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Admin of SurfMargin finally sent an update which I can call critical. This update is setting specific time interval during which all members should get paid. If it comes true we will be able to say that the program is really stronger than ever. But for now I would hold back and wait till all things get cleared.
We have come to an agreement that will enable some of the funds to reach us this evening or at least over the weekend. With the rest promised by early next week Wednesday at the latest.
Now I know some of you will curse at the additional delay but I for one am relieved that it’s all over and that Surfmargin is going to be back in full swing by the end of next week.
The new partners insisted upon some minor changes to the plan which I will detail here, although I have to work the figures out properly before I can change the script.
1. The bonus breaks will be changed with the minimum bonus staying at $2 and the maximum bonus staying at $16 but the upgrade breaks will be slightly different to encourage larger upgrades.
2. The same will apply to the daily percentage rates with the rates changing at higher values.
3. The Profit Share split will also change but that will not affect members’ accounts. The new split will be 85% to ROI 10% to Admin and 5% to the Commission Pool.
If I receive funds this evening before 9pm (Central) I will start paying out otherwise it will be from 9am tomorrow morning.
The vast majority of you have been wonderful! Encouraging, supportive and extremely patient and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart, There’s always a few who scream their heads off, shouting foul and abusive comments either from despair or anger or both. To them I also say, thank you for your patience, you will be paid very soon now and you always have the choice to return despite your nature. I understand fully how you feel because of the nature of this business it’s hard to believe that there is someone out there that is actually honest.
That’s all I have for now….The negotiations are over, the work begins, the cashouts commence and we can all sleep soundly again in our beds with the knowledge that your money is safe and about to be active for you once again

PSTraffic‘s e-gold account has been blocked but don’t panic. Admin has been solving the issue and meantime you can deposit to new e-gold account. I should add that it hasn’t affect the payouts which are made daily within hours after request. “I just found out that the old PS-Traffic E-gold account has been blocked. I have already created a new PS-Traffic E-gold account# 4581007 (PS-Traffic). If your account does not get credited please send a support ticked ASAP with the E-gold# you upgraded with. I will manually credit your account until everything has been sorted out. All E-gold upgrades should be made to 4581007 (PS-Traffic). I will be contacting E-gold regarding this and will keep everyone updated“. And then admin sent another update saying the following: “I would like to insure everyone that I have enough experience as an admin not to leave E-gold funds in one account. E-gold funds are safe and the worse case scenario is that we would just have to change to a new E-gold account number which I have already done. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone but the issue has already been contained. Your funds are safe and warm“. You can read an interesting entry if you are in PSTraffic here.

SwiftMoneySurf celebrated two months of its appearance online yesterday: “We purchase TriAdSurf.com on May5th and moved all those members to SwiftMoneySurf on May25th. Today is officially 2 months of operations. Thanks again everyone for making this such a powerful site“. I decided not to withdraw my profits from my account but better to invest them to 12% for 12 days new plan. I remind you that you can purchase units in 12×12 plan using your current earnings only after you spend the same amount on 1% for 365 days plan. I think it’s a wise decision which shows admin as a very thoughtful person who wants his program to develop steadily and consistently. If you haven’t yet read interview with the admin of SwiftMoneySurf you can read it here.

I got payments today from RussoProject, PremiumProLtd, PSTraffic and MInvestment.

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