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Today is really my lucky day. Not only my blog is 1 month old but also I received payments from all five programs listed on my blog in “Paying Programs” category.

But the most important thing is my first payment from eTradeClub: the program which is destined to be big in my opinion. There are several reasons for that so in order to name them all I’m working on the review of eTradeClub which I’m going to publish tomorrow.

There is an interesting update from admin of PSTraffic which made me laugh because it was really funny. Check it (the funniest place is displayed in bold font): “Good sign today: Alertpay ad pack purchases, after payments, have increased by $1,500 from yesterday. To be absolutely in the clear zone for Alertpay we need to have between a $5,000 to $10,000 ad pack purchase level. Now that’s not difficult to achieve considering the amount of Alertpay ad pack purchases that have already been purchased by Alertpay users. STP users please continue to purchase ad pack as usual. E-gold users are also doing a good job. Slowly but surely. The technique to keep a good program running for a long time is to consistently purchase ad packs and consistently cycle your funds into the program until you are left with pure profit. Ultimately the program will run in a consistent manner just on profits alone. PS-Traffic is a good program with an excellent group of members“. I don’t know why admin shares the insider information (possibly deceitful) with members. Perhaps there’s some evil intent to make members upgrade more? I don’t know. What I know for sure: there is not and never will be a program which “ultimately will run in a consistent manner just on profits alone“. Any ponzi will die sooner or later and I think the time is coming for PSTraffic.

SwiftMoneySurf paid me today and it was quite a surprise as I didn’t expect to see it in my e-gold account till next Monday. Reminder: according to new cashout rules SwiftMoneySurf turned from daily to weekly paying program. Every such change will be taken as red flag but it didn’t stop the admin from implementing it. Why did he do it and if the program is healthy now? I really don’t know but the admin seems to try his best to make such an impression on members. My opinion: SwiftMoneySurf is too old and I would not advise upgrading now. But those who joined SMS for the first month are in profit anyway now so they can play with profits.

Also I received payments today from MInvestment, IncomeStorm and PSTraffic. Okay, I’m off to write new good content for my blog! See you tomorrow!

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