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Everything was going smooth today until I received this update from admin of PSTraffic:
Honesty can only get you so far in this industry. It can either break a program or increase the member’s trust and make a program stronger. I have always been honest to all my members and I’m hoping for the latter to happen.
Before I go on, this update only concerns E-gold users. If you are not an E-gold user you don’t even have to read this.
I know that some of you that have been with PSTraffic since the beginning have heard this same old news regarding E-gold upgrades. Well, I regret to say that the same circumstances have risen. E-gold upgrades are slowly decreasing once again. From my observation, although the egold scare is over, the majority of surfers have pulled out their Egold and placed them in either Alertpay or Solidtrustpay. This is also the reason why PSTraffic’s E-gold upgrades have decreased while PSTraffic’s Alertpay funds and STP funds have constantly increased! I have to commend STP and AP users for knowing how to work their funds into PSTraffic.
My solution:
I will honor all E-gold cashout requests up to July 29th, server time. Starting July 30th I will place a temporary withdrawal limit on E-gold withdrawals only. Starting July 30th E-gold users can withdraw a maximum of $15 only. However, I will give E-gold members an option to cashout to Alertpay or Solidtrustpay if they wish (Just send your ID# and AP or STP information)
Please keep in mind that members can still continue to upgrade with E-gold. I encourage members to continue to upgrade with E-gold so that we can build up PS-Traffic’s E-gold reserves once again.
Alertpay, Solidtrustpay and VGB are NOT AFFECTED at all. AP, STP and VGB funds are very healthy. This change only concerns E-gold users.
I sincerely hope that members take this update in a positive manner and continue to show support. Payments are still on schedule as usual and I want to keep it that way which is the reason I wanted to update members as early as possible
I consider this update as the first big warning sign for PSTraffic members. Only yesterday I wrote that I was surprised to see it going flawlessly for such a long time. And here’s the first obstacle. I don’t think the members will be positive about new changes implemented. Before today I always put 50% or more before I requested cashout but from now on I will only request cashouts and will not put a dime in. I’m ready to withdraw only 50% of my earnings and it will be not more than this new minimum of 15$ per day. I will follow this strategy until I believe that the program is healthy and strong again. But from my experience that is only the first sign, others will follow soon. So my advise: don’t put big money in PSTraffic now be it e-gold or any other payment processor.

I got payments from PSTraffic and IncomeStorm today. I think IncomeStorm is the most interesting program to consider joining now. I strongly recommend this program to you because of the earning potential it could give you. To find out more about IncomeStorm read my review here. Soon I will make a review of a new but very promising program which I’m testing now so stay tuned.

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