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It seems these days PSTraffic is making the most headlines. Admin changes the terms of the program every day but continues to pay out to members, I was also paid for the request made yesterday to e-gold. So I think there’s no need to exclude it from my list and I marked it again as “paying program”. Just remember that it’s now 120% (10% x 12 days) program with possible 50/50 rule implemented. Also admin have to catch up with pendings and the withdrawals are temporarily disabled in PSTraffic now: “I will TEMPORARILY disable cashout requests until I am caught up with payments. I have August 7-8 pendings that I need to process at the same time transfer owed amounts to the new site. I will send an email once cashouts for PSTraffic has been enabled. Once enabled there will be a 50/50 or 65/35 cashout rule implemented to help increase funds“. There’s transferring in progress to a new site now: “If you cannot access your PSTraffic account that means your amount owed has been transferred to PSAdvertising. I have a good feeling that we can make this transition go smooth as silk“.

By the way after much consideration I decided to join the new Jamie’s site PSAdvertising. You’re only allowed to register now. Here’s the latest update regarding new site from Jamie: “PSAdvertising might be officially launched early next week. Upgrades and cashouts will be enabled then. Anyone is welcome to join. PSAdvertising has a daily fluctuation ROA which makes it a more stable advertising site“. Below are some details from the site.
1% to 8% ROA for viewing paid advertisements. 120% total ROA. Request cashout daily with no minimum. 8% referral commissions. Must view 10 sites to earn daily ROA (return on advertisement). Minimum ad purchase is $5, maximum $10,000 NO compounding allowed. Payments will be processed in less than 24hrs Pro members may submit up to 3 sites in rotation. Each $5 upgrade will purchase 125 advertising credits“. I remind that if you register using my ref link you will get 50% ref comm. back for all your advertising purchases (4%). Just don’t forget to email me your details after registration. I think if Jamie really manages to get PSTraffic back on track it will automatically make PSAdvertising really hot and allow us to make some good money. At least I hope so.

Finally long-awaited update from admin of SwiftMoneySurf came out. In this update James took all the blame upon himself: “Hi, first sorry for the lack of communication. I have been working very hard trying to get the situation corrected. Our server provider was not able to get a backup of the database. I have a very large task ahead of me. The purchase and cashout histories are corrupted… I do not know how long this will all take but I swear to you I am not a dishonest person and I did not run this site for nearly 4 months just to let it all go down the drain. So everyone is aware this was not a hacker or a script issue, this is 100% my fault when I tried to add the extras for the paid to post. I am taking all the blame and I hope that is worth something. The accounts will get fixed. I will also make sure I put a current update right here as much as possible. I will keep you informed every step of the way. The problems have been identified and solutions provided now we are working to get it done“. Though surfing and upgrading are still disabled I’m starting to see the positive changes with my account. It means the admin really works on accounts. Here’s the latest news from SwiftMoneySurf: “Progress is being made. I was able to put purchases into the purchase history. It was not easy since we had multiple plans all paying differently it isn’t possible to put each back. Your purchases we put back as one big purchase for each where before you had 10 different each time you made a purchase. It is the same it is just combined. This was the first step. The days surfed that you see in your history is the number of days from the time you made the purchase. I am now going to start putting your earnings into your earning cash so you can see it. I will make another update later today“. James seems to be very committed in putting his site back on track but we will wait and see the result in a couple of days. My take on this: either it’s true and he really made some stupid mistake which seems unbelievable to me knowing how good he was in organizing the site or he’s desperately trying to get some attention to his declining site and to encourage some more upgrades when the “correction” is done. I would be very careful with it even after this incident.

I received payments today from PSTraffic, eTradeClub, MInvestment and IncomeStorm. There’s absolutely no problem with HYIP programs I’m in. They are consistently paying me daily so you’re free to check them out.

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