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I got my first payment from KostaGroup today and it seems that the program is going very well. I noticed though that there are not many deposits have been made for the last 24 hours. I suppose it’s due to the fact the program is still brand new and if admin and members are more active voting on monitors and promoting the program the things will change in the next couple of days.

I noticed the greetings on MMG forum from admin of SupremaTradeFund: “Hello everybody! I’m Kurt, admin of SupremaTradeFund. I will be checking this forum regularly in order to provide better support for all our members as well as post general issues for those who have not yet created an account with us and will not be able to read our newsletters for registered members. Hopefully we will make this thread a good place to be for all of us and will share thoughts and suggestions regarding STF. Best of luck to everybody here! I thank you for all your kind words already stated here before my post“. If you want to know my opinion about SupremaTradeFund which I joined recently read the post below.

I also received payouts today from MInvestment and PSTraffic. By the way Jamie has an intention to add STP as a new payment processor for PSTraffic. I think it’s a good decision as it will attract new members who don’t want to use e-gold nowadays.

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