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Everything’s going smooth today. I got paid by PSTraffic and even PremiumProLtd though the payout was manual. There’s an explanation from admin of PremiumProLtd regarding cashouts: “Today, we have processed some normal pending withdrawals manually and wish the investors who have got paid post the proofs here. Now, we have stopped today’s payment and we are busy checking all accounts in PPL. Please be patient, INSTANT PAYMENT SYSTEM will be opened in 48 hours. In the meantime, all multi-accounts will be banned without any mercy. As a punishment, the multi-accounts will be liberated in several days“.

There’s nothing more to report except for one quite off-topic thing. Today my home city celebrated City Day. It’s the day when the city was founded, it happened 306 years ago. I don’t know if similar holidays exist in different countries but in Russia it’s a great celebration. Yesterday there were a great concert and huge firework on the main stadium and today we celebrated by holding an annual carnival on the main city streets. It was a great fun and I enjoyed it. So please excuse me if there was not so much new material on my blog recently. But I promise I will do my best not only to publish daily news but also post some material on HYIP and autosurfing theme. The industry as I see it and like it! So would you like to bookmark my site and check it regularly? I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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