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Tomorrow is your last chance to deposit into 1% for 365 days and 12×12 plans in SwiftMoneySurf. You can do it only from your earnings balance. I will take my chance and make my last deposit into 12×12 plan tomorrow. Hopefully this change will be for the benefit of all members of SwiftMoneySurf. Here’s an update:
We will be removing the options for the other plans – the 1% for 365 and the 12X12. There just are not enough people purchasing into these plans for us to keep them. We will remove the plans Tues July 10th. Those already in the plans will be able to continue surfing on them until they expire. You may purchase those plans until the 10th and after that they will not be available for purchase. In other news, we are still moving like a freight train. At this rate we will be #1 at ASA in about 2 weeks! Thank you for your support!

Please be warned! I have a suspicion that MyGuardedReturns admin makes selective payments or is just behind them. At least I saw two posts regarding this issue on MMG forum. I decided to delist this program temporarily until I receive an explanation from admin. I would not advise you to deposit in this program now.

I continue to receive payments daily within hours after request from PSTraffic. This surfing site offers 13% for 10 days and has modified 50/50 rule. Those who want to join PSTraffic can read my review here. I requested an interview from admin Jamie today, so will update you about his answer soon.

Also I received payments from PremiumProLtd (still paying instantly) and RussoProject (it was my last payment from this program so I also delisted it). Remember that I endorse only programs that pays to their members and where I am a member with active deposit. My profit from RussoProject was 157% in just 30 days. So I think it’s a good achievement.

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