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July 24. Daily news


The breaking news came today from SwiftMoneySurf and yes, they finally opened their new sites: “Hello everyone. As you may have noticed SwiftMoneySurf once had the multi-plan plan, the 1% for 365 days and the 12% for 12 days. It became too much to handle all in one site. So SwiftMoneySurf went back to its original Multi-plan. Once that happened we received hundreds of support tickets asking to bring back the other plans. We can not manage so many plans in one site but we did want to offer other options to our members. So we at SMS have done it again. We have added to the SMS family, with a new sister site you can visit at SwiftIncomeSurf (SIS), and also a brother site which you can visit at SwiftEarningSurf (SES). SwiftIncomeSurf will be offering 5% return for 30 days with all cash outs paid upon expiration. The SMS brother site SwiftEarningSurf will be offering a 3% return for 50 days with all cash outs requests every Friday. By having 3 different sites each offering different plans we are able to divide the staff accordingly so that each site can be ran efficiently. This gives us the ability to offer those extra plans members wanted and at the same time allow us to manage each effectively. We have even more good news SMS, SIS, and SES are now ALL accepting solid trust pay. You will find this option in the purchase section of all three sites“. I joined these new sites but have not upgraded yet. I will wait for several days and watch how it’s going before upgrading.

Everything is going well in all the programs I’m in. Payments have been received today from SwiftMoneySurf, SupremaTradeFund, MInvestment and PSTraffic. Only SurfMargin is still in limbo and admin hasn’t announced anything special for the past few days.

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