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Today is Monday, it means cashout day according to new rules in SwiftMoneySurf. Processing the pending request will take 5 business days and members will get their payouts on the following Monday. I’m not a fan of this rule and we will wait for a week to see if the payouts really come in.

Finally admin of SurfMargin put another update on MMG forum. To save the place you can read it here. Generally speaking, it’s the old excuse over and over again so I don’t want to post it here. Only the real actions will show if SurfMargin can survive. In my opinion, this is the dead horse already that’s why I delisted it several days ago.

Very cheerful update came from Jamie, admin of PSTraffic: “I would like to congratulate E-gold users. E-gold funds are coming in nicely. If E-gold funds continue to consistenly increase I will lift the E-gold withdrawal limit right away. I honestly didn’t expect this kind of improvement this quickly. STP and VGB funds are consistently being maintained at a satisfactory level. Good job STP and VGB users! Alertpay funds are ok but have slipped a bit. C’mmon AP users let’s move those funds back up where they belong. Because PSTraffic members reacted in a very mature fashion I will continue to update members on a regular basis regarding cash flow. I guess honesty wins this time around.”
I simply can’t believe that members have put more e-gold upgrades today after yesterday’s notice about 15$ withdrawal limit. I think it’s lies. Would you support the program by upgrading more if you had limit on withdrawals? If you really care about your money, I think the answer is “No”. My guess: admin finally realised what suicide action he committed yesterday and decided to turn things around by gradually dropping this rule (better sooner than later). If it’s the case I think PSTraffic still has a good chance for survival. If not, just get prepared for the worse very soon. I requested withdrawal (without reupgrading 50%) today but haven’t got paid yet. There were also rumors circulating today about PSTraffic returning to its original 120% instead of 130% now, but fortunately admin had a common sense not to do it. My opinion: if the programs goes well why implement new rules in the middle of the life cycle? There should be the reason for that. What reason? That we will find out very soon, guys.

I received payments from MInvestment today and also a very quick payment (within literally seconds) from IncomeStorm. Check my review of IncomeStorm if you haven’t done it yet here. I think this program is getting hotter with every day and has more than 700 members after only 8 days of existence.

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