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I finally managed to get out of AdsOnCommand. Admin paid me 20% of my initial deposit to CEP Trust and now I can leave the site. Anyone of you who has money sticking in this autosurf you’re advised to submit a support ticket to Matt and he will pay you your 20%. I think it’s just better do this than wait till October when Matt promised to pay off.

There was short delay in payments in Minvestment today but I got paid already and here’s an email from admin explaining this delay: “Dear Members, We would like to apologize for the delay in paying today’s interest. The interest payments were delayed by almost 6 hours due to very vital security updates on our servers. We simply did not expect it would take us that long to complete the updates, but the process could not by any means be interrrupted. All the interest payments have already been made. You can now request withdrawals and we will do our best to process all of them promptly. Please be assured that this delay does not mean that we are experiencing any investment performance related problems. We are doing absolutely fine. Thank you for your trust and understanding“.

SwiftMoneySurf continues to add new plans. Several days ago it was announced: “Members you may now purchase 1% daily for 365 day plans and 12% daily for 12 day plans. These options may only be purchased using earnings. The multi-plan remains unchanged you may still make purchases using earnings or by normal purchases“. I think I will try to reupgrade from my earnings in this new 12×12 plan tomorrow, and we’ll see how it goes. Everything goes so smooth here that reporting the news became just a formality, lol. For those who are interested in credit card funding option there’s also important update: “We have received final approval for credit cards. I’m going to have the programmers install an ssl so the transactions can be placed on secure pages. The site also has to be security scanned once again before we accept payments via credit card. Both U.S and international members will be able to use credit cards as long as the card has a Visa or Mastercard logo on it. A lot of people have expressed interest in using credit cards, I will continue to keep you updated as things progress with credit cards. I just need to make sure everything is in order without any flaws before we start“.

Also I received payments today from RussoProject and PremiumProLtd HYIPs.

Regarding the promised autosurf site which I mentioned yesterday. I still hesitate and don’t know if I join it or not. Further investigation needed, but I will report tomorrow anyway about the decision I will make.

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