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Admin of PSTraffic is in search of ways to make his program long lasting. Looking at his last poll on ASA forum: “What are members’ opinions on fluctuating daily ROA to supplement the current payout terms?” I must say that he’s really desperate now and the program’s funds are decreasing. If everything was ok why would he worry about the new rules to prolong PSTraffic‘s life? It’s certainly not as good as he described in his latest updates and though payments keep coming on consistent basis I doubt very much that the admin will succeed in his new attempts to make PSTraffic a very long lasting program. Only play with your profits from now on and don’t put any new funds in this program.

This advice also applies to SwiftMoneySurf which is in decline now and only two new sites can save it from failure. I can say the same here: only play with profits from now on and don’t put new money in. The latest update from admin doesn’t look good: “Small error. We were adding the data for the paid to post from the forum. A problem occured, this has happened because we used to have the deposited cash and we’ve switched over to direct purchases, when I added the earnings for the forum posts they went directly to ad purchases for everyone. You will notice your advertising is overly high. Continue surfing I have the programmers looking into it so we can correct the account back to how they are supposed to be. Please do not submit a support ticket telling us your account has way too much money, we know and are currently fixing the accounts. This morning I received a call from the programmers and they showed me how to correct the problem, so I did and all was well except member made purchases with earnings. I can’t believe people would do that, knowing your balance had 1000’s more than it should. Now we have to reverse the earnings purchases and also the earnings made from that. Yes this is a mess but we will get this worked out“. As for my account in SwiftMoneySurf it is ok and there were no additional earnings appeared. Also you should know that SwiftMoneySurf will be making another forum for the SMS sites at Admin claims that the paid-to-post feature will be available there soon.

I got payments from PSTraffic, IncomeStorm and eTradeClub today. If you are interested you can read my review of eTradeClub here. Read also the review of IncomeStorm here (I have sent an interview to admin, hopefully will get the answers soon).

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