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Great to see it back! SurfMargin surprised me again. Against all odds this program seems to be alive and kicking again. Today many payouts have been made but all to SolidTrustPay which I’m not going to use anyway. So I expect to receive my payout next week as it was emphasized in the latest update from Charles:
As you can see payments are progressing well from STP. Plus we are now beginning to see some upgrades again.
Remember the stats on the front page are from the previous day and NOT the current day. It’s from this figure we set the percentage at a few minutes past midnight so it has to be the previous days figure here.
E-gold payments will commence when we receive the next payment from the partners which is expected early next week. I’ve paid out over $15k to SMSO and SM STP members in the last two days. If you can possibly change from AlertPay or e-gold (even have two accounts e-gold and STP) that would be very helpful and you will get paid so much quicker.
Things are getting back to normal so PLEASE hold off with the emails. I can’t cope with hundreds of emails AND get everyone cashed out. Also I am looking closely at every cashout because I do not want a repeat of of what caused this problem in the first place. We have stopped using AP completely AND upgraded the security.
So when you’ve been cashed out please report on this site and tell everyone the good news that SM is back in town!

I still think you’d better wait before upgrading again for several days. We will see how SurfMargin is going then! But this fact is really encouraging and I guess while such admins like Charles exist there’s still hope for reviving the surfing industry as a whole.

4NewbiesMarketing is back after many issues but the ROI is too small and there’s 50/50 rule in place so I will pass it by. Without e-gold upgrading option and still having SEC and CEP past behind I don’t think the program will be popular. Surfing industry has changed but Israel hasn’t realized it yet.

I received another payment from PSTraffic and here’s the latest update from admin: “The new terms are working wonderfully. I only regret not implementing them sooner or our reserve funds would have been high enough to actually make some real investments. If everyone continues to purchase ad packs as they did in the beginning I’m very positive that we can build up our reserve funds so we can actually make some real Forex investments. We have reached a point where admin honesty and sincerety is not an issue anymore. Let’s keep purchasing ad packs so that we can reach that next level“. No comment, I said what I wanted to regarding PSTraffic yesterday and you can find my opinion here.

I got paid by IncomeStorm again. The payment was fast as usual and made to my e-gold account within an hour. The percentage I receive daily fluctuates from 4.5% to 5% for the last few days. I would like to warn you that though IncomeStorm is going quite well it confuses me that admin hasn’t implemented yet new features as it was promised from the beginning. For example, “Join Gifting” option is still not available to members and the site itself seems like standing still. I hope admin will keep his promise and this site will be rocking very soon. I made a review on IncomeStorm and if you haven’t read it yet you’re advised to take a look at it here.

Also I received payment from MInvestment and already in profit with it. It took me about 90 days to be in profit and those who followed my advise would get to that point too. I’m sure we made the best choice, guys!

If you would like to join MInvestment but consider this HYIP too old please take a closer look at eTradeClub. I think it could be the next possible leader among long-term programs. I have published my review of eTradeClub which you can find here.

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