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Ok, I believe MyGuardedReturns is still worth investing, that’s why I requested another interview from Jason just after two weeks since the program launched. It was hard days for the program because not everything was going smooth as it was planned initially. But the admin doesn’t give up and keeps paying despite of threats from Chinese spammers. So I wonder how the program runs now and what the future plans are.

“1) Tell us the reasons why you decided to fight with Chinese monitors and Chinese investors. What was the problem with F888 monitor? How did it affect your program?

F888 is a monitor from China. As expected, when a program launches, hundreds of spam emails from monitors will be received by us. F888 is one of them. We didn’t want to use their service at first but they promised us 20 referrals which was a lot so we decided to give him a try and told him it is a trial and we will remove his service if it does not meet the expectation. They brought in 0 investors and we gave them $8 out of goodwill and he wasn’t happy with $8 hence created all these problems.

2) Why have you decided to raise the minimum deposit to 50$ just after several days of lowering it to 10$?

Initially we brought down the min to $10 was to satisfy investors that cannot afford the $20 deposit but it seems that the response we are getting is not good because most of our investors are depositing more than $50 and with f888 creating a nuisance, it is best to increase it to $50. We wanted quality investors and we have more than 100 quality investors now.

3) What does it mean “private program” that you mentioned in your last newsletter to members? Does it mean that not everyone will be allowed to invest?

When we say private, I actually meant semi-private. I will still accept direct members until we reached a comfortable members (real investors) of maybe 200 and we will bring it totally private. We will delete all accounts that are inactive for 48 hours.

4) Will there be some more changes soon? What plans do you have for the future of your program?

We have setup the advertising options and we are getting good feedback. The price of the ads is high but it shows that the people are willing to spend on ads and there is a better chance you can make money there. We will send newsletter to our active members whenever we have someone using our newsletter service. We will introduce the program and it is just another source of income for us and for our members.

5) Are you satisfied with members’ support so far? Do you think the program made success after first two weeks online?

We are extremely satisfied with the amount that is invested at this moment but I believe we can go one level better. As you know, we have paid each and every investor without fail and if anyone claims we have not paid them, it’s best to request for proof of investment.”

You can read the first part of the interview here.

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