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Place your banner here for $215/week or $650/month. Available NOW.


First why admin picked such a strange name which is highlighted on his main page: “Remember the good ‘ol days when programs lasted and making money online was actually profitable?! We do and boy do we miss them! That’s why we’re bringing those good times back! ProfitSwinger12DpClub is a combination concept of two online giants ProfitSwinger and 12DailyPro! Not only were these two programs successful but made many members a lot of money! ProfitSwinger12DpClub is a money making club not investment, focused on you the members to earn money! So sit back and relax cause a new era of money making is upon us!

Of course the plans are the same. From ProfitSwinger admin took 150% after 10 days plan and from 12DP 12% for 12 days plan. There is 1.5% fee applied on every withdrawal. Of course there’s no need to surf as this HYIP is based on GoldCoders script. What I like about this program is that this script is licensed, so we can assume that admin is not a cheap scammer.

Next, the site has an accurate and nice layout but at the same time it’s listed on several very cheap monitors (excluding InvestDaddy). I think admin really should think about adding more popular monitors in order to survive.

The stats page does not impress me either. “Total deposited $1,396.33 Total withdraw $ 653.34”. They are not very good stats for a 13 day old program. Admin emphasized that they are honest but sometimes honesty is not the best policy in order to succeed in this deceitful world. For example, according to statistics today deposited 33$, but withdrawn 18$. It’s a very low level. So if you decided to play this game I would not advise you to deposit more than 20$.

Also I am the part of their “Club Support Management Team!” and was given 10 bucks for free to promote it. First I wanted to support it by depositing more but now I decided to wait how things will turn over. This program lacks aggressive advertising in my opinion. There are attempts from admin’s side to gain more attention to the program by establishing Club Support Team or giving away free $3 to test the program but it’s not enough in my opinion and the future of the program will depend on further admin’s actions. I hope admin will read my suggestions and take measures to keep the program healthy for the long time. I will monitor this program for 12 days if it lives for so long.

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