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How To Profit From PSTraffic in just 16 days?


Here I want to share with you how to profit from new autosurfing program PSTraffic in just 16 days. But first let me introduce this new program to you. Well, it’s not quite new, it’s a successful relaunch. New PSTraffic is an autosurf program that paying 13% for 10 days for surfing 10 pages daily.
PSTraffic first was a successful profit share program in January 2007. Then it was restructured into traditional surf program in the end of March after falling of profit sharing model like DSM, all members not in profit were issued refunds. The second PSTraffic existed for more than two months and was hit by e-gold problems when many members just panicked after the infamous e-gold indictment and tried to withdraw their money all at a time and not reupgrade. Well, it affected many good programs so admin took the decision on relaunching the program with so called safety net in place. It’s 50/50 rule but it is very modified indeed because you don’t have to reupgrade at all in order to receive cashout. In case you refuse to reupgrade you can request not more than 50% of your cashout balance. Then after your upgrade expires you can reupgrade the amount left in your balance and continue earning. If you choose to reupgrade 50% of your cashout balance you can withdraw the whole 100%. So this model looks like that one used by LightHalzen which was a rather successful program for a long time as you might remember.
I think this “safety net” or modified 50/50 rule will really prolong the life of the program which will make it more stable in the long run. I like also moderate percentage (after fees you will get only 124%) and the fact that the admin seems to be here for half a year and never stopped fighting to make his program even more successful. I think the program which is constantly adapting to different circumstances and successfully overcome obstacles only have a chance to survive. PSTraffic is such a program in my opinion.
The new PSTraffic is only 10 days old and if even it exists for two months we all have a good chance to profit from it. But everybody wants to be in profit the fastest possible way. I will show you the shortest way when you will be in profit with PSTraffic after 16 days. Then you will play with your profit only. I will show it using my example. Below you can see a chart that is step-by-step guide for you. The deposited amount in the example is 100$.
The explanation: the first column is the day, the second – upgraded amount, the third – necessary reupgrade to get to profits faster, the fourth – profit percentage in dollars, the fifth – withdrawal amount excluding 5% fee which applies to all withdrawal requests, the sixth column is balance left after your withdrawal request which is added to your another withdrawal on the following day.
Say day 1 you upgraded 100$ and surfed 10 pages to earn rebate for the day. The profit is calculated on the second day, and it’s 13$ (13% of the deposited 100$). You will reupgrade 6$, request withdrawal of 12$ and 1$ is left in your balance. You will actually get 11.4$ to your e-gold account excluded 5% fee. Then on day 2 your upgrades will be 100$ initial upgrade + 6$ reupgrade made on the previous day. It’s 106$ total. So you will earn more on day 3 – 13.76$ instead of 13$ on day 2. So it will be some kind of compounding effect. Every day you will continue to earn more until on day 12 your initial upgrade of 100$ will get expired. Then your upgrade amount will be gradually decreasing but you will still earn rebates and from day 16 and on it will be pure profits. I’m sure if you follow my strategy you will succeed under condition that the program will be running smoothly for more than 16 days. But considering all things I mentioned about this program before I have a feeling that it will be a success.

Day Upgrade Reupgrade Profit (13%) Withdraw-5% Balance left
1 100$ – – – –
2 100$ +6$ 13$ 12$-5%=11.4$ 1$
3 106$ +7$ 13.78$+1$ 14$-5%=13.3$ 0.78$
4 113$ +7$ 14.69$+0.78$ 14$-5%=13.3$ 1.47$
5 120$ +8$ 15.6$+1.47$ 16$-5%=15.2$ 1.07$
6 128$ +8$ 16.64$+1.07$ 16$-5%=15.2$ 1.71$
7 136$ +9$ 17.68$+1.71$ 18$-5%=17.1$ 1.39$
8 145$ +10$ 18.85$+1.39$ 20$-5%=19$ 0.24$
9 155$ +10$ 20.15$+0.24$ 20$-5%=19$ 0.39$
10 165$ +10$ 21.45$+0.39$ 20$-5%=19$ 1.84$
11 175$ +12$ 22.75$+1.84$ 24$-5%=22.8$ 0.59$
12 87$ (-100$) +5$ 11.31$+0.59$ 10$-5%=9.5$ 1.9$
13 86$ (-6$) +6$ 11.18$+1.9$ 12$-5%=11.4$ 1.08$
14 85$ (-7$) +6$ 11.05$+1.08$ 12$-5%=11.4$ 0.13$
15 84$ (-7$) +5$ 10.92$+0.13$ 10$-5%=9.5$ 1.05$
16 81$ (-8$) +5$ 10.53$+1.05$ 10$-5%=9.5$ 1.58$

Total: deposited 214$, withdrawn 216.6$, you’re in profit.

And one more benefit for you. If you join under my ref link I will pay you 50% ref commissions back on all your deposits. The referral commission is 3% here. So you can PM me in the comments or on MMG forum to MONEY-news after you upgraded.

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