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I got a little profit from PremiumProLtd but had to delist it today . This program used quite an interesting excuse to stop paying. They said they had members with many accounts trying to cheat the program by obtaining illegal referral commissions. Perhaps first it was true but then admin probably decided that he had enough money gathered and seeing that cashflow had run dry already he pulled the plug. Now the site is still online but don’t put your money there as admin disappeared and probably will try to get more money by showing fake monitoring stats. Even now you can see fake HYIP.com banner on their monitor page. So be careful!

Regarding SurfMargin. Charles keeps being silent on MMG forum as if nothing is happening though I noticed that he had been there today. I saw one post on forum stating that one member got payment yesterday but I think it’s not enough and we, members, deserve a better treatment. Just keeping silence is not a good attitude and not what I expected to see from Charles. I will not delist the program though and will wait for the clear explanation regarding the status of the program.

I received payments from PSTraffic and MInvestment today. And I noticed I had only 4 programs left on my list now. I just cannot find a good HYIP or autosurf program now to invest my money. I’m extremely cautious this summer but it gave me big profits. Remember it’s always better for your money to sit in e-gold than to be in some crappy summer programs.

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