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I heard that there were some delays with payouts in PSAdvertising so be careful with this one. And remember that the site is for big advertisers only. To read my review of it go here.

Finally I managed to access MInvestment website, made a withdrawal request and got paid after several hours. I hope there will be no difficulties in the future with the accessing the website.

Bad news for those in SwiftMoneySurf. The site is officially done, it’s inaccessible for me. But the first members reaped the rewards of supporting the promising site on early stage. It’s a pity though that admin ended up like this.

Update from Charles, admin of SurfMargin: “Things are out of my financial control once I opened up the sites to the partnership. I have been told that things will happen this week now that one of the partners is back from a business trip. That’s all I can say on that score. On a happier note things are happening here in the background that you have no idea about! Things that will make SM and SMSO far more secure and will enable us to offer you this service for years never mind months. This partnership is not a group of young nerds trying to augment their income to pay their way through university we are a mature group of businessmen who see the remarkable potential of this industry if it is run correctly. Granted we have had some problems, mainly caused by hackers and those that managed to create false upgrades costing us a lot of cash. Those tricks have been closed and we have moved away from AP as a payment processor. Once I receive the remainder of the cash, egold and refunds will commence. Then we will play our ace in the hole and you can be part of it or stand back in amazement…it’s ,as always, your choice but we will still be here serving you to the best of our ability“. No comments here, still waiting for my withdrawal to e-gold!

No more news for today except the payments which came from eTradeClub and IncomeStorm.

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