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I received my first payment from the program I’m currently testing. It’s called ProfitSwinger12DPClub. It’s great that the admin seems to be very committed and trying to get his program into the top positions by consistent payments and growing number of investors. The latest update is below: “We’d like to welcome all our new members. It’s been a good week so far. The Club is growing very well and at a healthy pace. Profits from outsource funds are starting to come in as well which is great for the future growth of the program. Keeping it short, everything is great! We have proved that being an honest and transparent program has been good for us. We don’t believe in faking stats and stuff like that. We are sure that if our members are happy, the club will continue to grow. We have our members to thank for posting on forums and voting for us. Surprisingly we managed to get on the “top 5” growing list in This proves that even though we have few members and low stats, that they are true stats with real members, not a bunch of fake thousand dollar spenders. Thank you all for the support. We truly appreciate it and it’s what makes us strive and work harder. Do continue to post and vote when you receive a payment or thrilled with your experience. Together we can make this happen. All withdrawals have been PAID and will continue as they come in“. I’m preparing the review of ProfitSwinger12DPClub now and it will be ready later today.

Also I received another payment from IncomeStorm today. It seems this program is still going strong with 4.5%-5.5% daily during 30 days. I remind you that in order to get your profit you MUST see 5 banners daily. It’s like surfing but easier to do and will only take a couple of minutes of your precious time.

It seems that Jamie changed server’s time and now you need to upgrade and surf in PSTraffic according to another schedule so make sure you look at the new server time on the site. I upgraded with 65% of my balance, requested my withdrawal, surfed and everything went just smooth.

Finally PSAdvertising is open for upgrades: “PSAdvertising is officially launched!!! Ad pack purchases and cashouts have been enabled. Please make sure to read the program’s terms and faq’s“. But I would not upgrade now until all members receive their cashouts requested today in PST. Not that I don’t believe Jamie but I think he’s hoping to win the money from PSAdvertising to pay the members from PSTraffic. It’s also not advisable to upgrade now because the system can be unstable from the beginning. I will notify you when I upgrade here.

I finally managed to access MInvestment and requested my withdrawal today. I will post when get paid. Probably they upgraded their DDOS protection as I noticed slight changes during logging in.

Also I got credited my missed interest in EtradeClub and I requested another payout. Hopefully I will get it soon.

The updates from admin of SurfMargin are getting rare. That’s why every word is considered like god’s voice. I remind that I’m still waiting my cashout to e-gold since June, 19 and almost desperate now to receive it. The payments are still going on to STP but if you consider to upgrade through e-gold don’t do this as no e-gold payments have been made recently. Anyway here’s the latest update from Charles:
Sorry about not posting….As you might know I like to post when I’ve got something to say and right now I do not have a lot to say other than as you can all see the upgrades are coming in and payouts to STP are proceeding well as we get through the backlog.
I have a tip for all members who have had troubles with the Bonus Link in surfing. Before you enter the surfing page click on a few links in your accounts page, (advertising, banners, marketing etc) if you are not booted out from these clicks you will probably find that you will not be booted out from clicking on the bonus link in surfing.
If you do get booted out from clicking on links in your account page. Log in again and try it again….Odds on that this time you will not be booted out and you can proceed to surfing and get the bonus link OK. It has something to do with your history and cache pages that this happens but if you do as I suggest above you will find that it works.
Some more news.
Many of you do not promote your sites very well! Promoting your site serves two very lucrative functions. 1. It gets you additional commission every time a member you have introduced upgrades and 2. It helps every member in SM and SMSO as new members help the business grow.
EVERYONE including the few AlertPay members who still haven’t changed, will be paid out. If it were otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time talking here. I’m being drip fed funds from the partners as apposed to getting it all in one or two big lumps. Never the less everyone will get paid out and the next input of cash from the partners will go into e-gold to bring them all up to date

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