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Below are the excerpts from long update about the future of SurfMargin. I don’t know what to think but constant delays and promises without real action started to irritate me. I really hope that SurfMargin will be back on track again but not make selective payments and feed us with promises. But it will be no wonder for me if even by the end of the week there will be more delays and it seems the members are getting accustomed to it.
I spoke to Ray this afternoon who says we will have half of the money in by the end of the week! The delay has been because of registrations etc. before wanting to part with money. For instance SM and SMSO will now be part of Surfing Solutions LLC and we are in the process of doing that now that we have settled the partnership arrangements.
We have some big changes to both sites you need to know about.
With effect from Monday16th July the cost of SurfMargin upgrades will increase to $50 per ad pack! This will not interrupt or cause any problems to Members with existing running ad pack purchases but will only affect those members wishing to upgrade from the 16th. This has been done to assist in the stability of SM and to attract real advertisers. Should that prove to be too expensive for some members I would like to direct you to the new SMSO site that will offer the same facilities at $25 per ad pack which is lower than our current SM price.
Another very important change to both sites is the type of membership. From now on (16th) new registrants will be known as Observing Members or Potential Advertisers (the term is interchangeable). Observing Members will not be allowed to advertise their URL’s but will be allowed to explore their account pages and links and of course view other members advertisements. They will hold this status for two days. If after two days the Observing Member has not upgrade, his/her account will be deleted. Note: Deleted accounts can only re-register using a different email address and password.
This change is designed to relieve admin of the task of deleting hundreds of URL’s from free members who have no intention of ever becoming an upgraded member and the change will also improve the smooth surfing experience of Adverting Members.
Where’s my money?????
It’s on its way! I can only apologize to all members who have pending amounts. It has taken a lot longer than I thought to get back on track BUT we are getting there. We have no intention of letting either site go down the tubes because we believe we have something very special to offer advertisers and our goal is to make a big comeback, confounding all the naysayers, and go on to be the biggest and the best. I would not be changing the rules etc to make SM better and more stable sitee if we intended dumping you all and running away.
Your patience will be rewarded with long term growth and stability. I do hope that you will continue to support us once you have been paid out

Dustin, famous admin of DesertSkyMarketing took a decision to close DSM website because of CEP issues which seems to me will bring CEP to its full bankruptcy very soon. “By now, many of you have heard that the SEC has filed formal charges against CEP Holdings, Inc. From the documentation I’ve seen, this includes CEPtrust and the surf sites. This will adversely affect DesertSky Marketing! All pending DSM cashouts are now officially in limbo until we wait and see what the SEC has to say. Unfortunately, I don’t have very much, if any, hopes that the SEC fiasco will return any good news“. Then there’s an invitation from Dustin to join his new site DesertskyProfits.net. I will not buy it anymore and will not join but you may be interested to take a look at what another opportunity Dustin has to offer to his members. Regarding CEP case you can read all the necessary info about legal issues and the complaint here on MMG forum. I just don’t want to talk about these scammers anymore as many people have suffered from their actions. There is one lesson to be learned in this case: never join different payment processors which are ponzi-based in its nature and have no proper license whatsoever or you will risk your money. Stick with e-gold and other established payment processor and everything will be ok.

The things are going smooth at PSTraffic and admin continues to send several updates per day to the members: “Everything’s going great!! Although inactive members are being removed from the system membership continues to increase! Upgrades have been expiring and yet we have maintained a 60% membership upgrade rate. Let’s go for 70%!! Just a quick reminder regarding cashouts: I process payments as fast as I can as long as I’m online unless otherwise specified. There are times when I have offline duties to attend to and in the past I have always given notice to members. If members request from 12am to 7am server time they will receive payments really FAST!! Anytime after that members will receive payments before server time changes over“.

Today I got payments from SwiftMoneySurf, PSTraffic, MInvestment and PremiumProLtd.

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