instant payments, and it definitely being a great achievement, we have decided to celebrate this amazing feat, we by giving UniteTrade a completely new outlook. Within the next few days, you will be able to see a completely brand new, professional and attractive design for UniteTrade, and we are sure that each and every member of UniteTrade will definitely love it.
We will be having a lot of additional features implemented in the new design, one being the live withdrawal statistics. With the live withdrawal statistics, you will be able to see latest withdrawals in a particular period of time, along with the username of the person who made the withdrawal, payment processor to which the withdrawal was made, and the time at which the withdrawal was made. We are equally excited as much as you are, to get this feature implemented as soon as possible, because this is a way that we can show the world, the small and big amounts being paid by UniteTrade, and to show how strong UniteTrade is.
Another exciting news, that most of you were waiting to hear, is the news regarding the registration of UniteTrade. We are having a very positive development in getting UniteTrade registered, and if everything goes according to our plan, we will get UniteTrade registered in less than a week’s time. We will let everyone know the registration details of UniteTrade, once we get it registered successfully.
We have a very important matter to make clear to our members. You will not be able to log in to our forum, with the login details of your UniteTrade account. You need to register in our forum separately, to become an official member of our forum. Some of our members are in the belief that they can log in to their account with their UniteTrade account login details, which is not possible. We have been receiving a lot of support tickets recently, concerning this matter. So we would like to make this fact clear here. You will not be able to log in to our forum, with your UniteTrade account login details, unless you have registered an account separately in our forum. The registration link to our forum is, . Once you complete the registration in our forum, you can log in with those details which you used for the registration.
Not let me come to the most important news for today. As you all know, UniteTrade is the best program right now, and without any doubt, every person in this industry is aware of it. Being so, many investors in this industry are really happy to have such a promising program, as so many of them are making a lot of money with UniteTrade. But there are some people who are unhappy with UniteTrade, some of them being the jealous competitors, and some of them being the blackmailers.
These people try to destroy UniteTrade in every possible way they can, some of them by making fake bad votes in the monitoring sites, and some of them by making negative posts in the forums. But in spite of what these evil people do, UniteTrade can never, and will never be harmed, due to the large support we are receiving from our members. We got a lot of e-mails from various blackmailers, demanding us to pay them money to keep them away from making fake bad votes in the monitoring sites, and which we obviously did not pay attention to. Below is the copy of two such e-mails, we received from one of the blackmailers.
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 12:10 AM
Subject: Support Request
To: Support request from Friday 22nd 2010f October 2010
12:40:56 AM
Hello UniteTrade admin,
Your program will be deleted from goldpoll site very soon. We are a voter team and have activity in monitor sites. If you don’t credit $500 amount to U6072422 LR account within a period of 12 hours we will give bad and very bad votes about your program in goldpoll site and here: every day till your program change to problem state and after that to not paying state. Meanwhile, if you pay the amount, we will give good votes about your program. Please inform us after that pay it till we make very good votes for your program every day.
User Additional Info :
User Name : GoldPoll Voter
E-Mail :
Not Registered/Logged user
IP Address:
Language : en-us
Date: Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 1:48 PM
Subject: Support Request
To: Support request from Saturday 23rd 2010f October 2010
02:18:29 PM
We are making bad votes fro your program from today. Can you see our votes
that we made for your program in your monitors? You didn’t pay attention to
our previous e-mail and didn’t credit the amount, which we asked
you to our account. It’s our activity result.
please credits the requested amount to
our account or add a bonuse to our account and informs us if you want to
don’t continue to our work and delete our bad votes. Otherwise we will . .
User Additional Info :
User Name : GoldPoll Voter
E-Mail :
Not Registered/Logged user
IP Address:
Language : en-us
At this point, we have a kind request to make to our honest and valued members. If you visit some of the monitoring sites, like GoldPoll for instance (, you can see a few fake bad votes, among the thousands of good votes we have. When you see such kind of fake bad votes in any monitoring site, please report such fake votes to the administration of the respective monitoring site, and ask them to remove those fake bade votes, and have the IP addresses of these fake voters banned.
Also, do not forget to vote for UniteTrade, when you receive your payment from us. This is the best way in which you can help UniteTrade, and in doing so, you are not only helping UniteTrade, but you are also helping yourselves, because if you do so, it will strengthen UniteTrade even further, and you can make a lot more money with UniteTrade.
In regard to the support department news, we are now offering telephone support and Skype support in Chinese language. More details regarding it can be seen in the Contact Us page of our website. Currently, we offer telephone support, and Skype support, in various languages, and the details regarding it has been given below.
English, German, and Hungarian Support
Telephone Support : +36 21 2524012
Skype Support :
Russian Support
Telephone Support : +36 21 2523101
Skype Support :
English, French and Persian Support
Telephone Support : +33 0970 407 793
Skype Support :
Romanian Support
Telephone Support : +36 21 2523622
Skype Support :
Indonesian Support
Telephone Support : +62 6811681683
Skype Support :
Stay tuned for our next newsletter, in which we will be letting everyone know the registration details of UniteTrade. We wish each and every member of UniteTrade, a prosperous stay with us.
Regards, Andy. UniteTrade.

Maybe the 35 day lifespan (and counting!) of EarnPlaza (reviewed here) is not such a huge achievement compared with UniteTrade‘s 200+ days online but in my opinion the admin of the program Matt (interviewed here) is leading his program in the right direction and keeping it on the right track. The plans offered by EarnPlaza (110% after 5 days, 130% after 10 days, 160% after 15 days) looks quite sustainable and the good choice of payment processors (LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay) and fast payouts managed to attract many investors. The future of the program though will really depend on how its accessibility issues caused by recent DDoS attacks will be handled in the near future. In my opinion EarnPlaza definitely outgrew the capacity of the current servers provided by DdoSWiz and has to be moved to more reliable servers by Dragonara which will be able to provide a better level of protection to the site and its members. I noticed some accessibility issues today, however at the time of writing the site is working fine for me. But I would like to see more stability in the uptime of EarnPlaza site just like many other members would too. In addition, I would like to remind you that the EarnPlaza cash contests on the MNO forum (click here to see it) are still running and the questions are published on a daily basis. Since the contest is sponsored by the admin you must answer questions connected with the program in order to win the $5 cash prize. So try your luck or check the winners the forum often! Here is the latest daily newsletter which was sent by EarnPlaza just a few hours ago:
Hello, today we had another big ddos attack to EarnPlaza website. Well, it was not available for a 30 minutes, anyway everything is working fine now. If you still cannot access to a website please delete your cookies and cache, it should help otherwise please contact support and we’ll find a solution. EarnPlaza is really popular right now so I have no doubts that we have to move to Dragonara. I am working already on this issue and hopefully very soon we will move to Dragonara dedicated server.
I have noticed that recently a lot of members request their payments without having payment processor ID at their EarnPlaza profiles. Well, please understand that unfortunately I am not a magician and if there is no payment processor ID at your profile there is no chance that I’ll process this payment. Some of the members even don’t reply to my emails, but I really hope that they will read this newsletter and finally will contact me. Dear members with following usernames: vominhnha, rgsktrlsk
Please contact me as soon as possible, so I can process your pending payments.
I have started work on legal company registration. Can’t really say when its will be ready and certificate of incorporation will be posted but I’ll provide more info about that in one of the next newsletters.
Thats all for today, don’t forget about Weekly Special and thank you for choosing EarnPlaza. All pending payments are processed as always and see you tomorrow with some more news.
Best regards, Matt Powell
EarnPlaza Support

It looks like DdoS attacks are not confined to just one program and even newcomers are prone to them too. Today suddenly GWDConline site which I was about to review disappeared completely. It looks I was right in the introduction of the program when I doubted the ability of their hosting provider to cope with DDoS attacks. GWDConline was already a victim and was moved to a dedicated Staminus server which is considered to be the best in the industry. Here is the newsletter from GWDConline announcing about that:
First I want to welcome everyone to Global Wealth Distribution Center online (GWDConline).
This is just a short welcome and a quick update. I know that we are brand new and things may not look so good right now with some noticed down time, So for this reason I am setting up on staminus network which is known to have a good DDOs protection.
I know some have found hat they can access the site via current IP however this will be changed very soon.
I want to say that all distributions have been fulfilled as of now. I have current backups which run hourly.
While I know that no down time is good of any kind I am truly thankful that it happened so early on before we really even get started. This gives us the chaned to correct any thing that may prevent smoother operation in the future.
With deepest sincerity, Albert

Then the second newsletter for the members of GWDConline followed with an update announcing the migration to Staminus had been completed successfully. Although I think the admin was too hasty to announce it as completed as to me the site is not available yet. Albert told me though that he’s in constant communication with their new hosting provider and promised to bring the site back as soon as possible. Obviously, the review cannot be published on MNO today and has to be postponed till GWDConline is fully back on track. I will report about that on my blog but meanwhile read the latest update from the admin:
Sorry for sending 2 updates so close, however this is a follow up to the first.
The migration to the staminus network is complete. Our new and final IP is
For new members this will not be effected. The Old ip is redirecting to the new one so there should be no gaps in connection.
I will continue to monitor and make sure all goes well.
Albert. Global Wealth Distribution Center

As promised in the previous newsletter from the admin of PawnShopFund Frederick (interviewed here) the program now launched their own forum where you can share your thoughts about them or show your support and appreciation after receiving your instant payouts to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or AlertPay from any of the plans on offer (1.8% for 45 days, 2.1% for 60 days, 2.35% for 60 days, 2.4% for 75 days with the principal returned on expiry). I must say that during the first three months online PawnShopFund proved to be a very popular program among MNO readers and already reached the top 10 in the MNO rating where it currently sits at #9. I believe the stable growth of PawnShopFund can be explained by the hard work of the admin to make the program better and the recent addition of the forum and changing the layout proves that dedicated admins whose work is appreciated by investors and enables them to run programs for a longer time. PawnShopFund (reviewed here) is a perfect example. Here is the latest newsletter:
Hi dear members.
Another week, another newsletter, another improvement.
This week we have installed our own forum, you can use this to discuss experiences, get help or to hang out with other members of the program speaking the same language like you. At the moment we are running on the base theme of the forum but in a few days we will add a custom design to it but you can use it from now, the link to it is: You can also reach it from our main page.
I am really glad to announce that we are already 3 months old and everything is running really fine, we’ve already got $263,397.76 deposits from almost 3000 members.
I also want to let you know that we already paid our more than $15,000 referral commissions, i think it is a good amount of free money for referrers.
Stay tuned for other improvements, I hope that in the upcoming newsletter can announce another enhancement.
Kindest regards, Frederick. Admin of PawnShopFund

I finally received an answer from the admin of the recently collapsed GrapeVineFunds and I must say that I don’t share his cautious optimism about bringing his program back on track. Although he said to me that he could use the profits from his vineyards to cover the losses that will definitely be huge since the majority of investors made their deposits via LibertyReserve (which has a strict no refunds policy) while STP and AP funds can be recovered I cannot see this happening. So the admin is now hoping: “If i can recover STP and AP funds quickly then I see no reason why we can’t pay everyone quickly and try to get back to normal, increase security and work with all concerned to make sure it wont happen again.

Although I appreciated his honesty about the non possibility of making payments to members now, until the funds from at least one payment processor are recovered. Then he could put another plan into action. I hope it’s true but for now I simply cannot move GrapeVineFunds back to Paying status even based on the allegedly good intentions of the admin. Anyway, investors need payouts and not mere words, rarely caring about what excuse the admin uses. Also it would be honest to update the members of the program and stop accepting deposits on the site until the funds are recovered. It really doesn’t look good when the deposits are still well accepted while profits are not paid which to me only ever screams scam regardless of what the admin has to say. However, in the interest of fairness and giving them a fair chance to prove me wrong I will let you know his latest reply and let you judge if it is possible for GrapeVineFunds to recover:
Your right LR have already said that they will not return the money, it’s a disgrace and now I am suffering because of a PP and I will be honest it was alot of $’s but if AP come up with the return it will get us through until some profit comes back from The Grapevine which it will in time, and that is delayed by AP’s slow responses but STP have found the culprit but he is trying to make an exchange through an exchanger and they are awaiting to see if he was successful or not. If they have not paid then we will get those fund back. I have to say I am really pissed off because things were going so well and I am sure I kept the site secure and I still do not understand why someone could have stolen this on secure PP’s. If I am honest I am worried now it could happen again. I really understand what you say about making payments but that is not possible for now. My best option or Plan B will be to payout from profits which will come in from our teams activities in the field (which you made obvious you dont believe but is in fact truth) that will eventually come back into the fold.

Unfortunately I have to move OrderDollar to Waiting status on MNO tonight and I would also not recommend to make any additional investments there. They both delay payments to me for more than 24 hours which is against their ToS which makes me believe they are on their way to scam.

OrderDollar proved to be a very good performer at the time and offered such high returns of 23% for 5 days and 135% after 10 days managing to stay on Paying status on MNO for over 5 weeks. This is quite an achievement for such a program like this one (running for 7 full 5-day cycles) but I believe it could have run a little bit longer if the admin was more active with promotion. Anyway, I congratulate you if you managed to make a profit from OrderDollar during this month but it looks to me at this point that the game is over. So don’t invest any more money there!

I intended to draw the results of my two current polls today but decided to postpone it till tomorrow and give you a chance to answer the following questions displayed on my blog page under the Shoutbox: “What is your current employment status?” and “What is your monthly budget for playing HYIPs?” All you have to do is to tick the appropriate box and you will be shown the results of the polls. I hope for your active participation, guys, and will draw the results of both polls on my blog tomorrow as well as offering you two new ones (you can submit your ideas for the next polls in my Shoutbox as well). Thanks in advance for your active participation!

To close I would like to give you the list of HYI programs that paid me for the last 24 hours:
UniteTrade, InnoClub, OilStructure, FundsOMatic, EuroInvestOnline, FiboTradePro, DigitWallet, RedOrchidInvest, UnitForce, CurioHunters, MoneyPallas, OptimumPride, PawnShopFund, PandaTrade, EarnPlaza, BrilliantsInvestment, GainBucks, YesInvestment, GloTrade, CherryShares, Vodapex and Famega.

I hope to see you on MNO tomorrow with the latest events and developments in the HYIP industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to my daily updates and have them delivered straight to your email address if you like my articles!

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