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Update from admin of PremiumProLtd:
Some investors came across the problem “Invalid Transaction” when they clicked the button “Process”. Today, we want to make a declaration that it’s our Security Feature on our special designed script. You know we have Two-Steps instant payment system in PPL and you must click the “Process” button in the “Cashout History” after requesting your earnings. The reason why we use the second step is for security consideration. If your requested withdrawals aren’t in secure state,which means your PC isn’t safe enough or someone want to add or reduce some earnings to your withdrawals and get out instantly, our system will give a automatic detection and you will face “Invalid Transaction” problem.
When you face this problem, it means your withdrawals will be pending and can’t be processed INSTANTLY. Please believe in our instantpay system and security script. Your pending withdrawals will be paid manually and timely.
Some investors fell across this problem once in a while and a very few member met it frequently. For all the accounts which ever encountered “Invalid Transaction” problem,we will check them carefully and ensure that they are secure enough. If everything is ok about your account, we will fix this problem as soon as possible.
Another reason for this problem is that you are facing a busy system time when you click the “Process” button.
In a word, please don’t worry and trust our service. You will never lose any earnings
Nice update though I have never had this problem in my account. All transactions are still instant for me. In several days I will be in profit with PremiumProLtd.

Still no answer from Jamie, admin of PSTraffic, regarding an interview I sent him yesterday. I had some controversial questions in it and hopefully he will not be afraid to answer them. Let’s wait till tomorrow anyway. You can read my review on PSTraffic here.

I received payments today from PremiumProLtd, PSTraffic and MInvestment.

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