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Picking the Right Program to Invest. Part 2


My yesterday’s post was dedicated to explanation of risk vs. reward ratio. It was kind of introduction for my next entries which will help you to pick a decent program to invest your money in. You need to know though that I will not fight so called “scams” as I think this industry of making easy money is not high yield but high risk. And you have to realize the risks involved and only play with money you can afford to lose.

Today I’d like to talk about the very important factor that you should consider when you’re about to invest in any program. This factor is the amount of time and money spent on creating and promoting the site.

If I know the admin spent much effort on creating original content and money on promoting the site I’m sure that he will not run away with 3K putting his own 6K into the program if he’s not a lunatic of course.

Below are two main points that you can take into consideration when estimating how much time and money have been spent on any given HYIP or an autosurf:

1) The beautiful layout, easy navigation and customized script are the factors that tell us that the admin spent much time and effort on implementing necessary adjustments to make his site look better. It means that he is serious about his business and will not disappear overnight. On the other hand, ugly layout and unlicensed GoldCoders script show that admin hardly put a dime into the design of the website and can run with several hundreds of dollars in hand.

2) Massive promotion on main forums (paid sticky, big banners, etc.) and monitoring on top monitoring sites (I don’t mean cheap Chinese monitors here) give us evidence that admin is serious about promoting. Bear in mind that he will not “scam” you until he recoups his losses from advertising and make a decent profit from his program. However if he advertises on cheap forums and monitoring sites or, even worse, have no advertising at all it means his budget is only 100-200 dollars. With this budget it can do nothing to attract big investors. So beware of such programs and never put large amounts there!

I hope this article was interesting for you. I intend to publish another article on this topic very soon so check my blog regularly! Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any comments on my article in comments section. You are free to ask any questions too.

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