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Am I going mad due to summer heat? Not at all. I just decided to make deposit in short-term program for a change. I searched for the right one almost for a week but only one captured my attention. It’s KostaGroup. There are several main reasons why I think this program will be profitable:

1) The program uses LICENSED GoldCoders script which is very rare among such type of programs. I’m really impressed that admin withstood temptation to use not licensed script which is full of backdoors to hackers and pay for the license. It shows that he had start-up capital to begin with.
2) The program has been listed on several top-notch monitors including HYIPinvestment, HYIP.com, HYIPnavigator and many others. Again it shows that admin is very serious about promoting.
3) KostaGroup is only two days online and still very new to most of the investors. In view of the fact that many monitors is still have “waiting” status or just recently turned it to “paying” I can expect the big influx of new funds into the program for the next two days.
4) The investment plans are quite professionally made. It’s obvious admin thought them over well. The first plan looks very realistic and it offers 40% for 3 days with 1$ minimum only. I would invest in this plan ONLY. The second and third plans are not for you if you want to be in profit. But I admit that they are very professionally created. 200% after 7 days and 500% after 14 days but there’s a trap: the minimum amount to invest in these two plans is 50$ already. Knowing the psychology of an average HYIP investor I can guess that first they will invest 1$-10$ to test the program and seeing that KostaGroup is paying they will want to deposit 50$ and more in much more risky 200% and 500% plans. So they will fall into the trap admin made for them. It will surely prolong the program’s life as this big money attracted by plans 2 and 3 will go to pay those members still testing the program in plan 1.

So I would advise to deposit in plan 1 (40% for 3 days) during the next 2 days. Then your chances for profit will be higher, but fight the temptation to put some funds into plans 2 or 3 as they are quite risky and has a big minimum. I estimate the program’s lifecycle will be at least 7 days. After that term all will depend on admin’s actions to attract more investors. Remember though that KostaGroup is a short-term and therefore extremely risky HYIP so only play with money you can afford to lose.

P.S. If you joined under my ref link and want to get 50% referral commission back (2.5% of your deposit) please PM me in comments to this article or send me email to abramsonp@gmail.com.

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