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I noticed that for the last couple of days ProfitSwinger12DPClub is slowly increasing the incoming funds / withdrawals ratio. I see this as a very good sign of healthy growth so I deposited more funds today to 12/12 plan. Here’s the latest update from the program’s admin: “Welcome to all the new members of the club! The program is doing great and performance is starting to increase. Thanks to our members for their continuous support. We have recently been bombarded with support requests for changing e-gold account numbers. Seems E-gold is having a nice time blocking accounts. We decided to inform all members here that all support requests for changing e-gold account numbers has been done. We are also awaiting for a few to reply so that we may change the rest that have been blocked and complete payments. Due to the extra load of work, we hope that others that have sent in a support request or e-mail be patient for a response from us. We’ll try to entertain all as soon as possible. Till then, do continue to support us. Post and vote when you can. Success is upon us!” And literally few minutes ago I received such a message: “We’d just like to inform everyone that we’re currently fixing the back end of the script and have blocked all incoming spends from e-gold. We will re-open spends once all is done. Your patience is much appreciated while we get this done“. I hope nothing is wrong with the script considering that it’s licensed. Earlier admin kindly agreed to answer my questions about his program and I’m fully satisfied with his answers. The above mentioned interview with Jason can be read above.

It seems that PSTraffic is slowly getting back on track. Below is the latest update from Jamie regarding current situation: “I’m starting to catch up on PSTraffic payments and transferring of accounts of members not in profit with high account levels to PSA… what a mouth full. If you have received an email from me saying that your account is considered “high level” I strongly suggest you open a PSA account. PSA will be a much more stable program for members with “high” account levels. PSTraffic will be kept for members with lower account levels. I should be caught up with everything within the next 24hrs. Depending on how this week’s incoming funds turn out, I will assess PSTraffic’s situation again and I’m hoping WE can all come up with much friendlier cashout terms“. I hope the cashout terms in PSTraffic will really become more user friendly and I’m gonna upgrade more tomorrow before requesting a cashout. I have a very good feeling about the nearest future of PSTraffic and quite sure it will last for awhile.

Not a good news regarding IncomeStorm. No, cashouts are ok and are being made fast enough but there are two major changes many members noticed today which were not announced officially by admin. And this is very suspicious. The first change: when you go to your “withdrawal request” page you will be surprised to see the following: “Minimum withdrawal to e-gold is 2$“. If you take into consideration the fact that just a couple of days ago admin decided to allow members to request only one cashout daily which was ok with me and now the withdrawal minimum suddenly increased. Everything looks not as good as I thought before. Probably the program is running out of incoming funds, otherwise why these abrupt changes? The second change: e-gold account number for payout has been changed. So it shows that the program has some issues with its old e-gold account. Perhaps it was blocked, who knows? Just be careful now. Maybe it will be alright, maybe not. I’m in a nice profit from IncomeStorm and will not redeposit after my upgrade will expire tomorrow. In my opinion it’s getting too risky!

The payments I have received today were from IncomeStorm (2 payments), eTradeClub, MInvestment and ProfitSwinger12DPClub.

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