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Another update from admin of SurfMargin makes me wonder what if… suddenly… something good happens… next week: “My business partner, Ray, returns from Arizona on Monday and, as he is responsible for chasing up the cheques. I am sure he will have something to tell me by lunchtime on Monday. Before he went he said that we would be all sorted out by the end of the week he returns.
Agreeing on a partnership and stumping up the money is not one and the same thing. Sometimes the latter is a little bit more difficult to do than to say. Ray assures me though that the cash is coming, whilst I assured him that if it doesn’t, then we will have more disgruntled members than happy ones! So he is well motivated.
I am confident that your upgrade will be safe. Worst case scenario is that the money does not come through from this partner, in which case his partnership would be invalidated. However we have two or three other people who would like to participate under the same arrangements so I am sure we are not ready to give up the ghost yet!

Long-awaited update after a long period of silence came from SwiftMoneySurf today: “You may have noticed a few minor changes in the site. We have been slowly installing a new script. The site is and has been functioning exactly as before and you probably have not noticed any changes. If you have noticed minor changes it is the new script that is now installed. The payment processor SolidTrustPay is also being added within the week. We also have two major announcements coming up so stay tuned to the news all this week“. I must say I’m excited about the new changes and looking forward to find out what James prepared for us. EliteAdShare is officially done today so there are no real competitors left now. In my opinion SwiftMoneySurf is really becoming number one.

I’m in profit from KostaGroup today and those who joined the same date when I made a review of it are probably in profit too. I had a gut feeling that it would survive for a week. And it did survive. Now I’m not so sure as the gap between deposits and withdrawals are becoming narrower. Even with the huge amount of money spent on advertising it will be harder to survive without massive members’ support. So just be cautious if you are about to deposit there. I will not redeposit in KostaGroup so am going to delist it. Thank you for profits, KostaGroup, but now I will look for another short-term HYIP. If you don’t want to miss out next good income opportunity, bookmark my site and check it out regularly.

I got payments today from KostaGroup (the 3rd and the last payment), PSTraffic and SupremaTradeFund.

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