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SupremaTradeFund is in full force again after yesterday’s maintenance and I still can see the potential to grow. With installed SSL security it is much safer now to make deposits. Below is the latest update from admin about new changes implemented on the site:
We are proud to state that we have finished server maintenance before announced time.
This hard and long day showed us that we have the greatest member base in the industry. We have even received several e-mails with help offers and wishes of good luck. I’d like to take this opportunity and thank you all for this support as well as for great support in forums. It is time when full STF member force is needed on forums and monitors. Thank you for being a part of STF team.
For majority of you SupremaTradeFund homepage was inaccessible yesterday and we apologize if you had not possibility to complete your desired procedures at STF. Feel free to check the site out and complete them now. We believe that now you will find it safer and more protected against any kind of online data sniffering provided by SSL certificate.
You can also notice that now you can also purchase desired investment packages directly from your account balance. This feature was enabled due to great amount of support tickets asking if compounding available in our program. Hopefully you will enjoy this add-on. We will update our FAQ’s properly soon.
I’d like also ensure those our members who tried to make a purchase today and completed transaction but package was not shown up in the account. Please do not worry, we have all records of all activity today at STF and we will come up with the solution asap. If you have any other qustion regarding anything else at STF you can find me in the support desk or on the MMG forum which I’m checking on the regular basis.
Thank you for choosing SupremaTradeFund and staying tuned during today!
This gives us the Power to be Your Best!
I must add that you can use the new compounding feature only with amounts less than 100$. 101$ and more will be considered as moving to 2% plan which I would not advise to deposit in. To read my full review of SupremaTradeFund follow this link.

Update from 4NewbiesMarketing: “Hello all. It is with pleasure that we are announcing the re-opening of 4NewbiesMarketing. We will begin taking ad purchases within the next 2 weeks. We are just finishing up on some last minute changes. Spread the word. We are back“. I have mixed feelings about this update which came from Israel yesterday. On one hand, 4NewbiesMarketing has paid to everybody in full using now defunct CEP Trust payment processor. But on the other hand, this site has been announced long time ago as part of CEP Holdings which is undergoing trial now. If I were you I would NOT join the renewed 4NewbiesMarketing as there’s still a danger of its further closing by SEC.

I noticed one more warning update from admin of SwiftMoneySurf today which I consider as a big red flag showing cashflow problems and an attempt to disguise it by opening a couple of long-term sites, limiting payments by only once a week and also increasing the processing time to 7 days. Here’s the update:
We are doing support and payouts from 8am until 6pm – 9pm each night. It is becoming increasingly difficult to even go and say hi at the forums much less have a life.
To make life easier for us and members, we are going to structure the cashouts in a manageable system.
SwiftMoneySurf – Cashouts requests allowed every Monday when balance is over $5.00- 5 business days (paid the following Monday) NO cashout fees.
This allows us to have set payout days, allows members to receive multiple streams of cashouts on set days and alleviates the cashout fees. Allowing us to manage each site with ease. We should have all this in place by Friday
I find this update as a warning sign until it proves me wrong by paying promptly for the month of August. Then I may reconsider my opinion regarding this autosurf. But now it all points to possible cashflow problems, it’s my strict opinion. So be careful with this one!

Admin of PSTraffic is back to work today and all pendings have already been processed including mine of course. Also I received payments from two HYIPs I’m in: MInvestment and SupremaTradeFund. By the way I noticed that nowadays many investors have been leaving autosurfs and paying more attention to HYIPs. Is it some kind of tendency I wonder?

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