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PremiumProLtd temporarily suspended instant withdrawals and I see it as a red flag witnessing the program’s financial difficulties. They explained it in the update by the need to find and terminate members with multiply accounts but I don’t think that’s the real reason for that. So I would not advise you to deposit into this program now. Here’s an update from PremiumProLtd:
From July 10, we have launched Multi-Accounts Automatic Detection function and from the detection results, we have found that many investors have more than one account in PPL. As our rules in FAQ page, multi-accounts action isn’t allowed. They have multi-accounts as own downlines and get back excessive commission, which has caused a financial loss to us and all our investors.
According to the Automatic Detection results, we have checked several suspectable accounts and found that some investors really have multi-accouts. Now, we will check all the questionable accounts MANUALLY, which will cost about 24 hours. So we have to close our payment method from “INSTANTLY” to “MANUALLY”. Under favourable conditions, all the pending withdrawals will be processed within 48 hours and we will open instant payment system in about one week.
We want to emphasize here again that we will never tolerate multi-accounts in PPL. Once we find them, they all will be suspended without any mercy and refund. Wish you could get it and comply with our rules

Charles, admin of SurfMargin, keeps holding back on paying the members with larger amounts and below is his answer to my concern about this, published on MMG forum:
You are quite right! And I hope to be able to pay some of the larger accounts out soon from the good news I got today. That’s all I’m going to say because I’m fed up, like most of you, making positive statements here about when the cash is going to arrive only to be disappointed because it hasn’t.
However something happened today that makes me far more optimistic. Besides, ALL members, large ad pack purchasers as well as the smaller purchasers are important to us, because we want you all to participate in the renewed Surfmargin and SMSO and I am sure that if you don’t get some satisfaction from us none of you would want to deal with us again.
The reason smaller accounts have been paid early is due to the amount of cash available at any given day. After the depletion of the funds, due to our hacker friends and false up-graders, I spend every available penny from all three pools to pay pending members. The system I use is to pay one or two larger cashouts and spread the rest amongst the smaller accounts.
We are nearly at the end of this tunnel, so please just hang on in there for a while longer. You will know when it happens because MMG pages will be bursting with the news! That’s all I’m prepared to say at the moment. I would appreciate some comments on the changes….And any suggestions you may have for the improvement of the sites in general….If you can think of any (there’s a challenge)
And one more Charles’ post:
Well there’s an old saying….You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. That’s not being smug…It’s the truth, So until we get the cash I’ll make sure that we roll over a few days without paying anyone so that we can pay a few of the larger ad pack purchasers. We shouldn’t be waiting too long now anyway before everyone gets paid out.
As far as an extra bonus for the larger purchasers, I’ll think about it although the new bonus structure is already designed to accommodate that important group of people. Look at it this way…..We’re coming back! You have not lost your bonuses. Remember this is an advertising program NOT an investment program and there never were any guarantees that you would get any money back from your purchases.
Like watching TV where you get paid to watch TV adverts by the TV stations programming via movies and soap operas etc in our business you get a bonus for placing advertising with us. Those bonuses are going to be paid and we are not going to default on that part of our advertising members’ agreement like so many others have in the past. We are running an honest ship here! Let’s get everyone’s bonus paid out first and then I’ll think about how to attract the larger purchasers
Well, Charles seems to be a very intelligent and smart person. If his programs are really back on track soon I would like to conduct an interview with him just to clear up the current situation. I think it would be an interesting reading for us all.

Another daily update I received today from Jamie, admin of PSTraffic: “As I mentioned in on of my latest updates PS-Traffic is moving up in the monitors. PSTraffic is about to move up again and take the #4 spot in ASA monitor based on votes. I do not mind one bit processing FAST payments, especially from 12am-7am server time, as long as members continue to promote, support, vote and post in forums. I have dedicated myself for over 8 months now paying FAST on a daily basis while other programs have come and gone (even the big ones). Program issues have been contained as quickly as possible with no excuses – so quick that most members probably never knew there were issues. I have proven to be a dedicated and serious admin when it comes to running PSTraffic at the same time I have kept an open mind and helped members with other issues. Although I don’t post as much as I normally did in the past due to membership growth, I have always sent updates on a daily basis. I try to post as much as time permits in MMG and ASA forum. Other members and our moderator ‘twenty24four’ have been posting my updates in other forums. Thanks guys!! Any pendings left over will be processed before I take my break. Keep posting and voting everyone!!” I stick to my strategy with PSTraffic and even posted an article about it which you can read here if you are interested.

I received payments today from SwiftMoneySurf, PSTraffic and MInvestment.

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